World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2137

Xiao Baifeng sees Shen Xiang's to display unusual satisfaction, only then such Shen Xiang can gain attaching great importance to of Xiao Yulan, when the time comes can obtain more resources, adolescence gets up to be quicker.

Sees Xiao Baifeng to pick a such good alchemy master, many people secretly are envying, if can develop an outstanding alchemy master, then, with the help of this alchemy master, will definitely have very high status and very strong strength. Before had ridiculed Xiao Baifeng that beautiful female also here, before remembering Shen Xiang, must to her a palm of the hand, she was angrier, now knew that Xiao Baifeng the little man had this potential, in her heart envies Xiao Baifeng. Then must conduct the test of second stage, must inspect the alchemy level, what refinement is only middle-grade Divine Pill, but requests to be harsh, needs pill to arrive at certain quantity, the quality is also better, but must within the time of stipulation, otherwise is unable to pass. Side of this region has one group of alchemy masters to control pill furnace earnestly, refined middle-grade Divine Pill, Shen Xiang was seeing a moment ago, middle-grade Divine Pill herbs has . Moreover the unification refined Five Elements Divine Pill. Now Shen Xiang understands why initially Xiao Baifeng that natural gives him Five Elements Divine Pill, this Five Elements Divine Pill and that Heavenly Fire Divine Pill are also the popular goods, the casualness can get so far as, but also is needs certain divine yuan stone to purchase. Xiao Baifeng felt relieved to this stage very much that she witnesses Shen Xiang to refine Five Elements Divine Pill, not only the speed is fast, leaves pill's quantity is very astonishing! Xiao Ping received Five Elements Divine Pill and pill furnace, alchemy time to guarantee fairly, use is unified pill furnace. Young Master, haven't you started?” Stands that old follower outside alchemy field is shouting lightly, at this time many alchemy masters have such question, after Xiao Ping is taking herbs and pill furnace enter the arena, sits cross-legged to sit down, herbs and pill furnace in side, he have not gone to touch. I in and the others!” Xiao Ping looked at Shen Xiang, here he already impatient must with Shen Xiang small ratio. Sees his look, people cannot help but one startled, the Xiao Baifeng little man also was really the too big face, unexpectedly made this Prince Ping waste the time he.

Because refines Five Elements Divine Pill similarly, moreover use same pill furnace, competes with also very fairly, Xiao Ping knows one lose one time to give Shen Xiang, but now he must pull. Shen Xiang only thought that this Prince Ping liked competing with, but he does not know that this Prince Ping had lost to him! The alchemy master on the scene envy Shen Xiang, unexpectedly can be so regarded as important by Xiao Ping at this time, but Shen Xiang also makes them admire secretly, if they, it is estimated that now will be definitely anxious, but Shen Xiang actually very relaxed, in that side that Xiao Baifeng is merry, simply does not have to pass to accompany Xiao Ping immediately to compare a meaning. Also?” Xiao Baifeng looked at all around person, all people are looking at this time, because the Xiao Ping sound also was very a moment ago loud, person who so long as the brain does not have the issue, can know Xiao Ping in anyone. Xiao Baifeng also thought that Shen Xiang was really too calm, facing the character challenge of Xiao Ping this rank, can be so calm, did not fear that saw likely is the experience oversized storm person. Shen Xiang smiles lightly: „It is not anxious, he and I had tested in Fire's Might Divine Tablet a moment ago, has certain loss, if starts now, definitely in the best condition, we do not need to make the short adjustment.” Young fellow, refines middle-grade Divine Pill to complete within the given time, others Prince Ping thinks highly of you, have not wasted his time, when do you want to adjust?” That old follower considers for own Young Master very much, hastily walks to say. Do not complete in six double-hour? Has is the time, depends on your family Prince Ping strength, it is estimated that a double-hour can be completed, even must be quicker.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Therefore old man, you do not worry!” Leaves the pill over two grains, quality excellent Five Elements Divine Pill, a unexpectedly double-hour can complete! Let feel to assume one's post in alchemy many alchemy masters to be apart from immediately, now they have been at cost of the life, but speed actually such, how they want unclear, why similarly is alchemy, the speed that they refine is so slow, but others are quick that many, the method is the same! Xiao Ping is only on the face is hanging smile, he approves, moreover he who Shen Xiang said also saw that small competition of Shen Xiang to following and him regards as important, must therefore make the best adjustment.

But this Xiao Ping also decides to display own strength to come fully, must win Shen Xiang! Therefore he also needs to adjust, truly lost in Fire's Might Divine Tablet there a moment ago much. Xiao Ping is not anxious, Shen Xiang is not anxious, but everybody actually anxiously, wishes one could to lose the approach a bit faster Shen Xiang to compare! After two double-hour, Shen Xiang receives to refine Five Elements Divine Pill herbs finally, as well as unified pill furnace! Knew that Xiao Ping runs into the match, must carry on a small competition here, the people in other regions have caught up! Reason that Shen Xiang slightly high-sounding talk, said according to Xiao Baifeng does, only then he can strive for attaching great importance to of Xiao Yulan like this! But after this preliminary contest, distance carries on the official competition definitely also to have a period of time, if he can bring to the attention of Xiao Yulan here, then he definitely will then obtain many advantage. Xiao Ping is knows the whole story to Shen Xiang, therefore he will not despise Shen Xiang, instead regards as Shen Xiang is the goal that needs to defeat, this only then he knows with that old follower. Shen Xiang in the Xiao Ping opposite, because after Xiao Ping arrived here, nobody dares in his side alchemy, to have big pressure. But Shen Xiang actually did not fear, after he sits, Xiao Ping said: I worried that you will not try!” Why will you have this worry?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, asked. The people are in an uproar, competes with alchemy with Prince Ping, unexpectedly has not exhausted fully, their suddenly thought Xiao Baifeng raises little man is not small, instead is very big, is very fearful!

Because this competition, regardless of loses or wins, does not have any loss to you, and has not urged the power that you go all out.” Xiao Ping said. Very reasonable!” Shen Xiang nodded: Then, has truly been short of anything.” The Xiao Ping hearty laughter several, have put out together jade token: This does the Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet home remedy, you have won me, your!” Does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet! After the people hear, almost cannot believe that this is real, Xiao Ping unexpectedly puts out this precious home remedy to bet, even if not the home remedy, the light is one grain does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet, is very precious! Young Master...... this does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet, but the Great Country Master most haughty home remedy, you......” that old follower words were interrupted by Xiao Ping. You think that I will lose?” Xiao Ping smiles lightly.