World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2138

Shen Xiang had also heard does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet, this is Feng Yujie passes to his pills knowledge to record, so long as eats up with the strength correspondingly does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet, can absorb between Heaven and Earth Extreme Yang Divine Power, concentrates very strong flame Godhead. But needs to eat can carry on the continual absorption much, concentrates fast Godhead, this pill is truly precious! This is the home remedy of Highest Divine Pill rank, but can also use High-Grade divine medicine to refine High-Grade Divine Pill.” Xiao Ping said with a smile: Now had the power and I compares!” Xiao Ping was worried that Shen Xiang does not put out fully and compares, therefore such does, in many person eyes, this is the behavior that is unable to understand. But, you also need to put out anything thing to come with me to bet the gambling.” Xiao Ping also said. I cannot put out, I am very poor, these days is Sister Baifeng is giving financial aid me, alchemic furnace is she provides to me.” Shen Xiang let go. Good thing Shen Xiang naturally to have, but that cannot bring to bet, he may not have this Xiao Ping that ruined family. Ten hundred million divine yuan stone, what kind of?” Xiao Ping looks to Xiao Baifeng: These divine yuan stone she should be able to leave!” Shen Fei, with the Prince Ping gambling, these ten hundred million divine yuan stone I left.” Xiao Baifeng does not have hesitant in the slightest, immediately complies, obviously she is confident to Shen Xiang, moreover she also knows the dry Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet value. Shen Xiang he he smiles: Prince Ping felt relieved, I will definitely put out the strength! However you lost do not become angry out of shame.” „Do I look like think to make the person of this matter very much?” Xiao Ping said with a smile, he has taken up invisible Divine Fruit, started to inspect. This, since is the same pill furnace, with same divine medicine, we trades, like this everybody can feel relieved.” Xiao Ping said that after all he put out ins and outs to come out to bet, this he must do very discretely, so as to avoid Shen Xiang caused to cheat.

Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang and Xiao Ping have changed a position, pill furnace and divine medicine place same place. The person who now gathers were getting more and more, does the Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet fame too to be really big, but the fire cultivates many, now some unexpectedly people come out to bet with this home remedy, many people do not believe that but knew that is Xiao Ping takes the gambling, the people have to believe! Does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet Highest quality marvelous method that but that Great Country Master founds, but Xiao Ping takes the Great Country Master only apprentice, definitely also has this home remedy, only then he dares to take the gambling. Quality, the speed, the quantity, decides who is the winner according to these three standards, when the time comes in your my heart should be confident.” Xiao Ping said. Shen Xiang nodded: Now starts!” Finally must start! The Xiao Ping complexion also becomes serious, although does the Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet home remedy to give not to have the big loss to him, but definitely will be reproven by his Master, therefore he must preserve. The Shen Xiang's power has two aspects, on the one hand will lose ten hundred million divine yuan stone, but this divine yuan stone definitely is the Xiao Baifeng final family property! On the other hand is, words that wins, can obtain this precious home remedy, this home remedy is very for him useful. After starting, their building up laws are various, Shen Xiang loses into five Five Elements Divine Fruit pill furnace directly, he does not do according to the home remedy on, but Xiao Ping defers to home remedy the step, but he sped up the rhythm. Before Shen Xiang has said that Xiao Ping can definitely complete in a double-hour, even must be quicker, now looked like he says very much accurate, if according to the home remedy above step, but just started shortly, Xiao Ping progressed to half. But how Shen Xiang progresses nobody to know, he not according to home remedy on, even many people suspected that he can such toss about to build up pill to come, this has bet ten hundred million divine yuan stone! If not the fierce alchemy master, ten hundred million divine yuan stone regarding 30 Godhead Highest Saint God, is not the small number.

divine yuan stone that Xiao Baifeng these many years save, because just knew Shen Xiang a few days, were defeated almost, she also secretly thought one raised Shen Xiang really to pay. Xiao Ping is one has the qualifications to struggle the imperial throne Prince, therefore his every action and every movement will receive the enormous influence attention of emperor imperial palace, now is so, because he puts out dry Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet to bet. Person who comes are getting more and more, people cannot understand alchemy, they only and other result, who lose who wins! ...... Princess, has not thought that Baifeng that little man is so fierce, Fire's Might Divine Tablet obtains 36, however actually so attached great importance to by Prince Ping, Prince Ping for compete with probably enjoy oneself to the full, unexpectedly puts out dry Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet to make him stimulate the maximum strength!” A garden in Jade Cauldron Palace strictest mountain village, a female was speaking to the white skirt female of playing a qin. Can look up this to call the Shen Fei details?” The white skirt female who that plays a qin receives Yuqin, asked gently. Cannot, resemble suddenly to brave, we have not heard this person in other eight big Divine Country people.” The female said: I also worried that Baifeng was deceived, she for many years had not contacted with the man, but actually allowed that now a man and she sits in a house, moreover pays that many for him!” Does not need to be worried, so long as in the emperor imperial palace, Baifeng will not have the matter! Before has not clarified this Shen Fei purpose in coming, in any event cannot however he leave the emperor imperial palace, I will continue to look up.” Female who this played a stringed musical instrument a moment ago, is Xiao Yulan, she may be more astute than Xiao Baifeng, although in her surface introduced to Xiao Baifeng Shen Fei did not care, but actually searched secretly. Moreover for serveral days, the Xiao Baifeng whereabouts was being known by her! If there is a result, momentarily reports to me, if this Shen Fei is really available person, I will discuss with him personally.” Xiao Yulan said. Yes, Princess!”

...... The competition of Shen Xiang and Xiao Ping can say is intense, they in the striving time of going all out, they must use the quickest time, as far as possible builds up many Five Elements Divine Pill . Moreover the quality is highest. Quick, half double-hour on the past, but their pill furnace are tranquil, is much tranquiler, probably in any matter has not occurred to be the same! The alchemy master in alchemy, pill furnace will somewhat emit heat, but their pill furnace does not have now, the surface is icy cold! Regarding them, this pill furnace is also only a cover, their alchemy time, flame anything simply has not touched pill furnace! In this case, they can also display such well, was impressive. Now the people know why Xiao Ping so takes seriously Shen Xiang, because the Shen Xiang's level and he is similar! However, in the Shen Xiang Godhead quantity, has day and the difference of place with Xiao Ping. Half double-hour passed by much, Xiao Ping suddenly turns on the pill furnace cover, but Shen Xiang and he almost same time opening.