World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2139
The Shen Xiang's complexion also is very dignified, this Xiao Ping alchemy level is very strong, he can feel clearly that he can win to himself, lacked self-confidence, if before, he definitely very self-confident. Good, we complete in the same time, now looks at the quantity and quality!” Xiao Ping said. Shen Xiang nodded, then and Xiao Ping simultaneously takes out Five Elements Divine Pill from pill furnace! Sees Five Elements Divine Pill that they take out, the people dumbfounded immediately, unexpectedly is six grains! This Five Elements Divine Pill can refine 2-3 grains to be fierce, but they can actually build up six grains now, from luster above, definitely is the excellent qualities. The people do not dare to look down on Shen Xiang at this time again, does not dare to tease Xiao Baifeng to raise the man again, can in more than half double-hour, a furnace refine six grains of Five Elements Divine Pill men, can raise two Xiao Baifeng. Tied?” That old follower said. No, must look at quality any!” Xiao Ping puts out a disc, the disc middle has a foveola point, just can put in grain of Divine Pill, but has crystal of square shape by the disc middle, above has complex spirit pattern. This is test quality divine tool, is my Master entrusts the Nine Firmaments God Emperor refinement, can you trust this divine tool?” Xiao Ping said. Shen Xiang nodded, although Nine Firmaments God Emperor was overthrown, but his refinement many divine tool are still spreading, and is precious. Good, disc above square shape crystal will demonstrate the value, the value is bigger, the quality is higher, we measured six grains of Divine Pill that separately we build up, the value sum total adds in a big way is the achievement side.” Xiao Ping complexion at this moment is also very serious, he does not want to lose to Shen Xiang. Good!” The Shen Xiang nod said. I come first!” Xiao Ping puts in grain of Five Elements Divine Pill in that foveola, crystal shines immediately, presented the value. 90!” Xiao Ping said that then makes Shen Xiang see clearly.

Continue!” Shen Xiang said. Xiao Ping takes that grain of Five Elements Divine Pill, puts in another grain, demonstration is also 90, the consecutively six grains are the quality 90! Shen Xiang also feels very surprisedly, this Xiao Ping unexpectedly controls such well, can be so steady. To you!” Xiao Ping said. Shen Xiang puts in Five Elements Divine Pill that oneself refine, what the first grain of demonstration is 93, this makes the people exclaim in surprise immediately that quality unexpectedly compares being better of Xiao Ping. But the following four grains are 90, now was one's turn the last grain, if were also 90, Xiao Ping lost! This time Xiao Ping looks with rapt attention that tests divine tool, his forehead unexpectedly has seeped out the beads of sweat. 86!” Shen Xiang frowned, some cannot believe that his unexpectedly lost. Xiao Ping six grains of the resultants of obtaining are 540, but Shen Xiang's is 539, although lost a point. I won!” Xiao Ping smiles lightly: But won is not relaxed, you are only poor the point to win me, that ten hundred million divine yuan stone I do not want, I won in any case!” Xiao Ping does not care about that ten hundred million divine yuan stone, can preserve his does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet to suffice! Shen Xiang glorious defeat, because Xiao Ping did not win really with ease, moreover Shen Xiang can refine a grain of quality 93, this was quite good, in this emperor imperial palace, if not that very old alchemy master, cannot achieve.

This competition, has been able to see the Shen Xiang's level! Can mediate Xiao Ping to be almost the same, but people also know that Shen Xiang's Godhead are not many, this is also affects his alchemy quality the important reason, if he same arrives at third-class God king with Xiao Ping, that difficultly said! Taking, to Prince Ping!” Xiao Baifeng puts out storage pouch, gives Xiao Ping that old follower, the people one want to know that this is ten hundred million divine yuan stone, Xiao Baifeng unexpectedly does not buy the Xiao Ping tack. However knows about the people who Xiao Baifeng a little knows slightly, although she is a servant girl, but has the strength of spirit, will do such is not accidental. According to the stipulation, Divine Pill that refines cannot carry off, after Shen Xiang lost, is not happy. Next time will have compared again.” Shen Xiang said with a smile to Xiao Ping. When the time comes I certainly will again win your! Naturally, if you can also win me, this in the same old way is your.” Xiao Ping raised hand that to do the Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet home remedy, although he has won a Shen Xiang point slightly, but actually gives him to be fully self-confident. Shen Xiang arrives at side Xiao Baifeng, whole face ashamed look visits her. Next time will win that's alright, you are not bad!” Xiao Baifeng is satisfied to the Shen Xiang's performance, at least she does not have to think one will lose ten hundred million divine yuan stone to love dearly very much, she will speak this saying time, but also has shown the light smile to Shen Xiang, that will be one type the smiling face of encouraging and appreciation. Shen Xiang has lost to Xiao Ping, but this also made him become famous here, after all his level and Xiao Ping were almost the same! Returns to the dwelling, Xiao Baifeng said: „Haven't you put out the true strength to come?” Shen Xiang nodded, sighed: I was negligent, underestimated this fellow! Blames me, for does not cause the too big sound, I am useless the strongest method to come.” Xiao Baifeng very clear Shen Xiang's strength, because mutation Heavenly Fire Divine Pill of Shen Xiang refinement is fearful, that quality is much higher, she thought Shen Xiang, if refines Five Elements Divine Pill, definitely can also arrive at that type quality that has Divine Halo, why she is only strange Shen Xiang does not have to refine.

What she does not know, what Shen Xiang use is Heaven Refining Technique, he comes in Divine Country, cannot come out this exposed absolutely, but he must refine to have Divine Halo Divine Pill, that broken pill furnace, surely will explode, when the time comes he uses the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace words, very easy exposed his Heaven Refining Technique, as well as his true status. Yue'er said: Sister Baifeng, you now also how many divine yuan stone?” Many, had not had 20 million! But regarding raising the alchemy master, this insufficiently fills the gap between teeth.” Xiao Baifeng sighed: Does not know that Princess she can you and Prince Ping competition takes seriously you because of today, if she still does not attach great importance, I then can only think that other means gained divine yuan stone to raise you.” Yue'er chuckle said: Sister Baifeng, you are are not raising the little man actually, but is raising little rascal.” Yue'er, do you have this weird disease?” Shen Xiang puts out a hand actually flexure she itchy, he thought that this definitely is Long Xueyi has a bad effect on her. Have not made, some people came, is a beautiful woman.” Yue'er was calling, she by Shen Xiang was made chuckle kept. Xiao Baifeng also knows that some people come, hastily opens the door, is a red clothed female, sweet and pretty such as on the face of jade has the smile of captivated person, she very high, is higher than two heads Xiao Baifeng. Is you, Princess makes you come?” Xiao Baifeng said that she not to have looked to this female good complexion. Is!” The red clothed female has not entered the room, because Xiao Baifeng has not made her come, she can only poke head to look at inside Shen Xiang, but also shows very delightful gentle smiling face to Shen Xiang.