World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2140
Shen Xiang finds this red clothed female to keep off by Xiao Baifeng in out of the door, saw that relationship of Xiao Baifeng and this red clothed female is not good, this makes him somewhat not think clearly, Xiao Baifeng with Xiao Yulan, stayed in this emperor imperial palace since childhood was very long, unexpectedly did not have what trustworthy friend! „Can't you make me go in the speech?” red clothed female not life Qi/angry, but spits the tongue, smiled. Is Princess sends you to come?” Xiao Baifeng is icy, does not welcome this red clothed female. Yes, her allows me to come and you said a matter, makes me have a look at this to call the Shen Fei man while convenient.” red clothed female hee happily said with a smile: What's wrong? You feared that he was enticed by me?” Xiao Baifeng coldly snorted, makes way a road to ask her to leave. The red clothed female enters in the hall, opens that pair of bright and intelligent big eye, looks at Shen Xiang very much curiously, probably sees any mysterious thing such. Xiao Hongque, had any matter quickly to say!” Xiao Baifeng said: He was very tired today, must rest earlier.” Xiao Baifeng was not very happy at this time, because of seeing this Xiao Hongque, because she thought that Xiao Yulan insufficiently attaches great importance to Shen Xiang, this can miss good opportunity of Shen Xiang when following big competition, because Shen Xiang needs the resources now, but she does not have, can only hope that Xiao Yulan can provide. Now she sees this Xiao Hongque to come, a sincerity does not have, understands that is Xiao Yulan makes her come to see, if Xiao Yulan takes seriously Shen Xiang, definitely letting the person will ask her to discuss.

Princess allows me to come asks that Shen Fei origin, because of his Highest God secret, Princess did not know about him clearly, will not feel relieved. Since you should the clear Princess disposition, she be such discrete! Do not blame Princess, Princess to hello, her not think that you were deceived! You must train your person now, she understood that was worried you were eager for quick success and immediate gain......” Xiao Hongque to look at Shen Xiang, mischievous has made an ugly face to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This eldest sister, you said these words time, sound transmission was good, does not need to make me hear!” I am make you hear, what feelings do you have?” Xiao Hongque chuckle: Mentioned to the elder sister listens.” I am a good person!” Shen Xiang he he smiles: Is believed by you!” What do you have to prove? I believe that but Princess does not believe that did not feel relieved, I do not have the means! If you want to settle on by Princess, you should better own to come clean your purpose in coming, do not think that Princess could not see you come to here to have other goals.” Xiao Hongque arrives at side Shen Xiang, said tenderly with a smile. Xiao Baifeng somewhat angry: Hong Que, you walk quickly! You go back to tell Princess, this matter I can process, does not need her to worry.” These days that she and Shen Xiang is together, thinks one to the Shen Xiang unusual understanding, she believes that own intuition, Shen Xiang will not injure absolutely with her . Moreover the Shen Xiang's potential is very big, this is her stand up opportunity! In addition she and Shen Xiang Yue'er together, making her have the joy that one type has not come, why she does not know, with Shen Xiang together time is very relaxed, does not need to be vigilant Shen Xiang! Sister Baifeng, I know that your years have not broken through, somewhat worry! But you cannot, because has become confused the head like this, we can understand your!” Xiao Hongque knits the brows gently, turns head to look at Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang touches the nose, said: You said that Jade Cauldron God king is suspecting me? She worried that I enter the emperor imperial palace, has impure motives?” That's right! therefore you should better or coordinate, said own purpose in coming! If you want to join Jade Cauldron Palace really sincerely, we also to you biggest help, making you progress on Pill Dao smooth, now you should be very clear, only depends on your strength to be insufficient.” Xiao Hongque receives on the face the delightful smiling face, said directly. I enter here goal also to see Jade Cauldron God king, wants to become her subordinate! What I said is the truth, is believed by you, I before has not seen Sister Baifeng, I will not refine middle-grade Divine Pill, was she has given me divine medicine, made me learn! Therefore I currently had the second goal, as soon as possible adolescence gets up, helping Sister Baifeng become more formidable.” Shen Xiang sighed one: If you do not believe that then I did not have the means that can only give up the first goal, realized the second goal to suffice.” „Don't you want to see Princess now?” Xiao Hongque asked that she was also clear her family Princess the charm, in had many expert to come with admiration, some have not even seen Xiao Yulan, but was actually Xiao Yulan works oneself to death. Does not see, I am only a base and low peon, she does not pay attention to me, looks down upon me, disdains to see me is very normal, therefore I think or consider as finished! Now for me , helping Sister Baifeng become stronger, seeing Jade Cauldron God king is easier than to obtain.” In the Shen Xiang heart is also angry, he comes here goal is to save the wife. That Jade Cauldron God king is so overbearing, steals Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er they, if he competent, this emperor imperial palace to lu, had already not used like the rescuing wife who the present thinks of every means. Now looks like, does not pay attention to my family Princess is you! The big tone, you did not fear that we do chase you?” Xiao Hongque coldly said, the manner becomes is not very good, because she can hear Shen Xiang in life Qi/angry . Moreover the expression has not paid attention to Xiao Yulan. Can drive away me? Does as you please, I must realize my second goal in any case, does not need to stay here.” Shen Xiang has not given her good complexion, has stood.

Hong Que, you also work as elder sister's words me, hurries, when today's anything has not occurred! This is my matter, if Princess must drive away him, I also together follow him.” The Xiao Baifeng sound is bringing anger. Xiao Hongque stared Shen Xiang one maliciously, then the tender feelings look at Xiao Baifeng, Youyou sigh: Good, my this walks!” After Xiao Hongque walks, Shen Xiang coldly snorted: This woman is not the person of important matter, I also think that before Jade Cauldron God king is how fierce, now is also mediocre!” How did not permit you to say Princess!” Xiao Baifeng said: Princess she such cares about your origin, definitely has her idea.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: She if now needs the talented person, should not adopt the stance of like this keeping aloof! Such cares about my origin, uses all investigates, but also sends this small Hong Que to come with you to get angry, but isn't she willing to come? Such cared about me, sees me one dead!” You......” Xiao Baifeng do not know that should say anything refuted Shen Xiang, Xiao Yulan truly very much cared about Shen Xiang, but actually agree did not come, this with is truly same, Xiao Yulan that Shen Xiang said could not put down the stance to come and Shen Xiang meets.