World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2141

„Her is the sickness, must govern!” A Shen Xiang face said at will that this lets Xiao Baifeng is life Qi/angry, but she has not said thinks very much, but was pondering that before Shen Xiang truly very much wants to see Xiao Yulan, but now looks like actually very repugnant Xiao Yulan, moreover said such big boast shamelessly words! But in Jade Cauldron Palace, depends on these words that he said a moment ago to pass on, enough he died several times! Now Xiao Baifeng also thought one cannot completely understand Shen Xiang, unexpectedly has this courage! Sister Baifeng, that girl called Hong Que a moment ago, you are Baifeng, then can your rank be higher than her?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Is the servant girls, does not have the division of height, I am only the age am older than her!” Xiao Baifeng somewhat moved sighing: But my talent is inferior to her, she has four ten Godhead now, is God Monarch, receives Princess to attach great importance to very much! So long as Princess does not close up, she basically side Princess.” Is so fierce!” Shen Xiang laughs: She had not killed me luckily a moment ago, otherwise you cannot block her!” Um, you really not awfully!” The Xiao Baifeng blame stared his one eyes. Now I obtained the qualifications of attending the big competition, then must do gains some divine yuan stone! On refinement Five Elements Divine Pill, you can purchase some Five Elements Divine Pill herbs to come back, I will build up become god pill, then you take away to sell a good price again, asks others for help to might as well ask oneself!” Shen Xiang said: Now evidently, your Princess 80% will not take seriously me.” Xiao Baifeng nodded, this is also her beforehand plan, quality good Five Elements Divine Pill quite sells! Is middle-grade Divine Pill, the price is not quite high, most people can afford, if quantity are many, quick can gain divine yuan stone. If you are not tired, now purchases Five Elements Divine Fruit, then nothing does, I will focus on going to alchemy, for a long time has not incurred with that!” Shen Xiang stretched oneself, then said with a smile: Sister Baifeng, can your secret room expand points?” Can in underground dig one, do you want that big secret room to do?” Xiao Baifeng is somewhat puzzled. Secret!” Shen Xiang smiles.

Xiao Baifeng ran to purchase herbs in a hurry, quick comes back. 2.001 million herbs, here has ten.” Xiao Baifeng gives Shen Xiang storage pouch: My divine yuan stone has used up, if you also need, I can borrow......” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not use, you helped me make big secret room that's alright, I know that Sister Baifeng you from round trip have borrowed divine yuan stone, you do not want to handle this matter.” Truly, Xiao Baifeng will never handle this matter, she is the same with that Xiao Yulan, has this stubbornness, but also is to compel at present to have no other choice, she nodded gently, in the heart feels grateful Shen Xiang to understand her secretly. Xiao Baifeng deeply under is causing a very big space quickly, now she puts out specially-made stone brick, must build a stone chamber. Shen Xiang is also helping. How many divine yuan stone Five Elements can Divine Pill of excellent quality sell?” Shen Xiang wants to estimate, refines a furnace to be able Five Elements Divine Pill to gain many. 4 million! Generally, grain of excellent quality a price of middle-grade Divine Pill, is one herbs two times.” Xiao Baifeng said: „A your furnace is smooth six grains of words, you should be able to gain many clearly.” middle-grade is Divine Pill so also expensive?” Shen Xiang has not thought that unexpectedly is one herbs two times. This is excellent quality price, if the quality is very bad, some people must be good! You are clear, leaves the pill six grains like your this type of furnace, moreover excellent quality alchemy master, only then the ability of Prince Ping this rank achieves, the young alchemy master in entire emperor imperial palace, except for you and Prince Ping, it is estimated that also few!” Xiao Baifeng also because of so, pressed all on Shen Xiang.

Can refine over two grains good qualities in six double-hour Five Elements Divine Pill, in emperor imperial palace, does not have many alchemy masters to achieve, the alchemy master who can achieve does not need to worry about food or clothing, will not refine this pill to gain divine yuan stone.” Xiao Baifeng said: For example Prince Ping and his Master, will these with the alchemy master of his Master almost same strength, they lack this divine yuan stone?” They do not lack, we lack! This happen, we can gain have overturned the heavens, Ha Ha!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does well the secret room, I go to alchemy, your ten herbs, at least can make me leave 50 grains of Five Elements Divine Pill.” Xiao Baifeng smiles, nodded, this meets an advantage of formidable alchemy master, therefore she thought that the beforehand investment, does not owe. The big secret room constructed, Shen Xiang made Xiao Baifeng exit to find the sale, said that she came back to open sells. Yue'er stays here, she does not know that Shen Xiang takes a such big secret room to do. Do not construct a bathing pool what? This secret room and above dwelling were equally big.” Yue'er said. „It is not so big, how fast alchemy?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. What relationship this and fast pill to have?” Yue'er is not clear. Shen Xiang smiles not to speak, put out that ten divine medicine to inspect, after not having what major problem, released ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace! Ten herbs, are 50 Five Elements Divine Fruit, under the Shen Xiang's control, flies into that ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace!

This is Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique, Shen Xiang on refining Divine Pill has used, but this time he also has confidence smooth completion. „Do you take one time to refine ten middle-grade Divine Pill?” Yue'er has been shocked, she cannot believe that Shen Xiang unexpectedly must handle such crazy matter. Good! This is challenge to my limit, is practice, can squeeze my potential to come.” Shen Xiang said that ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace has ignited the flame, starts to burn to build up inside Divine Fruit. Before his use Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique and different, because he must simultaneously use building up of source to ten pill furnace, uses the strong spirit law! Yue'er understands why now Shen Xiang took a such big secret room, Shen Xiang then very much might not only probably simultaneously control ten pill furnace, even were more. Quick, Yue'er sees the intense five colors ray to cover the entire secret room, ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace are burning ten Five Elements Divine Fruit, each pill furnace releases very dazzling five colors multi-colored sunlight, these rays very beautiful, floods in this secret room, making Yue'er think one are in the five colors space, but that ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace probably ten five colors stars. How long can complete?” Yue'er thought that if such does, speed affirmed quickly, even must a longer time, but before Shen Xiang, refined Five Elements Divine Pill time, the quickest speed was also only more than half double-hour, even if were a furnace furnace refines, was not slow, she thought that Shen Xiang definitely does not need such to do.