World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2142
Shen Xiang in Jade Cauldron Palace is very safe, now nobody dares to harass him, even if before is bright Prince, why now does not know, has not looked for Xiao Baifeng again! Naturally, if Xiao Yulan must catch up with him to walk, perhaps he also can only take off to leave. You did not fear really Xiao Yulan does catch up with you to walk?” Yue'er said: If she catches up with you to walk, you what to do?” Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to control ten pill furnace is very relaxed, therefore she probes, Shen Xiang in this case can also divert attention with her speaks. If she catches up with me to walk, I look for that Prince Ping, making him give shelter to my a period of time temporarily, I thought that he should give shelter my.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Promises him at most, with him compared with various trial system Divine Pill, this fellow is militant crazy, likes competing with very much!” You control ten pill furnace now, doesn't have the pressure?” Yue'er is very surprised. A little! I use my building up law to build up this Five Elements Divine Pill quite to be easy, my first refinement time quick can begin, in addition I and Xiao Ping today's competition, making me more familiar! Naturally, if makes me refine Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, two furnaces were both unbearable.” Shen Xiang said that he has attempted, discovered that is quite strenuous, but this consumption makes him feel that is very good. Resembles he quenchinged the body in childhood the time, exercises, although is very tired, but actually an indescribable comfort, sometimes did not build up, instead does not meet comfortably. Yue'er can clear visible Illusionary Brilliant Furnace inside revolution, after pill furnace five Divine Fruit turn into five groups of color different Qi ball now, was extruded by strength is fusing together, fusion time the ray that erupts is very intense! The process of fusion is not long, can see very smoothly! After the fusion, turns into one group of five colors light glow to keep alternately glittering Qi ball. Qi ball revolved the small moment, completely was divided six by Shen Xiang, each Illusionary Brilliant Furnace six stingy groups, these stingy group self- revolving a period of time, start to contract inward.

Contraction time, the ray that releases is also strongest, Yue'er felt that the eye stabbing pain, is contracting along with Qi ball gradually, the ray was also weaken, forms five colors pill pellet! Completely is six grains!” Yue'er exclaims: This probably four time of double-hour, if your furnace furnace refines, should probably almost six double-hour!” She sees Shen Xiang to be sweating profusely, said: If your furnace furnace refines, the consumption is not definitely serious!” The Shen Xiang nod said: Good, but this consumption is helpful to me, if this disciplines repeatedly I repeatedly, I will not be tired, moreover in the refinement, has one's wish.” After he completes, comes out from big secret room, now the darkness, Xiao Baifeng sat on the chair, is holding the head, closes one's eyes, is resting likely. Sister Baifeng!” Shen Xiang gently shouted, he and Xiao Baifeng has said that his alchemy time cannot disturb him, on the one hand does not want to make Xiao Baifeng see his Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique. Um, how many furnaces refined? You were very tired!” Xiao Baifeng sees the Shen Xiang very exhausted appearance, is somewhat guilty, others train the alchemy master, will not make the alchemy master go all out to gain divine yuan stone, but she actually in turn must make the alchemy master train her now. Built up completely, altogether 60 grains!” Shen Xiang puts out a jade box, haughty smiles: Found the sale? Quick we must gain one greatly!” Xiao Baifeng cannot believe that she knows Shen Xiang enters the time of secret room, unexpectedly compared with must be ahead of time many that she expects, moreover Shen Xiang unexpectedly each furnace can stabilize displays, can refine six grains completely!

When she sees in that jade box that five light radiant Five Elements Divine Pill, took a deep breath, she thought that Shen Xiang does not use for several days, divine yuan stone that gains, it is estimated that can for many years save her are more than! „If such ratio, even if Prince Ping compares you! You really be fiercer than him, if you have his such Master again, that is extraordinarier!” Xiao Baifeng received this jade box, her very curious Shen Xiang's Master, but Shen Xiang said the name she not to know. Sister Baifeng, you will take away to sell-out tomorrow morning, buys some Five Elements Divine Fruit to come back again, I must try to refine to have Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang said: This should be able to sell much!” If you can refine, must sell six million divine yuan stone is not the issue, but pill quantity must maintain gains, moreover refines time will be quite also complex, doesn't this have the issue?” Xiao Baifeng has not dared to suspect the Shen Xiang's strength now again, but she thought that some are unlikely, if Shen Xiang must maintain enough profit, then refines Divine Halo Divine Pill time must maintain pill quantity. „Did you forget Heavenly Fire Divine Pill? The Heavenly Fire Divine Pill refinement process is more complex, moreover mutation! Therefore, this definitely is not the issue, I tried to know.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Good, you rest quickly!” On the Xiao Baifeng exquisite sweet and pretty jade face shows the smile, nodded. ...... Xiao Baifeng has found the sale, is Jade Cauldron Palace several large-scale pills shops, the price also reached an agreement, these large-scale pills shops are distributed in the several big cities of Divine Cauldron country's, Xiao Baifeng also deliver goods to the doorstep now. A morning, she completely sold these Five Elements Divine Pill, now she had more than 200 million divine yuan stone, before she also used two divine yuan stone to purchase divine medicine surely, now unexpectedly turned ten times!

Xiao Baifeng is excited at this time, divine yuan stone regarding her is also very useful, but she for many years has been little saved, where has earns likely now is so quick, such as running water wells up, keeps off cannot block! She thought that she detained right, therefore her mood at this moment, was similar to the unrestrained gambling has won the gambler, she did not have present this good mood for a long time. ...... Hong Que, you determined that Baifeng she does sell 60 grains of Five Elements Divine Pill this morning?” Xiao Yulan heard this news, finger cannot help but trembled, was playing a stringed musical instrument she who played a tune to be also chaotic the sound, the string sound was trembling to make a sound. Absolutely true! But yesterday she just bought ten Five Elements Divine Pill divine medicine, when that is called the Shen Fei fellow and Prince Ping competes with, a furnace leaves the pill six grains, if he stabilizes displays, is just 60 grains!” Xiao Hongque is also very accidental, she also thinks that before Shen Xiang refines six grains of Five Elements Divine Pill to appear briefly, but has not thought that unexpectedly can stabilize displays, moreover such quickly refines ten furnaces. Princess, your does if wanted see this to be called the Shen Fei fellow personally?” Xiao Hongque asked in a low voice. I will consider! You saw him yesterday, what view do you have to this person?” Xiao Yulan continues to play a stringed musical instrument, asked in a soft voice. This person...... Also good, is only a little crazy.” Xiao Hongque does not dare to say Shen Xiang yesterday's performance, she worried that Xiao Yulan is in a rage Shen Xiang expels Jade Cauldron Palace, this will make Xiao Baifeng hate her. Your have lied!” Xiao Yulan sighed gently: Runs into his situation to say you directly, I promise you, will not feel embarrassed him and Baifeng.”