World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2143

Xiao Hongque thinks one installed to look like very much, but by Xiao Yulan was still seen she was telling the lie! You and Baifeng follow since childhood side me, won't I be able to look?” Xiao Yulan smiles: „Are you worried that I will expel Shen Fei?” Xiao Hongque nodded: Princess, fellow very crazy......” then she coming across the Shen Xiang's process said. Princess, this fellow is evidently good to Sister Baifeng, was only the origin mysterious a point!” Xiao Hongque said. No matter first he, now looks like, he had the means to gain divine yuan stone very much, we did not need to worry that he and Baifeng lacked the help! At present we must prepare sufficient, competes for the status.” The Xiao Yulan facial expression becomes serious: How has a look at Xue Xianxian they to progress? They is a we very essential link, if they can succeed, I am under the assurance of imperial throne to be bigger.” ...... After Xiao Baifeng sells out these Five Elements Divine Pill, there are many divine yuan stone, she purchases 30 Five Elements Divine Pill herbs, then returns to Jade Cauldron Palace. She comes back, Shen Xiang is still sleeping, is Yue'er calls Shen Xiang. Sister Baifeng, knows that now when starts the big ratio?” Shen Xiang very much wants now once more with that Xiao Ping one high, he thought that he can win Xiao Ping. Now has not known that the specific time is that seven first-grade God king formulates! You rest first for several days, we now already a little divine yuan stone.” Xiao Baifeng has not taken Five Elements Divine Pill herbs that she purchases, she is worried to take, Shen Xiang cannot bear build up. Does not use, I sleep basically to restore, do you have to buy Five Elements Divine Pill herbs? I must try to refine Divine Halo Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang asked that he thinks that this somewhat was excited, this was the highest quality, if can succeed to refine, moreover had pill to be many, that can definitely gain. „Aren't you really tired?” Xiao Baifeng is very to care about Shen Xiang now, seeing Xiao Baifeng to care about itself.

In Shen Xiang heart warm, laughed: Tired what does this have? You underestimated!” He is full of the fervor now, even if tired not big relationship. Xiao Baifeng puts out 30 Five Elements Divine Pill herbs to give Shen Xiang. I must look for Princess, does the small kitty, you and I go together?” Xiao Baifeng feeling stands Yue'er on Shen Xiang shoulder. Yue'er shook the head, she must look at Shen Xiang alchemy, for this quite therefore opens mind. Shen Xiang on impatient running into the underground secret room, Yue'er flies in him behind, but Xiao Baifeng goes to the Jade Cauldron Palace strictest region. Shen Xiang, your this these can time refine 30 furnaces?” Yue'er asked that she wants to have a look very much when the time comes what scene can be. Naturally is not, now was not that actually divine yuan stone, I need to try other building up laws! For example the refinement has Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill! Is......” Shen Xiang sparkled his pair to brave the flame both eyes. Sees this eye, Yue'er cannot help but to tremble, this is Shen Xiang is mystical and formidable place, in this eye has two skeletons! Before Shen Xiang in time formation, Yue'er personally saw Shen Xiang to refine skeleton Divine Pill with this eye instantaneously! If Shen Xiang can also use this eye fast alchemy, then compared with his big Ten Thousand Refinement Technique quickly!

„The present is to refine middle-grade Divine Pill, moreover this Five Elements Divine Pill I have not been considered as that very familiar, therefore goes to alchemy not to be definitely easy to succeed with the eye!” Shen Xiang said: Now must try to know.” He puts out Five Elements Divine Pill herbs, puts in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, then concentrates strength of eyes skeleton, both eyes emits two flames, hits to Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, inside herbs explodes a glare instantaneously! Succeeded?” Yue'er anxious shouted. No!” Shen Xiang sighed one: Controls insufficiently well, failed!” Although he built up to melt part successfully, but another part, because has not built up the success, became very tyrannical, making Illusionary Brilliant Furnace very chaotic, to prevent to erupt formidable strength, Shen Xiang strengthened eyes strength, rolled herbal Spirit Qi to burn to extinguish that. What reason?” Although Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to be defeated, but she actually knows that Shen Xiang can succeed, but now also in stage of study fumble. „Different in the Five Elements Divine Pill herbs characteristics and skeleton Divine Pill, skeleton Divine Pill must be quite easy to build up, but this Five Elements Divine Pill herbs is middle-grade, strength of resistance also is quite strong.” Shen Xiang said. I refine two furnaces first slowly, when has been familiar then starts to refine with the eyes skeleton!” Shen Xiang refines according to normal building up law now, he needs more familiar this Five Elements Divine Pill herbs, understood when each point of each inch heating degree, only by doing so, he in next time with the eyes skeleton refines, can release quantity of heat just right, builds up the fusion herbs. Had the beforehand experience, he refines a furnace to be able now very quick, enters all of a sudden concentrates pill's stage, he has divided that biggest Qi ball. What he currently uses is normal pill furnace, therefore has not emitted that ray to come, Yue'er is unable to see. „Can you refine to have Divine Halo Divine Pill?” Yue'er hastily hides in one side, before Shen Xiang refined Heavenly Fire Divine Pill time on explode pill furnace, therefore she for did not affect itself, immediately hid by far. Shen Xiang nodded, then controls that six small Qi ball to dash together!

Dashes although instantaneously produces very strong qi wave, but does not have beforehand Heavenly Fire Divine Pill to be intense, this pill furnace can also be able to withstand, does not have explode pill furnace! After carrying on such dashing, the herbal Spirit Qi quality was higher, at this time he will dash from now on herbal Spirit Qi to be divided into five groups that group, will then concentrate fast pill! Five Elements Divine Pill that soon, he concentrates was being wrapped by light golden Divine Halo. Has succeeded, has Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang long implored the one breath. Half double-hour! When you and Xiao Ping trial, refines these five grains of Divine Halo Divine Pill, perhaps detects the quality the resultant to want high his six grains, you were negligent.” Yue'er chuckle said: Does not need to be worried that you have the opportunity to win his, so long as that big ratio starts!” Shen Xiang nodded, then continues to refine the second furnace! Before a furnace excellent quality six grains of pill, a grain can sell four million divine yuan stone, six grains are 24 million! But now a furnace has Divine Halo, can sell to 30 million! Were more than before. Naturally, if must refine ten furnaces to have Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill with Ten Thousand Refinement Technique, that has the difficulty, therefore he does not plan such to do, but is planned that depends upon the eye to complete. His second furnace still very smooth completion, builds up five grains of Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, but then he must carry on second time to refine Five Elements Divine Pill with eyes!