World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2144
Xiao Baifeng arrives in the Xiao Yulan palace, at this time in the Xiao Baifeng heart is also very disturbed, because before him, and Xiao Hongque has spoken very crazy words. Hong Que said with me! You felt relieved that I will not drive away him, although I have not trusted him at present, but I do not want to make him hire oneself other influences, depends on his present performance, once he leaves Jade Cauldron Palace, other God king definitely will immediately gather him.” Xiao Yulan sees on the Xiao Baifeng face to bring to worry that smiles. Princess, don't you plan to see one side him? Perhaps something is he only willing to say with you?” Xiao Baifeng said. I will consider!” Xiao Yulan sighed gently: You are clear, I before he does not have enough understanding, I on him will not enter any resources, I worried that can raise the tiger to create disaster.” I understand that Princess you are always such discrete!” Xiao Baifeng helpless sighed one, now the Xiao Yulan manner was very clear, is not willing to help Shen Xiang. You go back! If he can win in the big ratio, I can chat with him alone, if I display now take seriously him, for him also very danger(ous)! Now this stage, these fellows to compete for imperial throne, any matter can be done.” Xiao Yulan said: In brief you could rest assured that I will not catch up with him to walk.” ...... Shen Xiang thinks that now sees Xiao Yulan not to have what opportunity, therefore he , to rescue Xue Xianxian they only to try to find another way, but now Yue'er has helped him get so far as a map, Xue Xianxian they are hidden in a mountain. That place guards sternly, and has many strong large formation method barrier to protect, if he wants to display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to investigate is very difficult. In the secret room, Shen Xiang puts in Five Elements Divine Pill herbs Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, his both eyes make two flames, sees only that five Five Elements Divine Fruit to blow out light glow, turned into Qi ball. Became!” Yue'er pleasantly surprised shouted: All of a sudden, builds up the fusion, how does this achieve?”

Has completed several steps in that instantaneously, but this devises according to my memory in! My both eyes release Divine Power time, this Divine Power according to will do, can build up the fusion that I will think instantaneously.” Shen Xiang said: Therefore my both eyes release Divine Power time, aware fast extraction massive Six Paths Power.” What is this called to build up the law?” Yue'er hears in the cloud the fog, but she thinks very fierce. Heart Refining Technique!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Thinks according to my heart in that completes many steps instantaneously! This also has in Heaven Refining Technique.” Then I only needed myself to refine the Divine Halo Divine Pill final step, this quick can complete.” Shen Xiang has refined ten furnaces continuously, a double-hour can refine three furnaces, more than three double-hour have completed ten furnaces! In addition the beforehand two furnaces, currently altogether have 60 grains!” Shen Xiang looks Five Elements Divine Pill that jade box inside these Divine Halo sparkle, has shown the satisfactory smiling face. Goes out of the secret room, brandishes a sword Xiao Baifeng that to walk immediately in the courtyard! Has refined ten furnaces?” Xiao Baifeng saw Shen Xiang this time more exhausted than before, was cleaning the sweat on his face hastily. Anything, for me this has not been practice.” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle, puts out a jade box to give her: Takes away to sell out, moreover wants selling of high-sounding talk, must make that Prince Ping know that I can refine that many Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill.” Xiao Baifeng understood probably the Shen Xiang's meaning, Shen Xiang must tell Xiao Ping, he also has very strong strength.

Really has Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, you live up to one's words really! How many herbs has here used?” Xiao Baifeng sees in that box is Divine Pill that Divine Halo sparkles, she is also only in the look reveals the astonished ray, before not , that big response, she has been used. 12, attempted before time, has been defeated one time!” Shen Xiang said: However the speed did not compare was slow before, after these sold, herbs that before can help me buy a point me, entrusts you to investigate?” These are middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill herbs! Ok, these herbs are not very expensive!” Xiao Baifeng is very curious that refines any Divine Pill herbs, because Shen Xiang looks like cares probably very much. Now also early, Xiao Baifeng immediately exits Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill that sold out Shen Xiang just to refine, but Shen Xiang continued to refine, he needs to help Xiao Baifeng gain to large sum of money divine yuan stone, this can also make Xiao Baifeng help him purchase skeleton Divine Pill herbs. If he wants to continue to congeal skeleton, needs middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill to be good, this was the way that at present he can strengthen only fast. Not long, the alchemy masters in emperor imperial palace knew that in the market condition presents massive Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, moreover these Five Elements Divine Pill are Xiao Baifeng is selling! Knew that is Xiao Baifeng is selling Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, many people think that these are Shen Xiang refine! Must know that Five Elements Divine Pill also to enhance the Divine Pill quality sacrificed pill quantity to refine, but now Shen Xiang lotus seed that many come out to sell, is not cost-effective, might as well before , these excellent qualities Five Elements Divine Pill. ......

Young Master, how do you have a look at this Five Elements Divine Pill quality?” Xiao Ping old follower does not know where has gotten so far as one grain: This is that calls Shen Fei little rascal to refine.” Xiao Ping puts out his specially test quality divine tool, has Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill to put in that trough this grain, the digit appears immediately. 190!” Xiao Ping knits the brows: Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill that I refine is also only 170, his unexpectedly be higher than ten compared with me, does not know that he can leave many grains!” Definitely is one grain, Young Master you are so fierce, exhaust fully are also only two grains, he is weaker than you.” old follower said. „It is not right, Xiao Baifeng just sold out many excellent qualities this morning Five Elements Divine Pill, but now sells 60 grains of Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill!” Xiao Ping took a deep breath: This grain of pill just drew a charge shortly , does his day refine 60 grains of Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill to come?” How is this possible?” old follower startled shouted: Young Master you must refine a furnace, needs -and-a-half double-hour most quickly! But his double-hour can refine one grain, his 60 grains at least also need 60 double-hour.” Anything is impossible, he has Heaven Refining Technique!” Xiao Ping said: His previous and I compete with, because possibly is worried about exposed own status, therefore has not put out the true strength! Moreover now looked that Xiao Baifeng sells Five Elements Divine Pill to earn the divine yuan stone speed, she loses that 1 billion quick can come back.” This fellow looked down upon the person, unexpectedly has not put out the true strength and Young Master you competes with, I taught him.” old follower angrily said.