World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2145
He definitely has the reason! Moreover he mixes in our emperor imperial palaces should also to have other goals, does not know how many he does want to do? However this is the Jade Cauldron Palace matter, now he is also the emperor elder sister's subordinate.” Xiao Ping said. Inquired according to me, Jade Cauldron God king she has not taken seriously Shen Xiang, had not gone to see him.” old follower said. Emperor elder sister she is always very discrete, she possibly is tracing the Shen Xiang's origin now, she wants to clarify Shen Xiang to come this's goal! But because Xiao Baifeng actually settles on the Shen Xiang's alchemy ability, can therefore with Shen Xiang together, have saying that Xiao Baifeng truly picked the treasure, so long as she can become a friend with Shen Xiang, later Shen Xiang definitely will look after her.” Xiao Ping sighed. Xiao Baifeng this little girl is not easy, but she originally Chief Big Sister of Jade Cauldron God king under servant girl, but the card in three ten Godhead this bottleneck many years, is actually not able to break through, causing her to be far away from the Jade Cauldron God king core influence, in addition seeks the outlet! But before many, compared with surpasses her who late comes.” old follower sighed sighing, after all he is the same with Xiao Baifeng, is the servants, therefore he also quite sympathizes to Xiao Baifeng. Young Master, our if wanted told Jade Cauldron God king, this was Shen Fei Shen Xiang?” old follower asked. Does not use, this is his matter, we cannot interfere! Knew about Shen Xiang's according to us that he will not make matter with no reason at all, definitely is emperor elder sister here has any thing to attract him, or was the emperor elder sister makes any matter to bring in him! If he is really comes to the emperor elder sister, I have to admire his guts, he this strength, unexpectedly does not fear the emperor elder sister now.” The emperor elder sister in Xiao Ping mouth is Xiao Yulan, his very clear Xiao Yulan strength. Young Master, this Shen Xiang truly is a rare talent, moreover his manner is also good, don't you want to chat with him alone?” old follower said with a smile. I am having this intent, I planned to be later, who knows that this fellow unexpectedly builds up that many Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, I am very curious, therefore can only look for him ahead of time!” Xiao Ping he he smiles: I look for him now, you do not need to accompany me.” old follower also knows the Xiao Ping strength, although he follows the Xiao Ping many years, but Xiao Ping has actually been hiding the strength, he also recently knows that also had a scare him at that time. ...... Shen Xiang is refining Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, Yue'er suddenly induces the Xiao Ping aura, then startled shouted: That Prince Ping came.” His unexpectedly did run? This fellow could not have calmed down really!” Shen Xiang he he smiles, this is expected in him.

Shen Xiang goes out of the secret room immediately, but Xiao Ping just and Xiao Baifeng in hall. Xiao Baifeng sees Xiao Ping to arrive, is very the accident, in her eyes, this Xiao Ping and Xiao Yulan this Jade Cauldron God king is equally honored! You are not probably accidental!” Xiao Ping sees Shen Xiang grinningly walks. You also know me probably in you.” Shen Xiang sits with a smile, at this time he and Xiao Ping probably are old friend such. Xiao Baifeng suddenly understands that Shen Xiang did not fear Xiao Yulan expelled his reason, if Xiao Yulan must drive away him, he can definitely hire oneself immediately this Prince Ping. You in alchemy?” Xiao Ping asked. Um, just built up a furnace, if wanted tastes?” Shen Xiang puts out a jade box, inside has five grains of Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill. Xiao Ping receives looked, although he displays very calmly, but the surprised color in his both eyes is actually not able to conceal. „Can your furnace leave the pill five grains?” Xiao Ping some cannot believe. Shen Xiang smiled lightly, tacitly approves. Xiao Ping frowns: If you initially such compared with me, you definitely will win, now looks like, I on refining Five Elements Divine Pill, loses you to be many.”

Prince Ping, you have talent to have the ability, but...... You fell into the rules.” Shen Xiang said: Your control to the flame compared with me.” You were said that my Master did teach me to teach not well? Am I too stupid?” Xiao Ping smiles bitterly, gives back to Shen Xiang that jade box. Xiao Baifeng has not made noise, she thinks that does not understand the energy that which Shen Xiang comes, unexpectedly dares to direct Prince Ping. This actually, but you are short of one exploration spirit! Your alchemy method is very traditional that but my alchemy technique and your has greatly is very different, this is the road that I try to find out! Takes very big risk to explore.” Shen Xiang said. „Can we chat alone?” Xiao Ping looked at Xiao Baifeng. Shen Xiang nodded, bringing Xiao Ping to walk into the room, after Xiao Ping comes, immediately has arranged several barrier, does not let here all leaks. What important thing can discuss? Such discrete?” Shen Xiang thinks somewhat strangely. I know that your status, you are Shen Xiang, right!” The Xiao Ping words, making the Shen Xiang's body tremble slightly trembling. Xiao Ping lightly smiled: Does not need to be worried that I will keep secret, did not tell other people! I want to ask that your Heaven Refining Technique matter, I know what you practice is Heaven Refining Technique, therefore has very big difference on alchemy with us.” Shen Xiang nodded: Heaven Refining Technique is very mysterious, my alchemy technique comprehends! I can succeed, really has big relationship with Heaven Refining Technique.” You could rest assured that I do not want your Heaven Refining Technique, I want to understand that must break the rule, explores new alchemy technique? My Master had also said this, but he cannot achieve.” Xiao Ping face sincere seeking for advice.

Good, I say to you, this is some attainments that I explore, hopes that can give you a direction.” Shen Xiang do not pass to Xiao Ping his Heaven Refining Technique, but Xiao Ping must study now also already late, he various oneself types breakthrough point simple telling opposite party that builds up the law. They chatted two double-hour, this is important regarding Xiao Ping, he thought various theories that Shen Xiang said that has subverted him the understanding completely to alchemy, has very big impact. Really makes me benefit greatly, I currently had a general direction!” Xiao Ping puts out jade token to give Shen Xiang together: This does the Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet home remedy, is thanks you to direct my these many.” You must accept, moreover you can also refine! My Master agreed that I handle this home remedy willfully.” Xiao Ping throws to Shen Xiang jade token. Although Shen Xiang has not taught Heaven Refining Technique to him, but actually comprehends to build up the experience of law to tell him oneself, somewhat some uses to Xiao Ping. Shen Xiang accepts this home remedy, because this is he currently really needs. Shen Xiang, has a matter I to ask you, you can also not answer!” Xiao Ping said: You come Jade Cauldron Palace definitely to have goal, comes to my emperor elder sister? Can tell me the reason? Perhaps I can help you!” Shen Xiang thinks that shook the head! He thinks that Xiao Yulan repairs the matter of that cauldron to be definitely secret, does not want other to know, if he told Xiao Ping this matter, but Xiao Ping looked for Xiao Yulan, perhaps will make any matter. Even will threaten Xue Xianxian they, therefore he planned wants the secret completes this matter, but at present he must confirm Xue Xianxian their present situations.