World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2146
Shen Xiang agree did not say him to come here goal, Xiao Ping not to have the means that he is willing to do the Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet home remedy to give Shen Xiang that a moment ago, explained that he is willing to believe Shen Xiang. I must go back, must prepare the following big ratio, will conduct one month later, when the time comes we happy ratio one time! But do not have a low opinion of the enemy, in the emperor imperial palace, the match who you need to pay attention to may, not only I, several other fellows! Basically, now is still persisting in competing for the imperial throne God king, is very competent.” Xiao Ping withdraws these barrier, went out of this room with Shen Xiang. Xiao Baifeng sees to walk, immediately relaxed, these days that she and Shen Xiang who Shen Xiang and Xiao Ping are merry is together, knows that the Shen Xiang's temper sometimes is quite crazy, she worried that Shen Xiang angers this Prince Ping. You don't first, although you on refining this Five Elements Divine Pill won me, but when the big ratio, is uncertain, hopes that you have progressed this month, when the time comes can make me experience you more formidable strength.” Xiao Ping has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, then looks to Xiao Baifeng, said with a smile: Baifeng, really do not return to that ten hundred million divine yuan stone?” Wish the gambling to concede!” Xiao Baifeng said. Then, I walked!” Xiao Ping throws to Shen Xiang storage pouch, Shen Xiang does not need to look knows that is ten hundred million divine yuan stone. After Xiao Ping walks, Xiao Baifeng and Yue'er are very curious they to be so long in, said anything. What thing has he given your?” Xiao Baifeng looks at that storage pouch curiously. „Did you have a look not to know?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, gave her storage pouch.

Ten hundred million divine yuan stone! It is not good, must give back to him, the reaching an agreement hoping gambling concedes......” Xiao Baifeng was saying was saying, suddenly has thought of anything. Good, wishing the gambling to concede, this fellow thinks one lost to me, therefore not only gave back to me ten hundred million divine yuan stone, this!” Shen Xiang raises together jade token, hee happily said with a smile: This does the Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet home remedy!” This Prince Ping is really good!” Yue'er praised: Was much better compared with your family Princess.” Xiao Baifeng has to acknowledge that Xiao Ping such does truly has great popular support, now she understands why initially will have that many people to stand, is willing to support Xiao Ping becomes new God Emperor, but Xiao Ping does not have this plan. Now Xiao Ping can put down the stance to come and Shen Xiang are treated equally, this Xiao Yulan cannot take a seat! Naturally, this and individual disposition also has big relationship, if Xiao Ping wants to compete for the imperial throne, he definitely also meets and Xiao Yulan is equally discrete. Now we do not lack divine yuan stone! However I must refine pill remaining Five Elements Divine Pill herbs completely, I prepare to taste trial system this to do Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet.” Shen Xiang seeped Divine Sense to herbs, has exclaimed in surprise one: These herbs easily did not find, perhaps he does not have many including Prince Ping.” Shen Xiang make outted a list to Xiao Baifeng, after Xiao Baifeng saw, knit the brows: These four divine medicine, I have only heard one type, moreover is very rare, it seems like that this does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet divine medicine not to be good to look!” Does divine medicine matching of Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet very much to keep secret, Shen Xiang can look to Xiao Baifeng casually that explained he trusts Xiao Baifeng very much , because of this trust, Xiao Baifeng firmer thinks that Shen Xiang is not the wicked disciple.

First tries to purchase, but before you make ten me, first lets that middle-grade divine medicine that you purchase! Is blood bone divine flower and day muscle grass and seven emotions divine flower!” Shen Xiang planned that promotes own strength while this month well, his present strength is weak in this emperor imperial palace. Following in two day, Shen Xiang has refined 200 grains of Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, makes Xiao Baifeng take away to sell out completely, this pill's sales volume is very good, basically was snatched quickly up! Now Emperor Divine Cauldron the city gathers nouveau riche that other Divine Country are seeking asylum, these nouveau riche majority are the merchants of buying cheap and selling dear, sees this rare Divine Pill, will start without hesitation. Now divine yuan stone in Xiao Baifeng hand had 3 billion, before she in divine yuan stone that on Shen Xiang used, in this short in several day, almost completely gained, if this had continued, not long, Shen Xiang depended upon alchemy, gained hundred hundred million 100 billion divine yuan stone is not the issue! Shen Xiang is Xiao Baifeng takes to bring, although has not made him see Xiao Yulan, but Xiao Baifeng is very good to him, even does not spare no expense to spend the large sum of money on him, helping him promote. Ten, altogether wanted 15 hundred million divine yuan stone!” After Xiao Baifeng middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill herbs buys, cannot help but exclaims in surprise that before she made the opposite party give her to prepare goods certainly, when the time comes she can definitely want, has not thought opposite party initial price time, unexpectedly frightened her. Was this price!” Shen Xiang looked at these divine medicine, the quality is very good, he is also very satisfied: „Do you get so far as? Gets so far as from the same individual hand?” „It is not, I buy separately from three fellow hands, they have such divine medicine separately respectively, but they are the same influences.” Xiao Baifeng said: I do not know that is they are in cahoots the same price!” Skeleton Divine Pill three herbs, each same lose to offer five surely divine yuan stone, in addition is 150.001 million, this is almost expensive to make Xiao Baifeng give up running, but she sees Shen Xiang highly to care, therefore clenches teeth to buy.

Oh? same influence? Are they responsible for planting divine medicine? You have not made them know your status!” Shen Xiang said: Does not need to care, this herbs value price, it seems like in this Divine Cauldron country, only then such an influence sells!” Good, is the Great Country Master pills shop, usually these three divine medicine publicly do not sell, I look up through some underground channels.” Xiao Baifeng was more curious at this time: What Divine Pill herbs is this? So is why expensive, wants compared with some High-Grade Divine Pill divine medicine expensively many.” Skeleton Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang lowers the sound: Do not be surprised, this home remedy is I gets so far as very much long time ago, that Prince Ping also knows that I have.” Before in the room talked, Xiao Ping has mentioned the skeleton Divine Pill matter with Shen Xiang. You...... Will you refine skeleton Divine Pill?” Xiao Baifeng that handsome small face full is surprised. „...... I had already met, these days you purchase Five Elements Divine Pill divine medicine first, when I refine furnace skeleton Divine Pill to come out to gain divine yuan stone again.” Shen Xiang said that ten middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill herbs, a Demigod Yuan stone that uses him just to gain, therefore he must continue to refine Five Elements Divine Pill to sell. Xiao Baifeng is now same as Xiao Yulan, very much wants to know that Shen Xiang is any origin, coming to this emperor imperial palace to have any goal! Can the alchemy technique wise person, the origin be definitely uncommon, but why can mix in this emperor imperial palace?