World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2147

Sees the Xiao Baifeng whole face doubts, Shen Xiang to say with a smile: Sister Baifeng, I truly want to come to here to have a look at that Jade Cauldron God king, who knows that she cannot have a liking for me, therefore I have cancelled the thought now! I thought quite regrettable, but afterward I thought that meets Sister Baifeng you to be also good, not in vain my came in vain! I walk compared with later greatly, I have complied with that Prince Ping, must compare one with him.” Yue'er said: If not for Sister Baifeng you, this little rascal already walked, you invest that many on him, if he does not help you gain to walk, in the heart will feel sorry very much.” Xiao Baifeng nodded: Was I have considered thoroughly, sorry!” No problem! Right, how many divine yuan stone one grains middle-grade Five Elements does Divine Pill sell here?” Shen Xiang asked. This...... low-grade divine yuan stone high energy sells to 3 billion, if middle-grade, 7,000,000,000-8,000,000,000 are not the issues! But this is the long time soon 12 grains braves, a pill is difficult to ask.” Xiao Baifeng has thought of anything, startled asked: „Can you sell this skeleton Divine Pill?” Good, sells middle-grade, sold grain of that's alright! Moreover this matter must keep secret, if you cannot do, makes me do.” Shen Xiang said. This is not quite good, skeleton Divine Pill is so rare and precious, most sell, keeps not to use well?” Xiao Baifeng said: You link Five Elements Divine Pill to sell quite well, I am not cruel enough to look that you sell with such good rare and precious skeleton Divine Pill, refine Five Elements Divine Pill same to gain divine yuan stone.” Good!” Shen Xiang nodded: Sister Baifeng, haven't you eaten skeleton Divine Pill?” Has eaten low-grade, is Princess bestows my, has only eaten two grains, but has successfully not congealed the skeleton!” Xiao Baifeng sighed one: This was my talent is insufficient, has wasted skeleton Divine Pill.” Yue'er wants to tell her very much, Shen Xiang eats skeleton Divine Pill like eating bean such, words that but spoke, meets the exposed Shen Xiang's strength. You eat low-grade skeleton Divine Pill time, how long used to build up the efficacy probably?” Shen Xiang asked.

You...... Do you concentrate the skeleton?” Xiao Baifeng hears Shen Xiang such to ask that like has the experience very much very much. Replied me quickly!” Shen Xiang smiled, does not have the direct reaction she. Used more than four double-hour to build up to melt.” Xiao Baifeng recalled, said that now she determined, Shen Xiang has the skeleton. But according to her cognition, cultivates the skeleton is concentrates generally ten Godhead, has Highest God Realm time matter that handles, but Shen Xiang currently unexpectedly has. Naturally, even if taking advantage of several heads to her, she cannot think absolutely Shen Xiang currently has six skeletons! That skeleton Divine Pill quality estimate a little issue, you now purchase low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, turns head I to act according to your situation, helping you refine several furnaces, if cannot eat to be appropriate your skeleton Divine Pill, eats 1000 grains to be hard to congeal.” Shen Xiang said that he ate skeleton Divine Pill to say very experienced. „Is this real?” Xiao Baifeng cannot believe that unexpectedly has the alchemy master to act according to her situation to refine skeleton Divine Pill to her, this is the rare matter, she had a dream before cannot think. This time she is excited, although she now by card on bottleneck, but if can concentrate the skeleton, her strength can be increased, perhaps can also make her break through the bottleneck. Since she left Xiao Yulan core strength, she has not obtained skeleton Divine Pill, before she also planned one buy one grain, but is very expensive, and needs to rush to purchase. Naturally real, haven't you believed my strength? Refines low-grade skeleton Divine Pill for me is the piece of cake, now the issue does not have herbs, you purchase, should be more than middle-grade convenient, makes ten eight to come.” Shen Xiang said.

Xiao Baifeng excited nod, then immediately runs, Shen Xiang also closes up to refine his middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, he has not thought that skeleton Divine Pill unexpectedly is accused to make that deadly, this definitely let that Great Country Master and Xiao Ping has fished one crazily. In this Divine Cauldron country, only then Great Country Master and Xiao Ping understood that refinement skeleton Divine Pill, no wonder meets that many people to support Xiao Ping, moreover Xiao Yulan does not dare to be what kind to Xiao Ping, because they need to practice the skeleton, must result in depends upon Great Country Master to refine skeleton Divine Pill to them. It seems like you cannot like selling the fruit sell that skeleton Divine Pill, this will affect Xiao Ping, moreover you do not need to earn divine yuan stone now quickly.” Yue'er said. Yes, if I sell skeleton Divine Pill crazily, that Great Country Master must get rid to me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not sell also No problem, sells Five Elements Divine Pill I to gain in the same old way greatly.” Yue'er spits the tongue, Five Elements Divine Pill that others rush to purchase crazily, does not have anything in his eyes at the worst. ...... „Did Hong Que, what matter have to report over the two days?” Xiao Yulan stayed in secret room inside two days, she in inside, no one dares to alarm her. Although Xiao Yulan expensive is Princess, and has the first-grade God king strength, but she actually not to person that very strong feeling, but her type is graceful and noble, still makes people think her to keep aloof, is inviolable. Has, Prince Ping looked for Shen Fei, Sister Baifeng sold 200 grains to have Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill!” Xiao Hongque said that this is not only to Xiao Yulan is the big matter, to other influences is also so. The news that other influences investigate is Xiao Yulan not with the Shen Xiang contact, therefore is considered that Xiao Yulan does not take seriously Shen Xiang!

Is Sister Baifeng goes out, by other influence invitations and she speaks in detail, but she rejected.” Xiao Hongque also very much worries: Princess, major influences want this Shen Fei now, because just Shen Fei also in Jade Cauldron Palace, therefore they cannot look for him directly.” Was the time sees him!” Xiao Yulan sighed, in such short time, Shen Xiang refines that many Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, but also makes Xiao Ping this Prince Ping pay a visit, this explained the Shen Xiang's strength. If Shen Xiang won over by other influences, she very much will also regret that she secretly feels grateful Xiao Baifeng now, the rich condition that if not for Xiao Baifeng, Shen Xiang definitely will perhaps start out by the opposite party turns. Xiao Yulan sits in the large cart, with living of Xiao Baifeng Xiao Hongque arrives in inside! Sister Baifeng exited, fellow estimated that in inside alchemy, our if wanted goes in?” Xiao Hongque goes down the car(riage), knocked on a door, and nobody opens the door. Xiao Hongque is somewhat depressed, before Shen Xiang and Xiao Baifeng very much hoped Xiao Yulan to come, but Xiao Yulan came now, unexpectedly nobody responded. Yue'er and Shen Xiang stay in underground secret room, Yue'er investigates the Xiao Yulan aura, surprisedly said: That Jade Cauldron God king came, hee hee, she cannot sit still now.”