World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2148

Lets her outside, snort|hum!” In the Shen Xiang heart is angry, if not for Xue Xianxian were turned by this woman, practice that he already can feel at ease, has not needed to rush to this place. For Xianxian they, you cannot feel wronged.” Yue'er said. She left her residence now, Xianxian they were closed in that mountain near her residence.” Shen Xiang asked. Good, do you want to go now?” Yue'er is somewhat surprised: Must go is also I goes, my utilization to the space compared with hello, me was discovered that so long as is not expert of Xiao Yulan this rank gets rid, I can run away.” Um, careful, best not to be discovered.” The Shen Xiang urging said. Now Xiao Yulan leaves oneself that strictest place, Yue'er also dares to go to investigate, the Xiao Yulan strength most makes her dread, so long as Xiao Yulan is not, she dares to go. Shen Xiang now in refining middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, although he refines low-grade skeleton Divine Pill to have very rich experience, but before now middle-grade herbs and different, for does not waste this divine medicine, he careful refinement, cannot be so quick from the beginning. Now he releases wisp of Divine Soul to exit, float in the air, sees Xiao Yulan that jade system the elegant saloon car, this time Xiao Yulan sits in inside. Shortly, Xiao Baifeng came back, she hurries back hurriedly, was Xiao Hongque called her through the way of pass on message very much obviously. Xiao Yulan after is the Xiao Baifeng lord, moreover trains her since childhood in a big way, to Xiao Baifeng, Xiao Yulan is her obligation person, therefore he knows Xiao Yulan to come, first hurried back. After Xiao Baifeng comes back, opens the front door, the Xiao Yulan car(riage) enters in the courtyard to stop, Shen Xiang also saw Xiao Yulan to go down the saloon car at this time.

The Xiao Yulan appearance said with Yue'er is the same, is truly beautiful, moreover seems like not that icy powerful female Overlord, instead looks like is very gentle, she looked Xiao Baifeng time also reveals the affection smiles sweetly, wears elegantly simple white skirt, pure and holy is beautiful, she walks into the hall slowly, graces has graceful and noble makings. Like the woman of peerless grace and talent, Shen Xiang has also seen several, but this Xiao Yulan must before compared with him has seen has the makings, this very big reason is because the Xiao Yulan strength is quite formidable. Um?” Shen Xiang was using still Divine Soul to stare, that Divine Soul all of a sudden was actually wiped to extinguish: Really fierce, but releases a little imposing manner slightly, shook my Divine Soul disperses.” Baifeng, I initially detained you, but you still firmly leave my side, now seems like right! You have good luck now.” The Xiao Yulan beautiful eyes cave, looked at a room to secret room, she can induce to anything probably. Princess, I clear own strength, I now this, keeps your side unable to help your anything, moreover wastes your resources very much.” Xiao Baifeng lowers the head to say slightly. I make you keep side me, and may not make you work for me, you cannot work as the friend me, works as the elder sister me?” Xiao Yulan said with a smile lightly: Was right, your should here the friend, he not facilitate now?” He...... In alchemy!” Xiao Baifeng looked at that room, she hopes very much Shen Xiang comes out now, before she saw Shen Xiang somewhat to loathe Xiao Yulan, therefore felt very puzzled, because she knows that Xiao Yulan was very good to her, moreover could not put down the stance. Princess, can you wait for him? Or his alchemy ended, I lead him to look for you.” Xiao Baifeng said that she also knows makes Xiao Yulan this type have the qualifications to meet the imperial throne Princess to wait here, definitely is absolutely impossible. I and others he! His alchemy quick!” Xiao Yulan smiles. This...... Now I am indefinite, Princess you can go back first, when he came out I to say with him again that leading him to see you.” Xiao Baifeng does not dare saying that Shen Xiang refines middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill in inside, Shen Xiang has told her, must make her keep secret, therefore facing Xiao Yulan, she must keep one's mouth shut.

He should wait for me to be very long, now I wait / etc. did he have why not?” On the Xiao Yulan face also has guilty: Baifeng, do you determine him really trustworthy?” Xiao Baifeng nodded: If my error in judgment, I am willing to die to apologize!” Xiao Hongque said with a smile: Sister Baifeng, you let alone must fearfully be so good, our Princess are hoping you can find a good man to marry, before the disposition, she was worried about you to be able a person for a lifetime.” Right, like me, so should not be long unmarried.” Xiao Yulan chuckle said that she is very good to speak, but now she also discovered that the Xiao Baifeng disposition had very big transformation. Xiao Baifeng face slightly one red, but she also smiled. Woman is this, several gather together to be endless!” Although Shen Xiang sees Xiao Yulan to be good to Xiao Baifeng, but he was unable to exit now immediately, he must wait for Yue'er to come back to be good. He must have a look at Xiao Yulan to have many greatly patient, how long can wait for his. He now ten skeleton Divine Pill, moreover he is refines one to eat one, alchemy while practice, his here energy consumption a lot of time. After three double-hour, Yue'er came back! Moreover she comes back very secret, because must achieve absolutely secret, she is very also tired. „The woman was too fearful, unexpectedly has established an energetic barrier, enters this energetic barrier the range to be discovered.” Yue'er said: I go to that mountain not to come back to be so laborious!” She I exited, Hehe!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Lets her outside wait / etc.! Did you see Xianxian they?”

Saw, but also talked with them! With is the same, Xiao Yulan that Deity King said that must repair that mysterious cauldron, Xianxian they also has the confidence to achieve, therefore now they are very safe.” Yue'er said: This Xiao Yulan the way that they abduct, although is not good, but is very good to them, has provided many good things.” Xiao Yulan knows that they can repair that cauldron? Knows that this matter, should have Deity King, is Deity King is inadequate?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to say. „It is not Deity King tells her, but she made the person use one type the method of being similar to telling fortunes found Xue Xianxian they, they did not know about Hundred Flowers Village very much!” Yue'er said: This method be much fiercer than Heaven's Divination Technique, but uses also very much to lose life essence, whom does not know.” Now they should be very safe!” Shen Xiang is relaxed. Good, I thought that you can explain the purpose in coming to Xiao Yulan, this woman to the woman is very good, but is very outward strong, this is Xianxian tells me.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Then linked this furnace to say on again that I thought when she can wait till!” If outside Xiao Yulan knows that Shen Xiang is letting her intentionally and others, definitely will fly into a rage, her solemn Divine Country Princess, unexpectedly caused to cheat intentionally, making her wait! Xiao Baifeng also very much worries, she urged Xiao Yulan to walk before , because she knows that Shen Xiang refines middle-grade Divine Pill to require some time.