World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2149

Shen Xiang refines first furnace middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, has used six time of double-hour, for him this is quite slow, before he began studies Five Elements Divine Pill time, this was quicker. This middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill stops using difficulty, but later familiar was good!” Shen Xiang looks four grains of Divine Pill that one concentrate, relaxed, he has not wasted this divine medicine finally. Present herbs is precious, wants 100.05 million surely divine yuan stone, does not want divine yuan stone like divine medicine that former these duplicate with ease. „Do you want to eat up now?” Yue'er asked: If triggers the turning point of concise skeleton, you must practice for several days.” Um, this is the affirmation!” Shen Xiang had forgotten probably outside has status honored Princess to wait for him. If before, Yue'er will definitely not ask this, because Shen Xiang one after another congealed the skeleton already very heaven defying, she personally has seen twice, therefore she thinks that this matter occurred on Shen Xiang, was not strange. Xiao Yulan also outside! She has the patience, waited for quite a while not to plan that must walk.” Yue'er reminded Shen Xiang. Now Divine Pill builds up, I want to try immediately.” Shen Xiang looks at that several grains of skeleton Divine Pill, said: No matter she first, later Sister Baifeng can lead me to see in any case her.” Now he knows that Xue Xianxian they were safe, therefore he is not seeing Xiao Yulan anxiously, but thinks can quicker obtains formidable strength. Shen Xiang has eaten up grain of skeleton Divine Pill, then starts to carry on to build up......

He wakes up, passed more than eight double-hour. unexpectedly wants for a long time to build up, is my fleshly body intensity is evidently insufficient!” Shen Xiang said that if he builds up the speed is too fast, that is the Divine Pill quality cannot follow his fleshly body. The present is to build up the time surpasses six double-hour that many, is his fleshly body cannot follow the Divine Pill quality. Xiao Yulan still outside, this woman also really has the patience, here waited for your several double-hour.” Yue'er has hit a yawn: You need to strengthen fleshly body now, was built up grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill by the six double-hour, this can trigger concentrates the Godhead turning point.” Shen Xiang nodded, took a bath, goes out of the underground secret room. Xiao Yulan had said that must wait for Shen Xiang alchemy to come out, she will wait, although the time grew a point, but she and Xiao Hongque can rest in the Xiao Baifeng room. After Shen Xiang comes out, displays very calm, but he personally sees Jade Cauldron God king of this peerless grace and talent, still thought that she is very shocking, that graceful solemn beauty, seems to be inherent. Shen Fei, she is my Princess, Jade Cauldron God king in Legend.” Xiao Baifeng was worried that Shen Xiang said the boastful talk, therefore hastily walked, but also has drawn the Shen Xiang's sleeve, because beforehand Shen Xiang once displayed very repugnant this Xiao Yulan. Has seen Yulan Princess.” Saluting of Shen Xiang very politeness. Good! Imagines me is more splendid than!” The smile of Xiao Yulan appreciation, nodded wear a look, Shen Xiang is neither arrogant nor servile, on the face is having the firm and resolute color, looks like to the person a very stubborn feeling, as if not lower the head to anybody absolutely.

Yulan Princess also imagines me is quite more beautiful, moreover imagines with me has very big discrepancies.” Shen Xiang smiled, has been staring at Xiao Yulan that beautiful jade face. Xiao Yulan wears purple magnificent and expensive long skirt now, looks like very noble, but she does not have the feeling of that aloofing, she very gentle smiles: Among us possibly some misunderstanding, perhaps are my many by, making you have the poor impression to me!” Before Xiao Yulan can also guess correctly Shen Xiang, to her impression, moreover Shen Xiang gives her feeling is very good, in she has seen in person, if looks like Shen Xiang this type Highest God is not the man sees her, is given to blow by the pressure that dozens Godhead of her within the body will send out mostly, some will unable to gain ground before her. But a Shen Xiang pressure does not have probably, is staring at her face unscrupulously a little, the look also bad, probably must look at up to be the same her whole body. This is also I have mistake in first, you have the resentment are also normal! Now I hope that can slightly eliminate that we see only contradictory, letting us from now on to be together happily.” Xiao Yulan approaches Shen Xiang, causing Shen Xiang can smell her the fragrance of gladdening the heart very much clearly. The Shen Xiang short distance looks on the Xiao Yulan face that such as the flesh of jade, looks that her pair is flashing the strange color, passes is sending beautiful eyes of charm, in the heart also cannot help but secret surprised. „Can we chat alone?” Shen Xiang looked at her behind Xiao Baifeng and Xiao Hongque, although they are the beautiful females, but now side Xiao Yulan, actually dim many. You did not think that you did display some to be crazy before me too? You must chat with me alone, even if other second-rate third-class God king, does not dare to put forward this request to me, only then I can say to them!” Xiao Yulan spoke these words with a smile, does not know her in life Qi/angry, but Xiao Hongque and Xiao Baifeng are very anxious. In a moment ago, Shen Xiang can feel might that Xiao Yulan shows, he understands immediately that this Xiao Yulan hides very much deeply, she revealed a moment ago might that being a sovereign should have the potential.

Shen Xiang very earnestly said: I am now same as you, only wants to dispel the small misunderstanding that among us should not need, something, we must chat alone, this is not I do not respect you.” At this time he put out Jiu Canghai this Deity King to his stone, because he could feel her manner from the Xiao Yulan words a moment ago, to chat with her alone, no way. Xiao Baifeng and Xiao Hongque also believe that Xiao Yulan is impossible to comply with Shen Xiang to discuss alone, but after Xiao Yulan sees that stone, knits the brows gently, nodded: Spoke face-to-face!” Shen Xiang is also suddenly remembers such important thing, otherwise Xiao Yulan alone will definitely not speak in detail with him, he with Xiao Yulan, enters the Xiao Baifeng room. Xiao Yulan cloth good barrier, to receive that stone, asked in a soft voice: He now how?” Also good, Nine Spirit Kings only then he, moreover he thinks that the duplicate country is hopeless, hopes he can cheer up get up!” Before Shen Xiang just before leaving, had driven Jiu Canghai. „Are you Shen Xiang?” Xiao Yulan self-ridiculed that smiles: I early should think that is your, but this time period was too worried meddlesomely, let me carelessly.” Yulan Princess unexpectedly hears the brat name, is really honored.” Shen Xiang spoke these words time, but has one not to be feeling well. Simultaneously in the heart also worried that influence Big Shot in actually this Divine Cauldron country, knows his existence, was being kept thinking about by these many powerful fellows, is not the good matter.