World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2150
Xiao Yulan gives back to Shen Xiang that stone, smiles lightly: You put this fellow, if wants not to know that you were also difficult! You may know that you emit Jiu Canghai, how many people making hate to the marrow of the bones to you?” I do not know that you should not hate me.” Shen Xiang receives that stone, then sits on a chair, but Xiao Yulan is standing now. Others and she spoke, always only then she sits, others were standing! „Can't you a little politeness?” Although Xiao Yulan said that but sat, she shakes the head to smile, indicated one do not have the means to Shen Xiang. I do not hate you, but starts to be a little repugnant now you.” Xiao Yulan sits in opposite, is watching intently Shen Xiang with her pair of charming and beautiful pupil, to the Shen Xiang very tremendous pressure. Shen Xiang is pressing the curiosity in heart now, has not looked at her Divine sea directly, he worried that was discovered by Xiao Yulan, perhaps he will be rumbled to exit. Said that he makes you come me, for what? He can have your this subordinate, pours also well, although the duplicate country is very difficult, but also has possibly, you are for these years, grasps the Heaven Refining Technique quite profound person.” Xiao Yulan said. You have made a mistake, is not his allows me to come, is I must come to here!” Shen Xiang knit the brows, opposite party unexpectedly does not know Xue Xianxian they with his relationship. Oh? do you plan to invest my hanger-on really? Naturally, depends on your strength, I will definitely accept your, and can give you very good treatment.” Xiao Yulan said with a smile lightly: I also think that you are loyal and devoted to Jiu Canghai, is you thought that he does pass away the inter-bank issue and acceptance of drafts to be thin?” Shen Xiang sighed: You made a mistake! First, I and Jiu Canghai are not master and servant relationship, I and he are friends, his body inter-bank issue and acceptance of drafts is truly thin, but I have promised him, completely my strength will help his turning round country! Second, I come to here do not hire oneself your! Couldn't you find out me to come here other reasons?” Xiao Yulan light wrinkle willow eyebrows, to oneself guess that also felt mistakenly very worried, on her face reveals depressed expression, looks like somewhat smart-alecky adorable.

You told me directly, you came this real cause, I do not want to make a mistake again.” Xiao Yulan smiled faintly to say wear a look. You send for seizing my big or medium wife, the younger sister and female slave, I come to here am must rescue their, but after arriving here, I discovered one were too weak.” On the Shen Xiang face brings life Qi/angry to say. Sees Xiao Yulan to be bewildered, Shen Xiang continues saying: Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er are my wife, Dongfang Jing are my younger sister, Dongfang Xinyue are my female slave, you should know them.” Xiao Yulan awakens suddenly, but some doubts: „Is Dongfang Jing possibly your younger sister? Dongfang Xinyue is her paternal aunt, according to the rank, she is your paternal aunt is also right, how possibly is your female slave?” Jing Jing (quietly) is my sworn sister, because Xinyue with losing became my! They are you seize.” Shen Xiang light lightly snorted. Carries over to invite their time methods is somewhat not satisfactory, but I am well-meant to them, but wants to ask them to help me do a matter, after completing, I will send back them, and reward of heavily they! They cross now very well here, but was unable to make you see them temporarily, they are handling very important matter.” Xiao Yulan wants to understand the reason, comes here goal also to understand to Shen Xiang that those who let her accident is, Xue Xianxian their these four outstanding females, unexpectedly and Shen Xiang has such intimate relationship. I will not deceive you, my Xiao Yulan has not spoken the lie.” Xiao Yulan earnestly said, throws the apology to Shen Xiang the look: Creates these many troublesome to you, I truly was sorry that really sorry, but also asked you to understand!” Shen Xiang naturally clear Xiao Yulan does not make him see Xue Xianxian their reason , was worried that the matter of her cauldron reveals, will affect her plan. Ok! I often listen to Sister Baifeng to mention you, I believe her, therefore also believes you! You may probably look after Xianxian well they.” Shen Xiang sighed, the Xiao Yulan manner was also very good, making the air/Qi in his heart disappear. You are good to your wife, unexpectedly dares to take such big risk to enter here.” Xiao Yulan said with a smile lightly: You do not need to be worried really their, now is Hong Que in taking care of them, they also cross here very well, I hope but actually after them, can stay here.”

Shen Xiang said: Our misunderstanding should relieve!” Um! If you want to join me, builds the great undertaking with me, I will welcome at all times your!” Xiao Yulan said that now she understands Shen Xiang comes here goal, the doubts in heart to untie, relaxed. I will definitely not join your, you look are not when the material of Divine Country sovereign.” Shen Xiang smiled. „Did Oh? why you say?” Hears such words, Xiao Yulan unexpectedly does not have life Qi/angry. Determination told me!” Shen Xiang said: I thought that this is not your conscience thinks, always felt this is compelled.” Xiao Yulan silent period of time, asked: How can you see?” Shen Xiang has gawked staring: „Really are you this?” Xiao Yulan nodded: Um, although I have manipulated strategically since childhood now, trains the sovereign to have the imposing manner that but this truly is not, this that in my heart expects is the environment is the result, compelling me to compromise. How do you see?” Because I knew that wants to become the female God Emperor woman very much, although she strength is weaker than you, but her conscience has actually wanted to proclaim oneself emperor, therefore you and she give my feeling to be entirely different.” Shen Xiang said is Lu Qilian. Oh? has the opportunity I to see the female who in your mouth said that perhaps I can learn usefully some from her.” Xiao Yulan waves to withdraw barrier, to Shen Xiang beautiful smile: We discussed a moment ago, must keep secret!”

Naturally!” Shen Xiang goes out of the room, but outside Xiao Hongque and Xiao Baifeng have been very anxious, especially Xiao Baifeng, was worried very much Shen Xiang enrages Xiao Yulan, was patted by a Xiao Yulan palm, hits ** splits open. Hong Que, we go back!” Xiao Yulan comes out, the joyful smiling face, this made Xiao Baifeng was hanging the heart put wear a look. After Xiao Yulan walks, Xiao Baifeng sits down exhausted on a chair: Worry died I, isn't your this fellow impolite to Princess in inside?” Where do I dare? Your family Princess is not a child, do I dare to bully her casually? Her look can make me die, who dares to be impolite to her?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Xiao Yulan walked shortly, Xiao Baifeng whispered: I bought skeleton Divine Pill low-grade divine medicine, had ten!” Thump! Some suddenly people knock on a door, sound to make an effort very much. Xiao Baifeng, your little slut comes out to me!” Outside hears together the shout, unexpectedly is that bright Prince.