World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2151
This bright Prince previous time makes Xiao Baifeng marry him, but Xiao Baifeng is not willing, then everywhere to fabricate a rumor Xiao Baifeng to raise the little man, this has let Xiao Baifeng very angry. But now his unexpectedly also dares to walk, but also such loud voice insulted her! Xiao Baifeng walks to open the door, Shen Xiang follows in her behind, after the gate opens, bright Prince leads one group of people to crash in the courtyard. Bright Prince, do you do?” Xiao Baifeng looks at their this group of people, knits the brows to say. little slut, I pay that big price to convince my family that young woman, making her agree to receive you for the concubine, but you do not know good and bad, unexpectedly has rejected me, you is a humble servant girl, but I am the Divine Country Imperial Family expensive child, why you reject me.” Bright Prince loses one's voice the anger to shout, the complexion is very fierce. Xiao Baifeng coldly said: „Shortly after Princess she just walked, you cause trouble, doesn't pay attention to her?” Emperor elder sister she must look at my mother's complexion, I do not fear her! I kept thinking about you for a long time, today you must from me!” Bright Prince is pointing at Shen Xiang, shouted: First grasps to beat mercilessly this brat, unexpectedly dares to approach my woman!” Xiao Baifeng does not know that this bright Prince how, unexpectedly has made such bold matter to come, seeing that group of people who he brings from coming, Xiao Baifeng gets rid immediately, the body releases white fog. This white fog has the intelligence to be the same probably, after that group of people are entangling, they are unable to approach. This bastard was too rampant!” Shen Xiang coldly said, but the person also left same place, Xiao Baifeng responded the time, actually late, Shen Xiang that has been similar to heat iron, spout very wild arrogance, is tearing the space, hits on the face of bright Prince. Bang!

Meteor God Energy impact time, blows out such as the lightning-like explosion sound, bursts out spark, imposing manner very strong ferocious, shakes this courtyard to shiver. Bright Prince was flown by the Shen Xiang heavy blows violently, hits to put on the thick wall, falls outside. Shen Fei, stops quickly!” Xiao Baifeng is very clear own custom, although bright Prince is very rampant, so long as with temperate way self-made that's alright, if extremely crude, Xiao Yulan must act to ask for leniency is very difficult. Xiao Baifeng just wants to go to stop Shen Xiang with the fog, but her knows that Shen Xiang unexpectedly vanished directly, teleport to that bright Prince by. You dare to hit me!” The bright Prince words have not ended, had been hit a fist by Shen Xiang maliciously. Hits you to be also what kind of? Make you rampant!” Shen Xiang concentrates the right leg of double skeleton to step on maliciously on bright Prince, each foot steps on, will erupt the thunder cry bang as well as very intense spark, Shen Xiang exhausts hits this bright Prince fully. hōng hōng hōng! Meteor God Energy was displayed peak by Shen Xiang, strength of four flame Godhead and four skeletons used completely, turned into Meteor God Energy, the might was very intrepid, attacked each time, just like the giant meteor shock ground, the earth trembled. Get lost far to me!” Shen Xiang has beaten savagely a moment later, saw similarly, a foot was stepped on bright Prince of turn into a human shape not to kick the distant place by him. Xiao Baifeng also lets loose that group of people now, making this group of people carry off bright Prince! Xiao Baifeng to Shen Xiang strength was very shocking, has forgotten to blame Shen Xiang, because she thought that might is strength of Shen Xiang skeleton.

The skeleton, is her long-awaited thing, but now after she personally sees the skeleton to have is fearful, wants to practice! She knows that Shen Xiang has not arrived at Highest God Realm, but that bright Prince actually more than ten Godhead, even if the strength is very weak, the person but who should not arrive by Highest God Realm is tyrannical! You act unreasonably really!” All around Xiao Baifeng knits the brows to look at place in confusion: This fellow his mother is not affable.” This fellow was owes to hit, hits one to grow the memory, as for her mother, making her have to plant to look for me, I taught her while convenient, how must teach the son.” Meaning that Shen Xiang has not feared, he does not need to stay like Xiao Baifeng in this emperor imperial palace for a long time, therefore he does not need scruples too, facing that rampant bright Prince, some crisply hits crisply. Xiao Yulan just returned to own palace, Xiao Hongque puts out together jade token, learns the news after inside, knits the brows: That Shen Fei had hit bright Prince a moment ago, moreover starts to be very heavy! Does this fellow have Highest God Realm? Bright Prince again waste, should not be been right by the severe wound! But Sister Baifeng has not gotten rid!” This fellow also really dares to start! You process, if Lian Fei she must for her son over, making her look for me, if she to Shen Fei fight, does not blame me not being impolite secretly. You look for her time, said!” Xiao Yulan may attach great importance to Shen Xiang now, after all the Shen Xiang's wife is helping her, if can succeed to repair that cauldron, even if several other first-grade God king jointly cope with her, she does not need to be afraid. ...... Shen Xiang in the secret room, he is refining low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, he uses the eye to refine, but the flash was completed. Xiao Baifeng does not dare to go out, because she worried that bright Prince his mother looks for Shen Xiang's to be troublesome. What's wrong? Refines not smoothly?” Xiao Baifeng saw Shen Xiang just to enter the secret room shortly after to come out, asked hastily. Naturally is not, I refined, you ate up one grain first, how had a look at the effect! Only then builds up in six double-hour, can be appropriate you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he has refined several grains, if were inappropriate she, other skeleton Divine Pill must take away to sell out.

Xiao Baifeng thinks that said: You and my together, I do not understand to the congealing skeleton, needs you to direct.” Sister Baifeng, don't you know about the process of congealing skeleton?” Shen Xiang asked: Your family hasn't Princess mentioned with you?” No, because she does not know that she has the inborn skeleton, many I do not know that but listens to her to mention.” The Xiao Baifeng words let Shen Xiang are very shocking, this skeleton unexpectedly can also have inborn. Shen Xiang is bringing Yue'er, entered in the secret room with Xiao Baifeng! Xiao Baifeng looks at low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, is very excited, but this skeleton Divine Pill Divine Pill of valuable non- city, moreover before her, two grains that eats look like are very ordinary, is far from Shen Xiang this grain of good. „Your first skeleton should be able to complete with low-grade Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang said: If stimulates the turning point of congealing skeleton, you must result to endure suffering to insist that process unusual pain, therefore when the time comes do not give up, the opportunity is rare.” Xiao Baifeng nodded seriously, then eats up this grain of skeleton Divine Pill. If you can build up in six double-hour about, then you concentrate the hope of skeleton is very big, skeleton Divine Pill does not need to be worried, so long as there is enough divine yuan stone to purchase divine medicine, this is the issue.” Shen Xiang to this very self-confident.