World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2152
Shen Xiang to congealing skeleton Divine Pill was also a seasoned person, was quite experienced, completely had the qualifications to instruct to make Xiao Baifeng this have three ten Godhead Highest Saint God. After Xiao Baifeng eats up skeleton Divine Pill, starts to build up, Shen Xiang and Yue'er in computing time! After five double-hour, Xiao Baifeng has opened the eye, shook the head to Shen Xiang. It seems like you also need quality high point low-grade skeleton Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang according to the Xiao Baifeng situation, that several grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill in his hand throws into pill furnace, although he is first time remelts skeleton Divine Pill, but he thought that this is not the issue. How long wants?” Xiao Baifeng has not thought the skeleton Divine Pill quality can control, moreover suits her situation, can let her to practice the skeleton. Not long, your patience wait / etc.!” Shen Xiang said that this is truly easy to Shen Xiang, must know that he refines furnace low-grade skeleton Divine Pill is also only several instantaneous. At this time he careful decomposition that several grains of skeleton Divine Pill, must their quality changes, he only need to strengthen the little quality, can enable Xiao Baifeng in six double-hour to build up, can have in a big way possibly cultivates the skeleton. The time of small moment, Shen Xiang has completed, several grains of skeleton Divine Pill originally, have three grains now! Gives a try again!” Shen Xiang gives Xiao Baifeng. Xiao Baifeng receives eats up one grain immediately, then starts to build up! Shen Xiang is waiting in her side patience, the first practice skeleton, needs a quite experienced person to be good in the side. Six double-hour pass by, Xiao Baifeng has opened the eye! Does not have the effect!” Xiao Baifeng starts to suspect that own aptitude, said: Do not continue, this wastes skeleton Divine Pill very much!”

These two grains of skeleton Divine Pill value many that she very clear eat up, she thought that she cannot practice the material of skeleton, therefore she does not want to continue, wastes this skeleton Divine Pill. What has to waste? I knew that a fellow, has eaten skeleton Divine Pill herbs of thousands, concentrates the skeleton, you also eat two grains, I cultivated the skeleton before time has eaten much, must to oneself a little confidence.” Shen Xiang is encouraging her, has patted her shoulder: „Here also two grains, I then continue to refine.” Xiao Baifeng nodded, eats up grain of skeleton Divine Pill to continue to refine, now Shen Xiang knows that Xiao Baifeng needs many qualities low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, he refines according to this standard, refined a furnace quickly, altogether had four grains. The practice skeleton truly needs very for a long time, eats one grain to need six double-hour! When Xiao Baifeng eats fifth grain, just built up to the sixth double-hour, she frowned, felt that the right arm somewhat responded. Shen Xiang can also see her right arm to shiver slightly, hurriedly said: Concentrates physical strength, transfers this strength to your right arm on!” If feels the pain, cannot give up, must insist! You successfully induced the turning point of congealing skeleton now, can concentrate the skeleton, look at you.” Shen Xiang seriously said. Xiao Baifeng very much has hoped one can concentrate the skeleton, regardless of being difficult, she must very pass! She according to does, quick that Shen Xiang said felt the right arm severe pain! Faced with this ache, Xiao Baifeng is also only tightly frowns, on the jade face reveals color of the pain slightly, this lets Shen Xiang is very surprised! Although Xiao Baifeng looks like the tender Xiao Ling jade, but she has strong innermost feelings, is the same with her disposition!

This makes Shen Xiang have to admire her! This pain continued ten double-hour, Xiao Baifeng is also soaked by the fragrant perspiration, when she congealed the skeleton, her suddenly that has insisted collapsed in the Shen Xiang's bosom...... Shen Xiang is holding her petite body, traces her face gently, sighed: Really is a strong woman, can support compared with me!” Shen Xiang hugs to return to the room her, making her lie on the bed rests, his former congealing skeleton was also this, rested a period of time to restore. Next morning, Xiao Baifeng wakes up, she knows that she cultivated the skeleton, recalled when the congealing skeleton pain, in her heart was a little afraid, but she was also very satisfied to her performance, after all she, but also congealed successfully the formidable skeleton! She transfers Divine sea inside god profound strength to the skeleton, can feel the great strength of right arm skeleton clearly. She has taken a bath, goes to the hall on hastily, sees Shen Xiang here leisurely drinking tea, she feels grateful hastily: I have succeeded, thank you Shen Fei!” Does not use politely, you also help me be many, moreover you succeed also your larger part merit, can concentrate the skeleton, mainly also look at you.” Shen Xiang smiled, said. Sister Baifeng, I exit to handle matters first, can lead me to leave the emperor imperial palace?” Shen Xiang received the pass on message of that Huang Yantian last night, said that had the urgent matter to in him, in the inn in city met in Emperor Divine Cauldron, lets him a bit faster. But Shen Xiang did not know about this emperor imperial palace that his previous time comes in is also Xiao Baifeng leads him to come. Naturally, does this walk?” Xiao Baifeng asked. This walks!”

Afterward, Shen Xiang rides the Xiao Baifeng car(riage), left the emperor imperial palace! ...... Mother, you must take responsibility for me, that called the Shen Fei bastard is really too rampant...... He hits me not to be unimportant, more importantly he insulted you, said some coarse words to come.” Bright Prince lies on the bed, the wail was saying. But is standing a stature abundant beautiful female in the bedside, this is the bright Prince mother, Lian Fei! Lian Fei has pair of charming phoenix eyes, she looks to lie down bright Prince on bed: Your this waste, gives me to handle this disgraceful matter unexpectedly! Yulan that you do not know just had seen Shen Fei, should know that a while ago Prince Ping saw him!” Mother...... Do you fear him? Because he insulted you, I looked for his calculate, he had said that must let you, when his servant girl.” Bright Prince sees Lian Fei this expression, makes out of whole cloth various reasons to enrage her. Your what thoughts can I not know? Your this for a lifetime lies down here, do not count on that I will look for high level Divine Pill to you!” Lian Fei coldly snorted and said, it seems like she not like outside hearsay, will shelter this bright Prince in every possible way. „Are you my mother? You...... Are you cruel enough to visit me really waste here?” The bright Prince anger was shouting the [say / way]. Real for many years, you provoke that many troublesome to me, I already sufficed you, your this bastard is a waste, why not do I have am cruel enough?” The Lian Fei complexion ice is cold: Later again do not count on that I will help you, we walk!” Follows grows up in a Lian Fei behind pretty female and Lian Fei looks like very much, similarly has charming phoenix eyes, she at this time and Lian Fei sits in the vehicle, this female Lian Fei daughter.