World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2153

Mother, you planned, no matter he? He after is my younger brother!” Female low voice asking.

You grow very much look like me, but you thought that your younger brother does look like me?” Lian Fei smiles charmingly, touches daughter's cheek: „Can't silly child, for these years, your point see this young bastard is not my son?” This......” female does not speak, struggle in this emperor imperial palace she was very clear, her mother does not know where from made bright Prince, definitely to win Divine Cauldron Great Emperor was happy. He truly is your Imperial Father son, but is that little slut, was hugged by me! Has not thought that this fellow unexpectedly is so waste, I waste that many resources on him in vain, now is hit remnantly to also well, so as to avoid after him, stirs up trouble to me everywhere.” In the Lian Fei heart thanked Shen Xiang's actually. Now Divine Cauldron Great Emperor walked, she does not need to look at the Divine Cauldron Great Emperor complexion again, therefore she also happen to finds an excuse to give up Prince Ping, in any case is not her biological son. But beforehand Xiao Yulan has also told her, making her not move Shen Xiang, explained that Xiao Yulan attaches great importance to Shen Xiang! Jin'er, this matter do not say that now I tell you, was worried that good-hearted you were deceived by that bastard! Right, later with Hong Que, goes to school to be many well something from her body, otherwise after you, will only be bullied in the palace! You have a look at Baifeng this girl, picks a treasure.” Lian Fei touches the head of Xiao Jin'er, her daughter, although has a very charming cheek, but she actually very naive. Lian Fei thought that this is because she for many years extremely cherished her daughter, causing her not to have anything to discipline, but if not do this, she worried that the daughter was persecuted, therefore does not dare to be accepted brutal tempering by own daughter independently. Mother, that called the Shen Fei person, said very coarse words really? His bad, mother don't you teach him?” Xiao Jin'er said. Silly thing, that is Xiao Ming this bastard arranges, the goal is to enrage me, the words inconsistency that he said that one listened to know.” Lian Fei smiled charmingly, has patted the cheek of Xiao Jin'er: Walks, I lead you to look for Yulan, you have a look at your this elder sister now to be fierce, might very much becomes new Divine Cauldron Great Emperor.”

...... The Xiao Baifeng car(riage) walks on the road, just and Lian Fei car(riage) touches and goes. Is Lian Fei!” Xiao Baifeng is somewhat surprised: This woman should also see my car(riage), doesn't she plan to look for your trouble?” „Is she so really fierce? Generally speaking, the fierce women will not have bright Prince this waste son, can definitely be the burden.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Has the opportunity to be just about to see her, asks how she teaches the son.” In this matter palace also some discussions, because she is also good to bright Prince, has given many resources, but afterward she did not teach to bright Prince! Instead is very good to own daughter, her daughter and she grows very much looks like, but is actually a good-hearted female, this and Lian Fei is entirely different.” Xiao Baifeng said: Do not despise Lian Fei, she can settle on by Princess, explained that she has the good strength.” Is, she and between Divine Cauldron Great Emperor has any mysterious matter probably, because never has the person to see Divine Cauldron Great Emperor and she has spoken, she arrives at the emperor imperial palace time, brings immature Xiao Jin'er to come in! But Divine Cauldron Great Emperor never inquired about her matter, has not summoned her! Xiao Jin'er and I have said that she has not seen Divine Cauldron Great Emperor.” Shen Xiang is listening to the Eight Diagrams of this emperor imperial palace, thinks very interesting, said with a smile: This Lian Fei origin is very mysterious, perhaps that Xiao Jin'er and bright Prince are not the Divine Cauldron Great Emperor children.” Shen Xiang also teased, has not thought of Xiao Baifeng actually very earnest saying: Is very likely, on the day of the bright Prince birth, happen to died an imperial concubine, but this imperial concubine also almost lived at that time! This matter passed for 1-2 months later, Lian Fei had a son bewilderedly, she entered the palace for two years, Divine Cauldron Great Emperor has not bumped her, but she had the Divine Cauldron Great Emperor son, moreover conducted the bloodlines test time, this son was also Divine Cauldron Great Emperor.” This matter Divine Cauldron doesn't Great Emperor know?” Shen Xiang curious asking: Her imperial concubine was killed, Divine Cauldron Great Emperor does unexpectedly ignore? Was the son born he not to come to see?”

Was too normal, making the Divine Cauldron Great Emperor female have over a thousand, he usually takes to control these many matters, he with breeding way, by own woman, but the children get up in this emperor imperial palace adolescence, he pays no attention, only then very outstanding children can be regarded as important by him.” How heartless!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: It seems like fights with all might in this emperor imperial palace, is the cruel and merciless generations, your family is Princess also this?” Good, do not look that Princess her surface is so gentle, she handles the bloody matter to be also many.” Xiao Baifeng said: In emperor imperial palace, perhaps also only then Prince Ping gets up in quite healthy environment adolescence, he followed Great Country Master since childhood, gains attaching great importance to of Divine Cauldron Great Emperor since childhood, in the emperor imperial palace nobody dares to move him radically.” This is the life!” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles. I quite curious Lian Fei origin, Princess also sent for investigating now, but not, but she actually trusts Lian Fei, the serious matter is gives Lian Fei to be done, Lian Fei also completes very brilliantly.” Shen Xiang has not cared this matter, he thought that he affirmed later disagreement Lian Fei pulls any relationship. The vehicle just left the emperor imperial palace, he receives the pass on message of Huang Yantian, asked when he arrives, he said the general moment time. Emperor Divine Cauldron the city is very big, but Huang Yantian makes an appointment with his inn to be very near from the emperor imperial palace, therefore he can go quickly. if wanted do I go with you together? Is this matter very secret?” Xiao Baifeng looked at all around, because Shen Xiang but now in the emperor imperial palace several big influences stare at very much tight character.

Good, you come up with me!” Shen Xiang nodded, the Xiao Baifeng strength is not weak, making her follow to be also safer in the side. Shen Xiang arrived at Huang Yantian agreement room, after going, Shen Xiang was shocked, this inside unexpectedly has two Huang Yantian! However they are only the appearance are also same, the appearance is different. Master...... Senior Master!” Shen Xiang has recognized Huang Jintian immediately, hastily shouted. Young bastard, you harmed me to lose.” Huang Jintian hastily ran over, has knocked the Shen Xiang's head: This bastard said that has the means to make you come here, moreover time exactly very accurate, I do not believe that therefore bet with him.” Huang Yantian Hehe said with a smile: Wish the gambling to concede, you quite shouted me a big brother!” Snort, I am older than you obviously, why can make me call your big brother? You shouted that my big brother is right!” Huang Jintian was foul-mouthed.