World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2154
Shen Xiang noted Yang Tianyi at this time also here! Yang Tianyi and Huang Jintian went to Star Law God Territory, now they came back, moreover bumps into with Huang Yantian. Brother Yang!” Shen Xiang arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Yang Tianyi, Yang Tianyi has had a smile was nodding to him. Xiao Baifeng is very surprised, Shen Xiang was very fierce, then Shen Xiang's Master and Senior Master are very strong? But Shen Xiang's Master and Senior Master are quite strange. Young bastard, you later must shout him Martial Uncle!” Huang Jintian lu has the sleeve: If you dare to shout him Senior Master, I hear one time, punches your one time.” brat, do not believe his words, although shouted me for Senior Master, if he punched your one time, I punched his ten times.” Huang Yantian said with a smile: If you dare to shout that I for Martial Uncle, I punch you ironclad!” Shen Xiang is smiling bitterly: Then, I, no matter shouted that anything must be punched.” After Huang Jintian sees Shen Xiang Xiao Baifeng, said to Shen Xiang: Good brat, to see you each time, your woman I am not always familiar, moreover is one by one fierce.” Through these words, Xiao Baifeng knows that Shen Xiang was not the good thing, no wonder beforehand Yue'er always shouted that he for little rascal, in her heart kept Heart Eye secretly. Shen Xiang gives Huang Jintian immediately their three sound transmission, making them three individual say own real name. Shen Fei, I avoid first, you need time, subpoenaed that's alright to me.” Xiao Baifeng gives Shen Xiang together jade token, she is the servant to know, departure that therefore is tactful now.

Heard that Xianxian this girl was seized, in the emperor imperial palace, you now should mix?” After Huang Jintian sees Xiao Baifeng walks, cloth next several barrier, then ask. Mixed, they were very safe in!” Shen Xiang said that at this time Yue'er also ran. „Did you go to Star Law God Territory? There present how?” Yue'er asked that she and three God Clan had relationship, but she cannot go back now, therefore extremely cared about there matter. Asked this matter, Yang Tianyi and makes the Huang Jintian's complexion heavy. Undead God Clan did not have, cat clan did not have, Stars and Moon God Clan barely manages to maintain a feeble existence hid.” Huang Jintian sighed: Dragon God Clan very much danger(ous), has to hide.” How can like this?” Yue'er very depressed asking, three were connected very big God Clan to encounter the crisis with her, Undead God Clan and cat clan did not have. Does not use that the grief! Your cat clan have not extinguished like our Undead God Clan kills, the cat clan dispersed, moreover they announced temporarily the cat clan dismisses, this is to avoid being affected! But Stars and Moon God Clan was different, Stars and Moon God Clan compares fiery, has done with Star Law God Territory several big influences directly, oneself lose seriously, then has hidden.” Huang Jintian said that he has learned the Yue'er origin from Huang Yantian there. Yang Tianyi said: Star Law God Territory these fellows were insane for Long Life, they think that God Clan within the body has the strength of Long Life, therefore stressed one to go back to study in large numbers, angered several God Clan, although several God Clan were formidable, but could not stand off Star Law God Territory that many to pursue the Long Life fellow not awfully.” Master, Undead God Clan......” Shen Xiang has patted his shoulder. This being insufficient, Great Elder they had protected a number of quite important Undead Heavenly Spirit at that time at risk of life! Inquired according to me the news that Undead Heavenly Spirit had not been caught, moreover Star Law God Territory also asks for the sky-high price to post a reward Undead Heavenly Spirit.” Huang Jintian said.

Hopes grandparent, grandmother grandfather and parents is all right.” The small eye of Yue'er is flashing teardrops, looks like miserable. They are all right, your elders are very fierce.” Huang Jintian curled the lip: Has not thought that your this little thing unexpectedly is so fierce.” Shen Xiang asked: What is Undead Heavenly Spirit? Is very important to Undead God Clan?” Naturally, Undead Heavenly Spirit can breed the spirit embryo through the strength of absorption world directly, then breeds formidable Undead War God, or is Heaven's Divination Master, our brothers are Heaven's Divination Master that Undead Heavenly Spirit breeds, moreover is very rare twin, after we were born, has not met.” Huang Jintian looked at Huang Yantian: This whole life can also see this silly younger brother, I really am the life am long!” For does not make these two brothers fall into during the dispute, Shen Xiang asked hastily: „Are Undead Heavenly Spirit many?” „It is not many, the hundred thousand year is born probably, moreover after newborn Undead Heavenly Spirit adolescence to certain stage, will act according to own induction, goes to a place to absorb the strength of there world, breeds the spirit embryo!” Huang Yantian said. Undead God Clan also is really mysterious!” Shen Xiang exclaims. Yue'er said: Generally speaking, God Clan has this Heavenly Spirit, Stars and Moon God Clan and cat clan and Dragon God Clan have this Heavenly Spirit, soon exterminates the clan time, Heavenly Spirit plays the role of multiplication.” „Is Long Xueyi Heavenly Spirit?” Shen Xiang has remembered Long Xueyi, initially he remembers that Long Xueyi has said that she breeds some White Dragon, will therefore have afterward Leng Youlan, but the white dragon blood glow of Leng Youlan within the body fills fighting intent, can be dragon War-God? Two Master, can you calculate world of Nine Heaven now? I want to know that the time can fuse?” Shen Xiang asked: There time variation!”

I have calculated before one time, there time variation contrasts with here is very unstable, but other fusions time, there at least passed in 5000, has the time of enough development.” Huang Yantian said. 5000 enough their development, world of Nine Heaven has not fused Highest God Realm now, but the overall quality actually approaches Star Law God Territory, but grasps Dragon Vein and Pill Dao powerful influence, definitely develops quickly!” Huang Jintian said: This you do not need to be worried that you do want to go back now? You did not say that Xianxian they didn't have issue mostly?” I...... Also has competition in the emperor imperial palace, I planned that compares to go back again!” Shen Xiang said: „More than 20 days.” Was right, can you make the emperor imperial palace us?” Huang Jintian said with a smile: That little girl strength was good a moment ago, is she makes you? Moreover probably is docile to you! Your this brat plays this really fiercely!” Who makes my alchemy fierce? However do not let one's thoughts wander, he is my good friend......” Shen Xiang after simple saying that he and Xiao Baifeng knows, briefed in the Divine Cauldron country situation while convenient simply. Yang Tianyi said with a smile: Inside is so lively, I also want to go to have a look, Brother, you ask that miss, can make us, we ensure does not cause trouble!” Shen Xiang felt relieved to the Yang Tianyi comparison, but his lunatic Master and that is a little also insane, moreover does not know that is Senior Master or Martial Uncle Huang Yantian, makes him not feel relieved extremely. Good, I ask!” Shen Xiang gives the Xiao Baifeng pass on message immediately.