World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2155

After Shen Xiang subpoenaed to Xiao Baifeng, Xiao Baifeng has not considered, complied with Shen Xiang, can make Huang Yantian their several enter Jade Cauldron Palace of emperor imperial palace. Before Shen Xiang came to an arrangement with Xiao Yulan, Xiao Yulan not only again had not suspected to Shen Xiang that instead made the trust regard as important to Shen Xiang, therefore Xiao Baifeng thought that let Shen Xiang's Master and friend lets nothing. After Xiao Baifeng complies with Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang brings Huang Jintian they to go down the inn, just before leaving time, Huang Yantian and Huang Jintian this was still disputing to the rarely seen brothers is making the opposite party pay a bill...... Shen Xiang was worried that they hit, has to shell out. After boarding the Xiao Baifeng car(riage), Shen Xiang urged this over and over to the lunatic brothers, allowing them to enter emperor Jiugongli to say goodbye acts unreasonably. Master, in the emperor imperial palace crouching tiger, hidden dragon, experts as common as the clouds, you go to be possible to pay attention to a point.” Shen Xiang seriously said. This you felt relieved, even if I court disaster will not implicate your! Told the sentence truth, after God Emperor of emperor imperial palace gets the hell out, I have not feared them.” Huang Yantian he he smiles. brat, I will favor this fellow, you put 100 hearts.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Shen Xiang suddenly thought one lead into the emperor imperial palace them is a wrong decision! little girl, who are your parents?” Huang Yantian looks at Xiao Baifeng, suddenly asks. I do not know that I am Princess raise since childhood, I am an orphan!” Xiao Baifeng shook the head: Why does Senior have this one to ask?” I to some Divine Cauldron country also understanding, but has not thought that Divine Cauldron country inside Princess person, unexpectedly is so fierce, you look like young, had 30 Godhead, therefore thought that your parents definitely were not the ordinary people.” Huang Yantian said. Our two brothers understand to tell fortunes, if wanted we help you calculate that can perhaps know whether your parents are alive.” Huang Yantian said with a smile: Miss, our two brothers collaborates, matter that could not have figured out, moreover we are Shen Xiang's Master, you are not necessary to worry that we deceive you.”

Shen Xiang suddenly thought to feel strange, this Huang Yantian and Huang Jintian were in cahoots probably, unexpectedly complied to collaborate to help Xiao Baifeng tell fortunes! Shen Xiang nodded to Xiao Baifeng: Sister Baifeng, they truly understood the technique of Divine Ability telling fortunes and so on, you can try!” How can carry on?” Xiao Baifeng has believed Shen Xiang, asked hastily. Wants your drop of blood then.” Huang Jintian has put out a white jade bowl, seeing this jade bowl, the Shen Xiang pupil to contract, he has pair of Dao Heart Eye, therefore he can see good of this jade bowl, he used Dao Heart Eye to look at one, to the impact is said by massive spirit pattern that in the jade bowl reappeared, let his brains feeling dizzy slightly. Shen Xiang suspected after Huang Jintian and Yang Tianyi return to Star Law God Territory, obtained any treasure. Xiao Baifeng dropped a drop of blood on the jade bowl, then under the Huang Jintian's control, that drop of blood integrates in the jade bowl, Huang Jintian also closes the eye, in the mouth is reciting the strange incantation, the jade bowl also braves light glow. Your parental actually is that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor God Monarch, but is before very long, died in battle, because of formidable divine beast of resistance surprise attack.” Huang Jintian said that then also said two names. Many thanks Senior!” Xiao Baifeng remembers the name, planned, goes to again, she also experiences for these years much, in the heart had already been ready, but knew that own birth parents died, she also feels the grief. But now can know that own root is also good, at least can know that who the parents are, where oneself come from! Shen Xiang does not understand that Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian why suddenly makes such strange matter, gives them hastily sound transmission: „Are you doing, does suddenly handle this matter?”

We in looking for Undead Heavenly Spirit, I calculated to Undead Heavenly Spirit before on this Divine Cauldron stars, but where I do not know, afterward your Master came, with my joint effort, calculates that Undead Heavenly Spirit finally in the emperor imperial palace, but we also can only calculate this step! We suspected that this young miss is, then calculates that who her parents are, knew that her parents are, therefore determined that she is not Undead Heavenly Spirit.” Huang Yantian replied. unexpectedly in the emperor imperial palace has Undead Heavenly Spirit! Shen Xiang also feels quite surprised, in his eyes, Undead Heavenly Spirit is very definitely formidable. Was right, this Undead Heavenly Spirit female, did not know to find, must make her know our Undead God Clan disaster.” Huang Jintian said. Undead Heavenly Spirit female! In the Shen Xiang mind reappears a person to come immediately, that is Lian Fei! Mystical Lian Fei, enters emperor imperial palace time led a daughter to come in! Although waste son, but hearsay son is she steals, because of the son, can make her status promote in the emperor imperial palace! Xiao Baifeng some time ago had mentioned the Lian Fei matter with Shen Xiang, therefore Shen Xiang suddenly thinks! He is not clear, does Lian Fei hides in the emperor imperial palace do, what thing can seek for? If Lian Fei is Undead God Clan Undead Heavenly Spirit, then her strength is very definitely strong, hides in the emperor imperial palace, moreover with Xiao Yulan, definitely has her goal! Xiao Baifeng has said that Xiao Yulan had investigated that Lian Fei origin, but does not have the result! Shen Xiang tells Huang Jintian to the matter that Lian Fei knows him them, after they hear, thinks, they plan to let Shen Xiang close Lian Fei, makes a blood to come to determine. Xiao Baifeng helped Huang Jintian they make three jade token, then continued driving to lead them to arrive at own that dwelling.

„Is this in the emperor imperial palace?” Huang Yantian jumps high, looked at all around: „Similar to a city, but here has several very formidable aura, is really not simple.” Huang Jintian urged that Shen Xiang hurries to look for that Lian Fei confirmation, like this they are also good to complete here matter, then leaves here. Sister Baifeng, I want to see that Lian Fei, I injured bright Prince, below have had a heavy touch, I want to accompany to her am not.” Shen Xiang said to Xiao Baifeng: Can help me arrange the arrangement? I thought that I and she now are the Jade Cauldron God king potencies, should not have the too big contradiction, I want to melt me and her contradiction.” If not Huang Jintian, Shen Xiang is disinclined to see Lian Fei, but he does not have the means that Huang Jintian is his Master, moreover this matter relationship arrives at Undead God Clan, the Yue'er paternal grandmother is also Undead God Clan. „Do you plan such to do really? If can solve the conflicts smoothly, Princess she will be very certainly happy that she repugnantly is person under manipulates strategically.” Xiao Baifeng said. Naturally, I think to look for her now, and takes a gift of apologizing!” Shen Xiang has smiled saying with a smile: Uses skeleton Divine Pill!” Four grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill in the Shen Xiang eye at all are not anything, flash on refined into!