World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2156
Xiao Baifeng looks for Lian Fei to discuss that immediately this matter, arranges Shen Xiang and she meets. Shen Xiang enters in the secret room, herbs refined into six grains of skeleton Divine Pill, then goes out of the secret room instantaneously, Huang Yantian just and Huang Jintian is roasting the meat in the courtyard. Huang Jintian likes eating the barbecue, is making the aspect that eats to have very good craftsmanship, Shen Xiang smells that barbecue fragrance at this time, is keeping the saliva. Roasts!” Shen Xiang arrives at the courtyard, sees here to have two piles of charcoal fires, Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian is roasting two entire cows separately, this cow is very big, therefore they have to float. Yang Tianyi said with a smile: With their together is good, all day delicious!” Shen Xiang looked at Yue'er, Yue'er is opening both eyes at this time, looks that two test the similar urging cow, he has not thought that this little thing unexpectedly also likes eating this type of meat. This is the barbecue secret recipe in Undead God Clan, has not thought that two Senior both grasped!” Yue'er hee happily said with a smile: Has not thought that was so long, I can also eat this type of barbecue.” Really fragrant!” Xiao Baifeng came back, acclaims one, on the face was having a warm smiling face, she liked this liveliness probably gradually, smiling face to person were also many. Shen Xiang asked: That side Lian Fei how?” Xiao Baifeng holds Yue'er, nod said: Has arranged, now weather also early, finished eating me to lead you to look for her!” Although two cows are very big, but quick finished eating, at this time also approached the dusk, after Shen Xiang and Xiao Baifeng eat to the full, together looks for Lian Fei. The Lian Fei house is not big, but in is very fine elegantly, Shen Xiang hear of Xiao Baifeng said that this house is that bright Prince, but bright Prince wants a big house, therefore Lian Fei exchanged with him.

Shen Xiang sits in the hall, in heart is somewhat anxious, he makes into the severely wounded person others sons after all, now arrives at others here, some are somewhat uncomfortable. Lian Fei walked, her daughter Xiao Jin'er! Xiao Jin'er and Lian Fei are equally high, wear the same red skirt, has similarly charming phoenix eyes, they look like very likely are the twin sisters! Before Huang Jintian they had said that this Undead Heavenly Spirit can concentrate the spirit embryo, but after spirit embryo adolescence, was very long with that Undead Heavenly Spirit looks like. Taking the lead is Lian Fei, Shen Xiang one can look, Lian Fei that charming beautiful face full is the ice-cold color, moreover looks like quite vicious steady, could see that she has many experiences! But her behind Xiao Jin'er is entirely different from her, although also has a charming cheek, but she actually appears very charming, lowers the head slightly, does not dare to look straight ahead Shen Xiang, but when she gains ground looked at Shen Xiang, discovered that Shen Xiang is visiting her, face fierce one red, immediately lowered the head. My son died, now you should be happy!” After Lian Fei sits, coldly said. This...... Really sorry!” Shen Xiang has not thought that bright Prince unexpectedly died, this may make him be caught off guard, he thinks how good to talk with the opposite party, solves the conflicts. Meanwhile he also thought that this matter is quite suspicious, he starts, although is quite heavy, but that bright Prince is not a mortal, at most is also only the bed for several years, will be insufficient dead. Lian Fei, is this real? Why hadn't I heard?” Xiao Baifeng has not thought. You look for me today shortly, he died.” Lian Fei coldly snorted: It seems like among us the hatred is unable to melt!”

Shen Xiang suddenly understands, this Lian Fei possibly after Xiao Baifeng looks for her got down hated the hand, killed bright Prince! Now although Lian Fei is icy, on the face also full is angry, but does not have sadly, not like dead son. But he thinks that does not understand why Lian Fei must such do, doesn't want to solve the conflicts with him? Has such matter I also to feel very regrettable, even if our contradictions are unable to melt, the gift that but I prepare will still present as a gift to Lian Fei, please restrain grief.” Shen Xiang puts out a jade box, both hands hands in front of Lian Fei, Lian Fei has not received, Shen Xiang places by her table. Sister Baifeng, we walk!” Shen Xiang sees the leeway that has not discussed that also does not plan to waste the time. Holds on a minute, you have killed my son, did the plan such end?” Lian Fei stands, eyes contains killing intent completely. „Are you what kind of?” Xiao Baifeng cold voice asked that she may protect Shen Xiang now. I must make him compensate my son!” Lian Fei said with a sneer: Could not compensate to be my son!” Delusion!” Xiao Baifeng is drawing Shen Xiang: We walk!” Lian Fei blocks them immediately: What's wrong, you did not say that before must dispel the hatred with me? Now I give you an opportunity, so long as is my son, this solved! Naturally, you will not owe, I make you marry my daughter.” Mother......” Xiao Jin'er suddenly one startled, the face was redder. Xiao Baifeng and Shen Xiang are one startled, they have not really thought that this Lian Fei unexpectedly is hitting like this pleasant scheme, before she said that her son died, lets Shen Xiang and Xiao Baifeng is caught off guard, moreover displays hates Shen Xiang, but actually must make Shen Xiang take her daughter now to compensate her. Jin'er, let alone words!” Lian Fei berated her one gently.

Wants? Like this I am your mother-in-law, among us the hatred did not have!” Lian Fei that ice-cold facial features have disappeared, what trades is a charming smiling face: You do not owe, my daughter is not bad!” I had the wife, moreover not only, your daughter , to be my woman, it is estimated that must arrange , are you willing to let her by this grievance?” Shen Xiang has also exchanged a smiling face, because this Lian Fei is not the plan must get angry with him, but wants to win over him as far as possible. Xiao Baifeng was also some time ago from Huang Jintian there knows that Shen Xiang were many, but she thinks also to think normal, in this environment, Shen Xiang this fearful alchemy master, the woman many were not the strange matter. I am actually indifferent, in brief after you, must look after good Jin'er that's alright, cannot make her by the least bit suffering from injustice.” Lian Fei wants not to think that said directly. Mother...... I did not agree!” Xiao Jin'er shook the head immediately: I do not like him!” Shen Xiang looks at this, although is charming, but very naive Xiao Jin'er, said with a smile: Does not need to be worried that my if wanted you are uncertain! However your mother also to hello, hope that you can have a good home to return to!” Lian Fei, you felt relieved, I do not need to marry your Jin'er, my woman were many, did not lack her one! I complied to look after her that's alright.” Shen Xiang thought that any pressure, has not thrown Hundred Flowers Village her directly, gave Lu Qilian their that's alright. Lian Fei, you such anxiously are casting off your daughter, what important matter can have?” Xiao Baifeng asked that she could see this.