World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2157
Lian Fei knit the brows, then takes Shen Xiang to give her jade box, is drawing Xiao Jin'er, is bringing Shen Xiang and Xiao Baifeng enters a secret room. What is this must make?” Shen Xiang asked. You are Shen Xiang, right!” After Lian Fei enters the secret room, asked directly. Shen Xiang has gawked staring, but Xiao Baifeng actually very surprisedly visits him, Xiao Baifeng has also listened to Shen Xiang this name, therefore had immediately to brave all of a sudden about Shen Xiang's Legend. Shen Fei...... Shen Xiang!” Xiao Baifeng knits the brows: „Are you really Shen Xiang?” Yes, I am not must conceal the truth by the heart your, this matter is a long story!” A Shen Xiang parade is big, in the heart blamed that Xiao Yulan secretly, unexpectedly told this Lian Fei his matter: „Did Xiao Yulan tell you?” „It is not, I guess!” Lian Fei smiled charmingly, pours two cups of tea to give Shen Xiang and Xiao Baifeng, hinted them to sit down: Has not thought that Yulan already knew, it seems like you and her private talk! Naturally, among you matter I do not manage. In brief you have killed my son, I want you to compensate me now, looks after good Jin'er!” First, your son is not I kills, second, that is not your son!” Shen Xiang smiled: Do not acknowledge that this method may unable to hide the truth from me.” You could rest assured that I also need help from you now, therefore I will look after good Jin'er! I am not clear, you mix well in this Jade Cauldron Palace, does not need to fill the daughter to me, I later must leave this Divine Cauldron country's.” Lian Fei Youyou sighed: Do not think that the simple competition, can decide the birth of imperial throne! Do you leave the Divine Cauldron country after the competition? When the time comes carries off Jin'er, I affirmed, after the competition, must have great war!” Xiao Baifeng knits the brows: Did not say that the competition decided where future Great Country Master are many, by whom comes, when God Emperor?”

Is this, but afterward had a matter, because after becoming God Emperor, the benefit that gains is really too many, causing some Great Country Master to join!” Lian Fei said: Other Divine Country are also so! I thought that is old God Emperor intends such to do, after nine Divine Country God Emperor leave, unexpectedly leaves behind a giant buried treasure, for is makes the battle more intense!” According to the idea of God Emperor, their children battles is fierce, new God Emperor that finally is in power more can make Divine Country calm and steady.” Shen Xiang nodded: This is the matter of your Divine Cauldron country's, is not big with my relationship! I can promise you, brings back to world of Nine Heaven Jin'er, places her well!” But, you must comply with my matter, my some issues must ask you...... Both of us!” Shen Xiang looked at Xiao Jin'er and Xiao Baifeng. After Xiao Baifeng knows the Shen Xiang's status, but still thought that Shen Xiang is very mysterious, she and Xiao Jin'er went out of the secret room. Asked!” Lian Fei smiles lightly, smiles very charmingly, does not know that she intends to attract Shen Xiang's. What are you and Divine Cauldron Great Emperor have to trade? Also, that bright Prince is not your son!” Shen Xiang asked. Bright Prince truly is not my son! I and Divine Cauldron Great Emperor really has transaction, I and he have the name of husband and wife, does not have the reality of husband and wife!” Lian Fei nodded: You and in Legend are equally fierce, unexpectedly such quickly can see that these many matters come, have you been paying attention to me before?” Lian Fei moves beautiful hair, the coquettish look such as the silk is looking at Shen Xiang, smiles: „Should you not be will have a liking for me? little brat!” cough cough!” Shen Xiang has coughed several: Said the proper business, what you and Divine Cauldron does Great Emperor have to trade?”

How do you care about this doing?” Lian Fei chuckle said: You should reply that I beforehand issue, are you interesting to me?” You , if willing from me, I to accept your that's it encouragingly!” Shen Xiang smiled: You is a quite formidable woman, you look certainly down upon my this Highest God are not little brat!” Oh? your Highest God Realm has not arrived, but can actually discard bright Prince this fellow, if you have Highest God Realm, that can also?” Lian Fei is approaching Shen Xiang, is teasing him with the round tree top: You have big potential! Now can Prince Ping, later definitely be able to surpass side by side his!” This is the enticement of scarlet fruits, Shen Xiang coped with this spirit to have very rich experience luckily. Good, I am interesting to you, your such spirit, if wants not to have the meaning to be difficult to you!” Shen Xiang smiled, puts out a hand to touch Lian Fei that charming jade face, Lian Fei sees Shen Xiang to touch her, smiled charmingly. When Shen Xiang touches some satisfying, Lian Fei actually charmingly angry opens his hand, then sits in opposite, eats to smile. Divine Cauldron Great Emperor to pursue Long Life now gives up this Divine Country, I and his transaction, tells him a Long Life clue, then makes him give shelter to me, becomes his imperial concubine, like this I can avoid the personal enemy chasing down! Initially I had given birth to Jin'er, knew a very fierce influence, to get rid of that influence, I can only such do! Afterward Divine Cauldron Great Emperor helped me destroy completely that influence.” Lian Fei sighed lightly: But was different, I had the formidable strength, I can walk, but Yulan is good to my mother and daughter, no matter she can struggle the imperial throne finally, I must fight side-by-side with her!” Shen Xiang nodded. You do not want to ask that whose daughter Jin'er is?” Lian Fei hee happily said with a smile. Is your daughter!” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

But I must be have the daughter with the man, do you want to know that who her father is?” Lian Fei said with a smile: You , to obtain me, must destroy completely the Jin'er father is good!” Shen Xiang drinks the tea that one cup of she has poured, praised: Really fragrant! Jin'er does not have the father, she is only your daughter, I have not guessed that wrong words, you should be Undead Heavenly Spirit, she is the spirit embryo that you breed!” Before still sexually harassed Shen Xiang's Lian Fei in haughty, at this time was shocked, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly knew this big secret! This secret only then she knows that she her daughters have not told. You...... How do you know?” Lian Fei has gawked half sound, astonished asking. Your how long didn't have chapter of Star Law God Territory?” Shen Xiang asked. I have not gone back, I am Undead Heavenly Spirit that Undead Heavenly Spirit breeds, is two generations of Heavenly Spirit! My mother died, after she breeds me, has not led me to go back, I also know one are Undead God Clan, my mother also frequently mentioned Undead God Clan various matters with me, she was very long has not gone back.” Lian Fei sighed: You, if knows that the Undead God Clan matter, should understand she is unable to cross that disaster dead, although now already rebirth, but I am not possibly able to find her.” Undead God Clan was destroyed completely! Now Undead God Clan other clan seek for Undead Heavenly Spirit in various places, my Master is Undead God Clan.” Shen Xiang said: You have not gone back, does not know that you also do care about Undead God Clan!” This...... unexpectedly exterminated the clan!” Lian Fei regarding this is very shocking: I told Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, the Long Life way in Star Law God Territory Undead God Clan there, if he goes now...... To fail?”