World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2158
Shen Xiang heard Lian Fei to speak of a moment ago with the condition of Divine Cauldron Great Emperor exchange is related with Long Life, he determined that Lian Fei definitely exchanges with Undead God Clan secret method. You do not need to be worried but actually that he goes to inquire to there has the matter about Undead God Clan, can definitely understand your!” Shen Xiang said: Here has two Undead God Clan Senior, your if wanted sees them, they are only tell you to have the matter about Undead God Clan, certain stronger does not compel you to go back.” I do not want to go back actually, you should also know that here situation, Yulan she needs my help! Moreover Undead God Clan was extinguished, definitely was extinguished by very formidable influence, I go back not to help matters now, after waiting, Undead Heavenly Spirit and Undead War God that they found are more, I walk with them.” Lian Fei sighed, although she has not returned to Undead God Clan, but she was educated since childhood, must cherish their tribal groups, there is her root. Now knew that Undead God Clan has such situation, in her heart also feels the inexplicable grief! I can see them!” Lian Fei said that then opens Shen Xiang giving her jade box, sees inside to have four grains of skeleton Divine Pill, said slightly surprised: This is you refines? Do you purchase from Prince Ping?” I refine! Do not say!” Shen Xiang smiled: This gives your apologizing ritual, small regard!” I actually do not need now, I planned that to the Jin'er use, making her concentrate the skeleton first!” Although Lian Fei has high status, but must buy skeleton Divine Pill not to be easy, this is that Great Country Master master and apprentice fixed time quota puts the purchase, she is also very difficult to snatch. Right Shen Xiang, you are world of Nine Heaven come, do you know Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er, Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing these four females?” Lian Fei asked. The Shen Xiang brow selects: „Did you ask this doing? Don't you investigate the clear world of Nine Heaven matter?”

We compare to be interested to you, knows that your matter, for example you have Heaven Refining Technique and Deicide Sword Art, other did not know! Therefore let alone world of Nine Heaven other people, the names of these four females did you have to hear? They are very fierce, are grasping the technique of very excellent refiner set up formation.” Lian Fei said: Yulan wants to win over them, she makes me think the origins of means investigation investigation clear these four females.” Shen Xiang asked: „Did you turn to come here these four females?” Good, is I have the person to make them, although the way is somewhat not satisfactory, but we have not treated unjustly them certainly, it seems like they are also very famous in world of Nine Heaven, their missing matters you also know.” Lian Fei said with a smile hastily: Quickly having told me about their matters, like this I did not need to go to world of Nine Heaven again.” You are asked that to person, in world of Nine Heaven, should belong to me about the person who they most know.” Shen Xiang curled the lip. Really was good! Why do you such understand them? Had you pursued them? Looks at your complexion, knows that you definitely were rejected by them!” Lian Fei chuckle said: These four beautiful women I have seen, is truly attractive, has the different flavors respectively, you should not be rejected by them completely, hee hee......” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly: Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er are my wife, Dongfang Jing are my sworn sister...... Dongfang Xinyue are also my woman! I come the reason of this emperor imperial palace, to look for them, before Yulan Princess promised them to be all right me, I felt relieved, otherwise I already brought my Master to capture your Jade Cauldron Palace.” Ah! still with a smile was startled to shout in tender Lian Fei, some cannot believe: „Is this real? Do not deceive me!” Words that does not believe that you asked them! Do not presumptuously think to win over them, they are my, moreover had the influence of dependence, they later must achieve the great accomplishment.” Shen Xiang curled the lip: Person who abducts my wife, actually is you!”

This...... Sorry! Has not thought that you have the skill, no wonder cannot have a liking for my family's Jin'er...... others not to be paid attention to by you.” Lian Fei sip the small mouth, on face is bringing said with resentment, is so piteous. I very much had skill to be good, I had said with you before, your Jin'er must marry me, but must arrange.” Shen Xiang smiled: Lian Fei, you seize my wife, now may be one's turn you to apologize to me!” How do you want others to apologize?” Lian Fei is narrowing that pair of charming phoenix eyes, is having the charming smile, that gentle and charming sound weak, she is displaying the charming character and style to tease Shen Xiang heartily. However Shen Xiang actually does not eat this set, gives her paper directly: Can help me buy these herbs? If present, wants many several! The Sister Baifeng personal connection should not have you to be broad, therefore she does not get so far as.” humph, humph, little rascal of puzzled character and style.” Lian Fei spat several lightly, receives this paper, frowns saying: I have listened to these divine medicine, but is very expensive!” divine yuan stone you help me front, after you buy, I give you again, now on me does not have these many, I must go to selling point Five Elements Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang said: How many does this general idea want?” 100 hundred million divine yuan stone, are least! You could rest assured that I cannot pit your divine yuan stone.” Lian Fei adorable spits the fragrant tongue, happily said with a smile: „Does your this fellow, what fierce Divine Pill want to plan to refine? When the time comes has my share?” You are not my woman, naturally does not have your share!” Shen Xiang laughed.

„Was I the woman not to? Your if wanted I?” Lian Fei glances flowing, beautiful eyes sparkles, cancels the look of person to look at Shen Xiang with one type extremely. I must ask for instructions Xianxian and Sister Meng'er...... I cannot see them now, if you want to be my woman, can ask them to want, if wants, let alone you, your daughter I also wanted.” Shen Xiang badly badly smiles: Your mother and daughter had not been moistened by the man evidently!” You are really bad!” Lian Fei giggle smiles: I and other looks for your wife, told them you to our mother and daughter improper ambition, looked how they tidied up you.” Shen Xiang and Lian Fei went out of the secret room, they talked very happily, when Xiao Jin'er saw Shen Xiang and Lian Fei walked, probably is very good friend such, in the heart had doubts very much, she does not understand that was any reason, her mother and Shen Xiang became such well. Lian Fei, we said goodbye, if that pill is insufficient, you and I greeted that's alright.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, then and Xiao Baifeng left the Lian Fei mansion.