World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2159

In the vehicle, Xiao Baifeng looks at Shen Xiang with a strange look, although she knew the Shen Xiang's real status, but Shen Xiang still gives her to feel very much mystically that especially and Xiao Yulan, Lian Fei and Xiao Ping private talk, making her feel Shen Xiang has concealed her many matters. She has been these many year of servant girls, naturally also understands that something are not she can know. You are really Divine Ability are general, Princess and Lian Fei are docile to you, especially Lian Fei, unexpectedly must fill the daughter to you, said that affirmed nobody believes.” What Xiao Baifeng said is the real soul talk, she very much admires Shen Xiang's now. Shen Xiang smiles lightly: „A method, don't I dare to intrude this emperor imperial palace solitarily? Sister Baifeng, I know in your heart to be more curious the matter, but you do not need to be worried, waits for the similar time, you naturally know.” „Do I am curious, know that did not matter! Has not thought that finally should come will come, said, I do not hope that great war will appear in the Divine Cauldron country, can always the battle leave new God Emperor to come, this Divine Cauldron country definitely also meets Yuan Qi to damage severely.” Xiao Baifeng somewhat depressed said that because she is Xiao Yulan servant girl, therefore when the time comes she certainly must fight side-by-side with Xiao Yulan, she does not fear death, but does not want such dead. Is uncertain, Lian Fei was worried that worst matter occurrence, she does not think that Jin'er was implicated! If you fear, when the time comes I lead you to walk that's it while convenient, if my start to talk, your family Princess definitely will comply.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Later you can also come back.” I do not want to sneak away at a critical juncture, Princess is my benefactor!” Xiao Baifeng shook the head. You thought that what your this strength does have to help to your Princess? If you are Lian Fei that cultivation base also almost, you busily cannot add on, I thought that your family Princess definitely also hopes you walk.” Shen Xiang said. He knows that Xiao Yulan also move of trump card, repairs that mysterious cauldron, when to can repair, this is indefinite! In the Xiao Baifeng dwelling, sits several people, besides Huang Jintian, Huang Yantian and Yang Tianyi, but also has a young man, this man is that Prince Xiao Ping! But his old follower stands in him behind. Xiao Ping unexpectedly came, Shen Xiang is quite accidental, before Xiao Ping had said that must close up well!

Huang Jintian they and Xiao Ping also chatted very much come, their this to the lunatic brothers does not know that lived multi- youngster, experienced, thing that can chat were many, making Xiao Ping broaden the outlook. Your Master they are really fierce, no wonder can train your such outstanding disciple.” Xiao Ping sees Shen Xiang, then stands up, said with a smile hastily. Shen Xiang smiled, then said: Inside said!” Xiao Ping does not know how and Shen Xiang start to talk wants the private talk, after all Shen Xiang's Master Senior here, like some politeness, which does not know Shen Xiang comes back, not only has not given regards to own Master, but also does not pay attention to own Master. Prince Ping, hurry up!” Shen Xiang already in an entrance of room. Xiao Ping to Huang Jintian their several politeness said that wants I must say good bye now, then enters that room, he also understands now that Shen Xiang and his Master are very casual, does not need to care about the etiquette, from this him can see that Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian's affection is deep. Has the important matter!” After Shen Xiang sees under the Xiao Ping cloth barrier, asked. Is quite important, I obtain the news, compared with later, the major influences will make greatly war! Has not thought our Divine Cauldron country to really must be the same with other Divine Country finally.” Xiao Ping sighed: When the time comes we compete with the alchemy forefront, after our competition, takes several days completely to compare! If you are worried when the time comes without enough time to walk, does not want to be involved in this conflict, should better walk now!” „Compared to walk again, completely with enough time!” Shen Xiang also wants to dispute with Xiao Ping once more: I have made many preparations for this reason!” You could rest assured that when the time comes I will not make them injure to absolutely your, I belong to the neutrality, must guarantee individual.” Xiao Ping has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, has smiled saying with a smile: „Then you relieved preparation, moreover when the time comes must display the complete strength, I did not imagine previous time such won that aggrievedly.”

I have planned such to do! You are also ready, when the time comes be not attacked to become angry out of shame, because envies me, then quarrels to become enemies with me!” Shen Xiang laughs: I attack others' heart always am very ruthless, is not forgiving!” This you felt relieved that I already by the attack of your heavily a time!” Xiao Ping is also laughing, previous time he sees Shen Xiang to refine skeleton Divine Pill, truly so, but he quickly on cheer up. Shen Xiang and Xiao Ping walk from the room, after Xiao Ping and Huang Jintian said goodbye, hastily left with that old follower. This emperor imperial palace determined that must hit, the person but who knows are not many, only then quite high-level knows! Now what Shen Xiang compares to be worried is Xue Xianxian they, they must repair that cauldron possibly not to have are so quick, but now actually must start, this will definitely make Xiao Yulan be caught off guard. Sister Baifeng, you bring my Master they to see Lian Fei, I go to alchemy!” Shen Xiang plans to help Xiao Baifeng refine two furnace skeleton Divine Pill again. Led this fellow to go to that's alright, I and Old Yang here.” Huang Jintian yawned: When do you come back probably? I prepared the barbecue!” Quick can come back.” Huang Yantian said that Shen Xiang had given him and Huang Jintian sound transmission a moment ago, had determined that Lian Fei is Undead Heavenly Spirit. Xiao Baifeng does not know why Huang Yantian must see Lian Fei, but this is Shen Xiang such calls, definitely has the reason, moreover Huang Yantian understands to tell fortunes, she thought that possible Lian Fei to be anything thing. Huang Yantian and Xiao Baifeng left, Yue'er asked hastily: Probably had a lot, is the important matters?”

Shen Xiang nodded: This emperor imperial palace must start, after competing with, really has not thought! I also think the emperor imperial palace will be out of the ordinary!” Why did suddenly start? Knows the reason?” Huang Jintian asked: Before reached an agreement right, suddenly does not say now hits, this definitely has any reason to induce.” Because nine God Emperor leave behind a giant buried treasure, person who only then obtains the imperial throne can obtain this buried treasure the clue, this news also just put, therefore formidable Great Country Master also joined! These Great Country Master should in very clear buried treasure have any precious thing.” Shen Xiang said. Buried treasure Ah! Huang Jintian two are luminous immediately, Hehe said with a smile: It seems like I must keep here long time!” Yue'er said with a smile tenderly: Yellow two masters, nine Divine Country have nine buried treasures, which can you patronize?” Little thing, called my Sir quickly! I am a big brother, the bastard is a younger brother, he is two masters.” Huang Jintian shouts immediately to Yue'er.