World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2160

Yue'er flies the Shen Xiang's palm, hee happily said with a smile: Yellow two masters, you recognized! Huang Yantian greatly is little than you, you are tell fortunes, you definitely are considered as.” Snort, I late the broken shell am little than him, but I am fiercer than him, what therefore I am the big brother to have not to be right?” Huang Jintian unexpectedly acknowledged one are small, he also knows that Yue'er can look. Your two brothers when the time comes sent back us that's alright, you were responsible for investigating nine God Emperor buried treasures, waited for this little rascal to be formidable in world of Nine Heaven, when the time comes went swallowing that buried treasure with him again.” Yue'er said with a smile. If we can handle, we did not wait for you, took directly said again.” Huang Jintian also knows the Shen Xiang's method, if is very difficult to obtain, they do not dare to take risk. Yang Tianyi said with a smile: Must seek for the God Emperor buried treasure is very difficult, let alone must take inside treasure.” I went to alchemy, you continued to chat!” Shen Xiang comes to the underground secret room, he had estimated Xiao Baifeng said the skeleton Divine Pill quality that now needs, then starts to refine. Xiao Baifeng still needs low-grade skeleton Divine Pill now, but the quality needs to strengthen some, this must fuse massive herbal Spirit Qi, a furnace left the pill four grains, he controls now in one grain, he altogether has refined five furnaces, has used a double-hour. Shen Xiang comes out after the secret room, discovered that outside is very peaceful, he arrives in the garden, here only then the remaining meat is fragrant. My Master they?” Shen Xiang asked. They walked, you should have to relate their communication symbol, they said that has the matter to subpoena to them, they also in Emperor Divine Cauldron in city.” Yue'er said. The Xiao Baifeng end comes a bulk lots barbecue, this was she left Shen Xiang's a moment ago.

Sister Baifeng you are really good!” Shen Xiang hee hee smiles, then loudly stuttered the barbecue of this delicacy, Huang Yantian should reach an agreement with Lian Fei, therefore did not plan to continue to stay here. After Shen Xiang finished eating, puts out a small jade box to give Xiao Baifeng: Sister Baifeng, this is five grains of skeleton Divine Pill, should be appropriate you currently to use! Yue'er, you guide Sister Baifeng practice skeleton, I must look for Yulan Princess.” Yue'er? Can she?” Xiao Baifeng is somewhat surprised. She is fierce, do not visit her is only the adorable small kitty, she makes a determined effort, is very awfully.” Shen Xiang has rubbed Yue'er that furry abdomen, made that Yue'er meow meow neighed. You understood that the road does go?” Xiao Baifeng just asked that Shen Xiang walked, she does not know that Shen Xiang had already gotten so far as a very detailed map. Shen Xiang arrives at the Xiao Yulan mansion quickly, because just meets Xiao Hongque to come out from inside, therefore Xiao Hongque led him to go. I have informed Princess, she and other will come out, your patience wait / etc., I have the matter to be busy, cannot serve you.” Xiao Hongque said with a smile to Shen Xiang gently sweetly, because Shen Xiang and Xiao Baifeng relationship was good, moreover obtained the approval of Xiao Yulan, therefore Xiao Hongque was also very polite to Shen Xiang. Sister Hongque was polite!” Shen Xiang also returns to say with a smile. Shortly after Xiao Hongque just walked, Shen Xiang stands in the entrance looks at not far away that mountain, that is the place that Xue Xianxian they are. At this time Xiao Yulan walked from a secret room, she saw Shen Xiang very dedicated looking to that mountain, cannot help but secret surprised, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly knew Xue Xianxian they in that side.

How do you know?” Xiao Yulan asked that she thought of one set of purple loose long skirt, she walked, the fragrant wind was intermittent, could see that she just cultivated from the secret room, and also fast has flushed a bath, although her hair was used Divine Power to dry by her, but still could see some wet filters. Xinyue and I have the master and servant contract, so long as approaches, I can feel.” Shen Xiang sighed one, could see that he is extremely worried about Xue Xianxian now they. Sorry!” Xiao Yulan sees Shen Xiang so, guilty saying: I need their help really!” I know that here did speak conveniently?” Shen Xiang looked at all around. Comes with me!” Xiao Yulan brings Shen Xiang to enter her room, Shen Xiang sits on a very comfortable chair, looking around, what he wants to have a look at this Jade Cauldron God king room is, this can understand Xiao Yulan. You such look around to others' room?” The Xiao Yulan chuckle to the drink that the Shen Xiang end has, although she expensive is Princess, is Jade Cauldron God king, but to the Shen Xiang actually polite very politeness, after all the Shen Xiang's wives present may laborious helps her handle the important matter. Is only your room I looks.” Shen Xiang smiled, then said resolutely: Yulan Princess, I know that what you make my wife make, repairs that cauldron?” Xiao Yulan silent the moment, the nod said: „Do you know? This matter only then three people know that I, Hong Que and Lian Fei, are Lian Fei tell you? I know that you have looked for Lian Fei today!” „It is not, is big brother Canghai!” Shen Xiang said: He speculates, because he had heard the matter of this cauldron, is Nine Firmaments God Emperor tells him!” This cauldron damages time, completely discarded, my Imperial Father gave to me in the past, took to play by me, truly had been seen by him, has not thought that his unexpectedly also knows this matter.” Xiao Yulan is somewhat puzzled: Nine Firmaments does God Emperor know? I also think, only then my Imperial Father and I know the matter of this cauldron! But Hong Que and Lian Fei also know that I am finding the person to repair this cauldron.”

Xiao Yulan unexpectedly does not know Divine Cauldron Great Emperor and contradiction between Nine Firmaments God Emperor! How you know that can look for Xianxian they to repair?” Shen Xiang is also very puzzled, if Xiao Yulan does not know that this cauldron is related with Nine Firmaments God Emperor, how she determined that seeks for Xue Xianxian they to repair. Is I makes Lian Fei calculate, she calculates that which several people can repair, then she goes to world of Nine Heaven.” Xiao Yulan said. Shen Xiang wants to understand quickly, this Lian Fei is two generations of Heavenly Spirit, she is also Undead Heavenly Spirit breeds, before Huang Jintian they have said that if Undead Heavenly Spirit breeds, is not Undead War God is Heaven's Divination Master! That Lian Fei very obviously is Heaven's Divination Master! This matter is somewhat complex, when that cauldron is actually Nine Firmaments God Emperor and your Imperial Father fight damages, Nine Firmaments God Emperor at that time in heart guilty, how then earnestly specially studies to repair this cauldron, everywhere collection material, moreover he also records all these in a book! This book was obtained by me, I have given Xianxian them, their several year to year study this book, therefore they understood how to repair!” Shen Xiang said: In the past Nine Firmaments God Emperor had the ability repair, but actually encounters extinguishes the country!” Mentioned Nine Firmaments Divine Country to be extinguished, Shen Xiang has remembered something, said: „When Nine Firmaments God Emperor and your Imperial Father fight, because he fiercest Nine Firmaments Divine Sword also damages, therefore this is also one of the reasons causing Nine Firmaments Divine Country extinguish! But person who knows his Divine Sword damage, only then your Imperial Father, but their relationship is good, should not make such matter, at that time Nine Firmaments God Emperor must help your Imperial Father repair that cauldron.” Then, Shen Xiang told his matter Jiu Canghai, detailed rephrasing in own words gave Xiao Yulan. My Imperial Father has not said such matter with me!” After Xiao Yulan hears, is very surprised: He has only told me, all in this cauldron, he added that so long as that cauldron can repair, I must be able to control the Divine Cauldron country.” Does not know Xiao Yulan, then all these secrets, hid in that cauldron!