World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2161

When only then that cauldron repaired, Shen Xiang and Xiao Yulan can know secret.

Yulan Princess, quick must make war, when the time comes Xianxian aren't they able to repair quite what kind of? The time are not much, that cauldron is so fierce, easily does not repair.” Shen Xiang asked that this was also the matter that he compares to care about now. This you do not need to be worried that I have planned, if the repair, I when the time comes will have to have the plan!” Xiao Yulan has not thought that the matter will change such quickly, if not suddenly emits the Divine Country buried treasure the news, these Great Country Master will not miss and come, will not initiate this battle. Shen Xiang also hopes that Xiao Yulan can become God Emperor of God Emperor country's, when the time comes after world of Nine Heaven annexes Highest God Realm, he can be short by an influence is besieged. Xiao Yulan knows Shen Xiang in being worried about anything, therefore she must to Shen Xiang guarantee that profound Xue Xianxian their safety, can she dump tray, must look that cauldron can repair, in several big influences, her strength is not considered as that strongest, moreover does not have Great Country Master to support, she definitely will be when the time comes strenuous, now she also can only hoping to pin on that cauldron. Shen Xiang leaves the Xiao Yulan mansion, he comes back in the dwelling is lonely, Xiao Baifeng is practicing the second skeleton, Yue'er guides her in side. He has put out Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill divine medicine, after thinking, shook the head, because he worried that during he refines this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill words, quick will fall into to be infatuated. A Shen Xiang person sits in hall, he does not know to do now, skeleton Divine Pill herbs has refined completely, but in his hand also does not have divine yuan stone, can only wait for that Xiao Baifeng comes out. Night time, Shen Xiang suddenly smells fragrant wind to raid, was Lian Fei comes! The big evening, this charming spirit suddenly arrives, making the Shen Xiang recollections get up unavoidably in close succession.

This is divine medicine that you hold me to purchase today, has succeeded in obtaining!” Lian Fei gives a Shen Xiang very big jade box. Shen Xiang opens looked that confirmed after does divine medicine that Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet needs, satisfied nod, these divine medicine may be the quality is very good. 100 hundred million divine yuan stone!” Lian Fei extends the white hands, begs to Shen Xiang. I temporarily do not have, to wait to give you now several days later again , to continue to help me purchase these divine medicine!” Shen Xiang received the jade box, Hehe said with a smile. Your this little rascal...... was worried really your pit my divine yuan stone, others divine yuan stone may be saves many years laboriously, do not deceive me.” Lian Fei has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly continues to fall behind, if not for she knows that Shen Xiang can refine skeleton Divine Pill, she affirmed that the use military force forced Shen Xiang to hand over divine medicine. What do you fear? My moral behavior is very good, I temporarily do not have now, when Sister Baifeng closed up that's alright, you multi- and other days, when the time comes gave you little interest!” The Shen Xiang shift topic, asked: „Did you help Jin'er practice the skeleton? This must a person to be good in the nearby guidance, looked that she is so delicate, can bear that pain?” Lian Fei can smile: Do not despise my family Jin'er, although she looks like anything does not understand, but she was my this Undead Heavenly Spirit has used hundred years of breeding, naturally will not be weak, she will be Undead War God, the congealing skeleton will not have the pain.” The Shen Xiang brow shakes: Is really unfair, my congealing skeleton may be painful like mad, she will not have the pain unexpectedly!” Not? This is fierce of Undead War God, in addition, fiercer place! But her congealing skeleton, still needs the assistance of skeleton Divine Pill, later this gave you.” Lian Fei thought one make Xiao Jin'er with the Shen Xiang's idea more correct, she does not know that before Shen Xiang understood refinement skeleton Divine Pill, but now knew, making her happier.

„Can you relieve that hundred hundred million divine yuan stone?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Then helps me purchase several that divine medicine again, moreover does not want my divine yuan stone, your daughter's later skeleton Divine Pill I all wrapped.” Several hundred hundred million divine yuan stone! I must remain in going shopping, if I have, I do not care actually, but I do not have you to imagine that richly!” Lian Fei spits the tongue: You refine Five Elements Divine Pill to be so fierce in any case, quick can gain.” Good good! I went to alchemy!” Shen Xiang attains one to do Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet divine medicine, impatient must refine. Lian Fei said tenderly his several, then hastily leave the Xiao Baifeng house. Shen Xiang comes to the underground secret room, puts out Xue Xianxian they to give his pill furnace, now refines but in High-Grade Divine Pill quite precious does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet, he wants earnestly. This is thing helpful to congealing really Godhead? Only was divine medicine is much more expensive, if sold, several hundred 100.01 million grains?” Shen Xiang looks at jade box inside red flower, fruit, leaf and grass, this is the colored carpophyll that Divine Fire spirit tree ties, but these grass also grow under Divine Fire spirit tree. This definitely not wild!” Shen Xiang looked, although quality is good, but has actually been short of point of natural Spirit Qi: If must duplicate with Life Slaughtering Technique, it seems like must need massive purple bead to be good!” He had refined ten that Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill before, although is defeated completely, but also gives him to gain in the substantial experiences, in addition he refines Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, makes him control to have many progress. „A furnace is successful!” Shen Xiang puts in all divine medicine pill furnace, the release flame starts alchemy.

Does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet four divine medicine from Divine Fire spirit tree, can therefore resist very strong flame incinerator, if the flame of other people, perhaps is very difficult to build up fast. But the Shen Xiang's flame is different, his Creation Fire, has very strong solubility, even if heat-resistant very strong divine medicine, under he burns down fully, fast was broken through. Before he has refined mutation Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, moreover had Divine Halo, when he refined this High-Grade Divine Pill, the pressure was not very big. Be more difficult than to refine general Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, but compares to Divine Halo Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, is only similar.” Shen Xiang is confident immediately to oneself, uses the strong spirit law and source building up, refines the Heavenly Fire Divine Pill way to refine according to him. If must refine has Divine Halo does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet to be difficult, but must result in tries!” Shen Xiang has used the half-day time, the smooth progress to the following stage, he successfully built up divine medicine now, and will fuse. „After High-Grade Divine Pill builds up the fusion, will turn into the solution, but was not beforehand herbal Spirit Qi!” Shen Xiang stares at that big group with Dao Heart Eye is being similar to the hot thick liquid solution, Divine sense moves, will cut four, he thought that this is his limit. If his start to condense pill, then quick can refine four grains to do Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet, but he is dissatisfied, he thinks that own present can definitely refine Divine Halo Divine Pill!