World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2162
Shen Xiang has not started to attack Divine Halo Divine Pill immediately, but rests first half double-hour, perhaps because and other must consume many. After rest, he examined pill furnace, must guarantee that this pill furnace has enough resistance, so as to avoid and other explodes. Was similar!” Shen Xiang deeply inspires, controls the pill furnace four groups of fiery red solution to be far away gradually, after arriving at certain distance, he transfers very strong Divine sense suddenly, controls that four groups of solutions is similar to the lightning general impact in together. Bang! The instance of impact, sends out an extremely fearful deafening sound in pill furnace, making pill furnace tremble violently, Xiao Baifeng this house also shivered. Was almost finished.” Shen Xiang looks that the pill furnace internal that group sends out the golden red light glow solution, implored the one breath gently: This time cannot be completely successful!” Reason that a moment ago will erupt the so big sound, is the impacts he has not controlled instantaneously, causing the massive solutions to turn into the energy to send out, therefore now pill furnace that group of solutions are very small, only sufficed him to congeal two grains of Divine Pill. He had underestimated the impact instantaneous explosive force, enabling him not to have completely to control, drains many efficacies, otherwise now pill furnace that group of solutions will be bigger. This did Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet more formidable than Heavenly Fire Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang sighed, he almost lost the control a moment ago, pill furnace will therefore also blast. This pill furnace quality was also good, belongs to good divine tool, but was exploded a moment ago , some damages. Concentrates pill's process is very difficult, compared with the Shen Xiang imagination on wanting difficult many! Is very difficult to congeal together!” Shen Xiang has tried hard several double-hour, slightly compresses together that two groups of solutions: Limitless building up, melts to me!” Shen Xiang displays the Heaven Refining Technique method fully, sees that two groups of solution spinning slowly to contract, but by his refined into pill pellet time, passed one all day! He refines this furnace to do Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet, has used two days, he goes out of the underground secret room time, Xiao Baifeng and Yue'er in hall.

„Did you concentrate the second skeleton?” Shen Xiang asked that at this time he looked like very thin and pale, refined that furnace to do Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet to let him is very exhausted. Um, succeeded! Do you, what fierce pill refine?” Xiao Baifeng is smiling nod, before that fluctuation, she and Yue'er could feel. Does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet, naturally is successful, I rest first, was really too tired.” Shen Xiang throws down these words, the body does not wash, returns to the room to lie down directly, whistling rests greatly. He just went to sleep, dresses up simple Lian Fei to come, she had come yesterday one time, but has not actually seen here to have the person. That little rascal?” After Lian Fei comes, has not seen Shen Xiang. He just alchemy came out, sleeps! What matter has to look for him?” Xiao Baifeng looks at the room that has not closed. Has fallen asleep! He holds me to purchase Divine Pill herbs, I couple of days ago had helped him purchase one, currently also has one!” Lian Fei gives a Xiao Baifeng jade box: Told him, he owed me 100 hundred million divine yuan stone!” Lian Fei said that in a hurry walked. This does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet divine medicine, Lian Fei is really fierce, unexpectedly can purchase two quickly.” Xiao Baifeng said with amazement how she still got so far as dry Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet divine medicine in doubts Shen Xiang a moment ago, now she understood. Yue'er said with a smile: Sister Baifeng, you should make some Five Elements Divine Pill divine medicine to come back now to give him, he has owed Lian Fei 200 hundred million divine yuan stone.” Now most is easy to buy is Five Elements Divine Pill divine medicine, moreover compared with convenient, after Shen Xiang refines Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, can sell quickly. He refines furnace Five Elements Divine Pill also only to sell to three surely divine yuan stone, must sufficiently collect 20 billion words, must refine many furnaces, moreover requires a lot of time!” Xiao Baifeng said: It seems like he can only refine skeleton Divine Pill to sell!”

„A middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill grain can sell 7,000,000,000-8,000,000,000 divine yuan stone, how many grains can his furnace refine?” Xiao Baifeng traces Yue'er. Six grains!” Yue'er said that previous Shen Xiang only refines four grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, but that is the first refinement, few is the affirmation, she thought Shen Xiang refines the second furnace time, can definitely leave the pill six grains. This may have a scare Xiao Baifeng, middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine may unable to want many divine yuan stone, but refines actually to sell these many. Xiao Baifeng said: It seems like can make Lian Fei help to sell, six grains of words, at least can sell 400 hundred million divine yuan stone, only then Lian Fei can have this channel, can perhaps sell many.” She knows that the Shen Xiang present time is quite tight, therefore she decided that makes Shen Xiang refine middle-grade Divine Pill to sell, therefore she immediately purchases skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine now, in the Shen Xiang hand also has middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, but she thinks that Shen Xiang used up. Shen Xiang wakes up, is the next day noon. With is Lian Fei gives you, she said that you owe next 100 hundred million divine yuan stone.” Xiao Baifeng gives Shen Xiang a jade box. After Shen Xiang accepts, looked, inside does Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet divine medicine, he nodded. How can also?” Shen Xiang knit the brows. Sells middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, gives Lian Fei to sell.” Xiao Baifeng said: You should better ask her to discuss now that she used 200 hundred million divine yuan stone, it is estimated that did not have many.” In the Shen Xiang hand also three grains of skeleton Divine Pill, his previous time refine a furnace to have four grains, oneself eat one grain, because fleshly body cannot follow, therefore he is unable to congeal skeleton Divine Pill. I look for her now!” Shen Xiang said that received storage pouch that Xiao Baifeng hands over, inside has ten middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill herbs.

Xiao Baifeng driving brings Shen Xiang to go to the Lian Fei mansion. Lian Fei sees Shen Xiang to arrive, then grinningly asked: Is comes also divine yuan stone to come?” „It is not!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Aren't my two days have not seen Lian Fei, a little miss at heart, have come to see, good?” Smelly brat, the elder sister I have 100 hundred million divine yuan stone now, you a bit faster also my divine yuan stone.” Lian Fei charmingly angry. Xiao Baifeng has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly and Lian Fei relationship was so good, unexpectedly dares to sexually harass Lian Fei in the spoken language. Shen Xiang grinning enters the Lian Fei room, this has not obtained the agreement of Lian Fei, Xiao Baifeng wants to prevent, but Shen Xiang is actually drawing her, several steps stepped. Lian Fei also knows that Shen Xiang has the matter of any secret to with her discuss. Had any matter quickly saying that I and other must look for Yulan to help you buy divine medicine taking advantage of divine yuan stone!” Lian Fei now is as far as possible flatters Shen Xiang this to understand the refinement skeleton Divine Pill alchemy master. Did not need to ask her to borrow!” Shen Xiang sits on her soft fragrant bed, but also has tried the elasticity, this looks at Lian Fei tenderly snorted.