World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2165
Shen Xiang carefully observes this cauldron, the color is azure, seems like the bronze cauldron, where cannot see damages, this cauldron except for big, does not have other to make people think the fierce place. Where shattered?” Shen Xiang walks to ask, Xue Xianxian they hear the Shen Xiang sound, immediately looks up. Brother, how did you come?” Dongfang Jing asked hastily, sweet smiled to Shen Xiang. Outside broke a bulk, now we have repaired! But what is most serious is.” Liu Meng'er sighed: Although can repair, but this need many time.” Shen Xiang arrives under this cauldron, traces that is similar to the pillar giant legs, immediately frowned: Good familiar energy!” What energy is this?” Xiao Yulan one startled, asked hastily: I cannot clarify this to the present am any energy!” Xue Xianxian said: This energy very unusual, probably was full of between Heaven and Earth all attribute energies to form.” Dongfang Xinyue nodded: I attempted to absorb a point to experiment, all kinds of attribute energies had, but this need itself had to control various attribute energies cultivation technique to be good, if understood to use space power, can this conversion of energy for very strong space power.” This is Six Paths Power!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: This cauldron is the same with Divine Mirror of Six Paths, can produce very fearful Six Paths Power, if I have not guessed that wrong, this cauldron should be called Six Paths Divine Cauldron!” Saying, he puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths to release very strong Six Paths Power, after feeling this energy, Xue Xianxian, Xiao Yulan their several females are shocked immediately.

Six Paths God Emperor has Divine Mirror of Six Paths completely repaired now?” The Xiao Yulan shock said: I heard in your hand, the news that but obtains is this Divine Mirror of Six Paths has damaged seriously, in your hands does not have no strength!” Shen Xiang receives Divine Mirror of Six Paths, said with a sneer: That was you are deceived, because some people want to misappropriate this Divine Mirror of Six Paths, will therefore spread such news, Divine Mirror of Six Paths has repaired almost, moreover I usually did not use.” Divine Mirror of Six Paths has the self- repair strength, this is because absorbs massive Six Paths strength, if this is really Six Paths Divine Cauldron, perhaps then can the to rely on Divine Mirror of Six Paths repair.” Liu Meng'er said: „The time are not just much.” Ok, I have completed the worst plan in any case, in any event, cannot make you be involved in this battle.” Xiao Yulan sighed, then they said to Liu Meng'er: You can go back now, if wanted I deliver you to walk, is with Shen Xiang?” With him!” Liu Meng'er said. Xiao Yulan unexpectedly already and this Six Paths Divine Cauldron fused, she can control this cauldron changes is young, after becoming the palm is generally big, she gives Liu Meng'er: You bring to repair.” Before Xiao Yulan, may not have they to say this matter with Liu Meng'er, therefore Liu Meng'er they now are surprised. I have reached an agreement with Shen Xiang, if I died, he must help me take revenge with this cauldron, if I am also living, must return to me.” Xiao Yulan seriously said. „The Yulan elder sister, you feel relieved! We repair certainly, and makes this little rascal belt come back to give back to you!” Xue Xianxian said.

Yulan, you are so strong, definitely will not die, let alone this words.” Liu Meng'er holds up the hand of Xiao Yulan, is encouraging her. Xiao Yulan smiled: It seems like I really not suitable, when God Emperor, to this time, but also is dejected.” She looked at Shen Xiang, before Shen Xiang had said her. Truly is, if Sister Qilian and Sister Huishan, their performance are completely different from you.” Shen Xiang shrugged, looked at Liu Meng'er, said with a smile: „Before Sister Meng'er, is a Empress emperor in mortal state, you looked that she is different from you.” Among battle regarding this God king, Shen Xiang their this small are basic anything to affect, therefore they had not said pleasantries that must help and so on. Liu Meng'er their several enter in Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring, after entering inside, Dongfang Xinyue shouts must from refine this Hidden Jade Ring newly, now they so were formidable, but this Hidden Jade Ring was very long beforehand thing. Yulan Princess, I want to carry off Sister Baifeng! I thought that she stays here to be little significance, but this woman is very stubborn, must with you.” Shen Xiang traces Hidden Jade Ring: That side my world of Nine Heaven also needs her such female expert, moreover that side time is different, will wait for you to meet next time, perhaps she followed your footsteps.” When the time comes I order her to follow you!” Xiao Yulan also thought that like this is best to Xiao Baifeng, although Xiao Baifeng is three ten Godhead Highest Saint God, but when the time comes erupts great war, she might be cut to kill very much. Shen Xiang and Lian Fei return to the Xiao Baifeng house, moreover is bringing Xiao Yulan order, Xiao Baifeng sees this order, somewhat complained Shen Xiang, it seems like she also knows the Xiao Yulan present situation, therefore she is thinking must strive. Baifeng, you and he go back together , helping me look after Jin'er while convenient! If we have defeated, that only then you can help us take revenge.” Lian Fei touches the cheek of Xiao Baifeng: That side Yulan has me, you do not need too to be worried.”

I knew!” Xiao Baifeng gripped tightly has grasped the fist. For the convenience withdraws, Shen Xiang makes Xiao Jin'er enter in Hidden Jade Ring, this can also make Xiao Jin'er not so shy, Xue Xianxian they treat people extremely good, moreover there is a disposition and her close Dongfang Jing. Two days passed by, the entire emperor imperial palace was being wrapped by one depressing atmosphere, this morning, Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian also had Yang Tianyi to come, they worried that Shen Xiang will have an accident, therefore decided that protected Shen Xiang to compete with. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian their several ride the Xiao Baifeng car(riage), enters huge plaza of competition, first competes with is alchemy, then the surface also has to compete with formation and refiner, finally is the ratio fights! Xiao Ping was waiting for Shen Xiang in plaza, he nodded to Shen Xiang, before he has complied with Shen Xiang, so long as Shen Xiang is willing to compare with him, he will make his Great Country Master Master preserve him. In plaza gathered completely the disciples of emperor imperial palace major influences, before had many first-grade God king Gods to withdraw from the imperial throne battle, but knew that had the Divine Country buried treasure, participated, even some united in secret, because of treasure of that Divine Country buried treasure, when the time comes can obtain a small part to be good. The people are many, hundreds of thousands this, where Shen Xiang is unable to find these first-grade God king, induction their aura, but person who now he sees, is some are small, alchemy master who as well as attended the competition.