World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2166

Shen Xiang put out jade token and Xiao Ping entered between plaza the competition stage, this competition stage was very high, can many to see the above person. The alchemy master who can arrive at this pass/test also has hundred! Prince Ping, your Master where?” Shen Xiang stands by Xiao Ping. And other he will appear!” Xiao Ping laughed: My Master usually also little makes an appearance, but today......” Xiao Ping just said that on the stage presents a crane of white hair white clothing to send young face old man on suddenly, looks looks like the person of high skill. Other alchemy masters on stage look the color of respect immediately, Shen Xiang determined now that old man of this bone immortal wind is Divine Cauldron country first Dan God in Legend, Xiang Hongdao, is the present only maintains neutral big Great Country Master. He looked at Xiao Ping one gently, then earnestly sizes up Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang before and competition of Xiao Ping, where can he not know? Therefore he personally manages this alchemy to compete with today, on the one hand to have a look at Shen Xiang by Heaven Refining Technique alchemy, moreover is protects Shen Xiang to be sneak attacked. Two rounds competitions, first round is to refine everybody very familiar Divine Pill, first is Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, second is High-Grade Five Elements Divine Pill, herbs provides by me!” Xiang Hongdao shoulders both hands in front of audiences Dan God, back and forth is walking, narrated the rule: It is well known, today's competition, but to show the present can become the Great Country Master potential, but is formulated the rule by me, although is harsh, but if can go through a strategic pass, then comes to train by me personally.” So long as meets my requirements, many I receive many.” Xiang Hongdao sees on the people face to reveal the question expression, said. Because the Xiao Ping level is very high, then Xiang Hongdao, if assigns the rule in the Xiao Ping standard, they are hopeless mostly. Do not suspect that I favor anyone, if cannot meet my requirements, showed that your also qualifications are my apprentice! Xiao Ping is also same, the standard that I formulate today if he cannot be achieved, then I will also expel my hanger-on him.” The Xiang Hongdao words make plaza send out a stir.

Perhaps also only then he can say this to come the words that Xiao Ping expels, after all he is Divine Cauldron country first Dan God! First is Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, the total quality must achieve 600!” Xiang Hongdao puts out a disc, before this divine tool, Xiao Ping brings to test the quality! If the total quality must achieve 700, that takes a furnace to refine six grains, then each grain takes 100 qualities, this was really too difficult, before Xiao Ping refined Five Elements Divine Pill, each grain also can only maintain at 90, moreover quantity compared with these six grains of few. Hears this request, only then minority Dan God know only then refines the superb quality Divine Halo Divine Pill to achieve, this is truly difficult! However thinks that this is the future Great Country Master standard, therefore is difficult also to understand. You passed this pass/test first, I said again the High-Grade Five Elements Divine Pill standard, you start to receive divine medicine now, can with own pill furnace, but must inspect to me.” Xiang Hongdao said: Five the time of double-hour!” Five double-hour! These more than ten individuals highlight immediately, they cannot achieve, even if refines ordinary, time also over five double-hour that they need! Xiao Ping looks to Shen Xiang, lightly smiled: „Is your pressure big?” Shen Xiang said with a smile lightly: „It is not big, I thought that you will lose to me in this pass/test, moreover loses quite miserably! Naturally, be not expelled Master Men that's alright.” You are really rampant!” Xiao Ping he he smiles. Average person I am disinclined to be rampant to them! But you are different, you expensive are Prince, is the Great Country Master outstanding disciple . Moreover the third-class God king strength, I must result in the forcing on alchemy you, as soon as plans, like this I will have great sense of achievement.” Shen Xiang told the facts, regardless of Xiao Ping the status and strength were higher than him, if can defeat the opposite party, can bring the promotion on mood to him.

Shen Xiang beforehand has refined Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, moreover mutation, therefore he is quite self-confident to himself, he believes that Xiang Hongdao this Great Country Master definitely can also achieve with his such, even is better than him, will therefore formulate such standard. Xiao Ping does not have what pressure now, understood at a glance that he definitely can also achieve! Can bet one?” Xiao Ping received divine medicine, said with a smile to Shen Xiang: This can increase a pressure to us, you did not think that we don't have what pressure now? Atmosphere does not have, the feeling likely is usually alchemy such.” In this audiences Dan God also several strength very strong young people, but now neglects by Shen Xiang and Xiao Ping, moreover they also felt that at this time very tremendous pressure, but Shen Xiang and Xiao Ping can actually talk and laugh merrily, added that the pressure is not very big. I may not have what thing to bet!” Shen Xiang wants to play actually happily, he to oneself, but is confident, but this Xiao Ping is a black sheep of the family, the casualness can put out the scary thing to bet. How bets Godhead? If lost, takes to give the opposite party own Godhead.” Xiao Ping stuns the world, making the audience fall into a crazy discussion immediately. Takes own Godhead, this not only needs to withstand the huge pain, will also make cultivation base back up! It is said after take out Godhead, cultivated to be difficult again. But does not have anything to respond as Master Xiang Hongdao that probably encourages this behavior to be the same very much. Like this you somewhat owe, but you third-class God king, Godhead at least top my several, are you willing to play like this?” Shen Xiang is also the heart crazily jumps, bets Godhead his first time, but he actually did not fear. Xiao Baifeng just wants to come up to stop Shen Xiang, but was actually blocked by Lian Fei, Lian Fei shook the head to her: Does not need to be worried about him, even if he lost, Great Country Master will also guarantee that he can leave safely.”

Huang Jintian Hehe said with a smile: This gambling law suffices the vigor, has the opportunity I also to try!” Huang Yantian smiles dark: How now bets one? Looked that little rascal can win!” I affirmed that supports my apprentice, can you support that Prince Ping? That may lose!” Huang Jintian curled the lip. Huang Yantian has not replied, because he also supports Shen Xiang's! Xiao Baifeng is very speechless, in her eyes, Shen Xiang their master and apprentice is the lunatic, unexpectedly dares to crack a joke with Godhead that concentrates laboriously, she must concentrate Godhead to be difficult now! I do not have the issue!” Xiao Ping smiles lightly: „Are you willing to bet?” Good! However after losing, cannot give you immediately, at least must wait to finish finally is good.” Shen Xiang nodded, they look like are not bet Godhead likely, looks like is actually betting the stone, does not have the tense feeling. Shen Xiang thought this Xiao Ping has the courage very much, before Xiao Ping saw his to have Divine Halo Five Elements Divine Pill, knows that his Heaven Refining Technique is very strong, now unexpectedly also dares to bet own Godhead with him, therefore he thinks that Xiao Ping in definitely had very big promotion for serveral days, otherwise so will not be self-confident. Yue'er gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: This Xiao Ping has perhaps utilized time formation and so on was obtained more time to promote by oneself, therefore do not despise him!”