World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2167
Before Shen Xiang, has not thought actually Xiao Ping period of revolution formation will win more time, Xiao Ping has this thing not to be strange, before Shen Xiang, has used, depending on his status, to get so far as is really too simple! If is really this, then the Xiao Ping affirmation has promoted. Since complied to bet, Shen Xiang cannot renege on a promise now, therefore he cannot lose, Godhead that otherwise concentrates laboriously must surrender something submissively, moreover extracts from own within the body, will also have very tremendous influence to oneself. Received divine medicine, then prepared to start.” Xiang Hongdao swept one to participate in Dan God of competition. Before pill furnace that Shen Xiang takes now is Xue Xianxian them, to his, is not considered as that very good, but this is actually he now only best pill furnace, before Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er had said that must help him refine one to be better, must come to Jiu Canghai including the material, may actually they be turned, therefore has to stop. Shen Xiang beforehand has refined furnace Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, although has blasted to pill furnace finally, but can be said as quite smooth, currently he has the confidence to be able like the previous time to be smooth pill. After Xiang Hongdao loud voice announced the competition started, audiences Dan God immediately makes the best use of the time, according to home remedy on refined this Heavenly Fire Divine Pill. Shen Xiang looks, Xiao Ping alchemy still has refined according to the home remedy on now, since he put in the divine medicine step to see, but he will therefore not despise Xiao Ping! Other steps and here Dan God that only then he refines are different, he loses into divine medicine pill furnace directly, starts to set on fire to start to burn to build up! About this, many Dan God know, previous Shen Xiang and Xiao Ping, when the invitational meet competes with has many people to see.

This building up law is not the common building up law, in other words does not need to follow on the home remedy does very much obviously, so long as divine medicine to that's alright! The time of stipulation is also very short, Shen Xiang refined this Heavenly Fire Divine Pill to use a lot of time before, but he thought that must succeed is not the issue, he has the experience that beforehand gains, and this time pill furnace compared with previous time quite many! Finally decided the victory and loss also looks at quality, therefore Shen Xiang does not plan and Xiao Ping specific speed now, so long as maintains stable, leaves pill quantity to be many and quality then, naturally, he must complete within the time of assigning high. Just started shortly, Shen Xiang saw that other Dan God were defeated! Although requests to be very high through the standard of this pass/test, but failed has also been able from receive herbs to start newly, everyone allowed to be defeated five times! So long as completes that's alright within five double-hour. Shen Xiang thought that this time is abundant, therefore he is not anxious, alchemy time cannot be anxious, once felt relieved that leads to the blunder! Focuses on, these time is not only and Xiao Ping competition, must surmount my previous time!” When Shen Xiang previous time refines Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, the condition is not very good, pill furnace is not good, moreover is the first refinement, therefore he thought that also has big promotion space. Shen Xiang has used Dao Heart Eye, looks own pill furnace interior, at this time in his eyes also only then their pill furnace, all of outside were neglected by him completely. pill furnace internal divine medicine after he uses the strong spirit law, the spirit bloodlines of various divine medicine achieve gradually evenly, he uses Dao Heart Eye to see various divine medicine the strongs and weaks of spirit bloodlines clearly, when he controls balanced is handy.

Xiao Ping is also earnest at this time, scene several pill furnace have blasted, but actually cannot alarm to Shen Xiang and Xiao Ping! They look like probably immerse in their world, but in their world, only then they and pill furnace, other all do not exist probably. This condition is also the alchemy master in the peak condition of alchemy master! Xiang Hongdao looks that they are earnest, nodded secretly, he also earnestly looks at the Shen Xiang pill furnace internal change at this time! Shen Xiang's pill furnace is not very good pill furnace, but can also prevent others to peep, Dan God that but must prevent Xiang Hongdao this approaching in the peak is not good. Xiang Hongdao can see Shen Xiang pill furnace all changes at this moment clearly. From the beginning burns to build up divine medicine, burns builds up flame, although is intense, but has a flexibility, this flexibility will not make divine medicine have the strength of formidable resistance!” Xiang Hongdao looks, while analyzes, he knows what Shen Xiang use is Heaven Refining Technique, therefore he also wants to study. Strange, even if so, cannot make divine medicine so stable, what method has he used?” Xiang Hongdao continues to spy on with rapt attention, he does not know the mystery that the source that Shen Xiang founds builds up, looks certainly not clearly. When Xiang Hongdao looks very confusedly, he is one startled, these divine medicine can so stable was built up to turn into the solution is very strange, but after various divine medicine turn into the solution, unexpectedly was very relaxed fuses in one. What is this? Turns purple?” Xiang Hongdao is away from pill furnace, when cannot the earliest possible time see the divine medicine mutation purple light that releases, he also afterward discovered.

Shen Xiang second time refines Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, has not thought that with previous time is the same, has had the mutation! This makes him determine that this mutation absolutely is not accidental, is definitely related with his Creation Fire. divine medicine when building up has mutation, after turning into the solution, will become stronger, because this Shen Xiang will have the previous experience, will therefore process very well, has not made medicine qi flow lose in the mutation, previous time will slip away much. After High-Grade divine medicine was built up, will turn into the solution, the quality be stronger than middle-grade Divine Pill, but at this time after this group of purple-red solutions fuse together, is erupting an intermittent glare in pill furnace, is similar to the purple-red hot sun. unexpectedly mutation!” Xiang Hongdao after is first Dan God of Divine Cauldron country's, knows the mutation, this makes him shock, although he has also refined mutation divine medicine, but after is minority, has not thought that now can actually personally see other Dan God when building up divine medicine has the mutation, moreover all divine medicine mutations, before he was the part. The solution fusion of mutation is very instantaneously steady, has not had the huge fluctuation, under this is also Shen Xiang vigorously controls is calm and steady, if will have the large fluctuation also to cause the energy of solution to drain, so long as the solution will erupt the vibration, somewhat will lose the energy, this energy will also vibrate through pill furnace. The half double-hour of starting, Shen Xiang progresses to this step, this makes Xiang Hongdao very surprised, he could not completely understand Heaven Refining Technique more and more, although he before has heard, Heaven Refining Technique that but Shen Xiang showed at this time and he left has greatly is very different, completely was not Heaven Refining Technique that he who heard knew. Shen Xiang did not think but actually one are quick, because in his opinion, must refine the superb quality Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, now just started!