World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2168

Shen Xiang to guarantee the pill furnace absolutely stable, he uses Heaven Refining Technique inside method, after named eight Heaven Refining sea towns display, can turn into eight square shapes Six Paths Power formation, covers pill furnace, even if interior such as mighty waves sea, outside unusual stability. After he displays, that Xiang Hongdao slightly frowned, suddenly that because he sees becomes very fuzzy, now only then one group of shadows, moreover is partly visible, he does not know that anything has made anything. Shen Xiang does not know that Xiang Hongdao can see his pill furnace interior, he displays eight Heaven Refining sea towns, to blow pill furnace, because he then must handle very wild matter. With previous such, he is divided into six groups the purple gold color solution, under his control, these six groups of solutions is far away from the middle gradually, arrives at pill furnace most edge. Started, most essential instance!” Shen Xiang fierce took a deep breath, is then stuffy snort|hum, controls these six groups of purple gold color solution impact together suddenly. Bang! pill furnace internal erupts very strong deafening sound, the explosive force is very strong, but also made pill furnace tremble slightly! His pill furnace in shivering, did not say Xiang Hongdao, can discover in the people who under the stage watches earnestly! What's the matter? His pill furnace rocked!” Lian Fei said gently that charming face is full of the worried look, she also quite knew about alchemy that from the beginning shortly, pill furnace has the unstable condition, this is not the good deed. All right!” Xiao Baifeng said that when Shen Xiang initially when her house alchemy, the sound be more fearful than the present, her house was almost shaken ta, but finally success alchemy.

Under many people actually do not know, in their eyes, so long as pill furnace vibrates, explained that alchemy master when alchemy, is insufficient to the pill furnace internal control, the interior had very big mistake. Pressure greatly is the affirmation, after is betting own Godhead! Now half double-hour are many, had the mistake! You look at Prince Ping, is steady.” Did not say Prince Ping, most Dan God in field can achieve!” It seems like he must lose, wants to have a look at him to pull out the Godhead appearance really!” Heard people's discussion, Lian Fei to worry, because she has not seen Shen Xiang alchemy. Xiang Hongdao knits the brows, although he can only in the fog the view be colored, but he can actually guess correctly that had anything a moment ago, that is several groups of separated solutions carries on very violent dashing, will therefore make pill furnace vibrate. If that was true, Xiang Hongdao is more surprised, he understands that Shen Xiang this time procedure, making several groups of solutions carry on the speed of light to dash, dashes will cause the upgrading of solution, this is must refine the Divine Halo Saint pill's procedure, but now actually also too early! Moreover this degree of dashing, unexpectedly was also only pill furnace moved! Must think that the limit enhances the Divine Pill quality, must like the hammering, after thrash repeatedly, the fold hammers, hits the becoming a ghost steel the iron! This procedure can also use in alchemy, but the method changed.

Those who let Xiang Hongdao compare the anticipation is, mutation later Divine Halo is Divine Pill what kind of? He thought that should quick be able to see, because Shen Xiang such quickly is this stage, quick can concentrate pill! However, Shen Xiang has not congealed now pill, his pill furnace interior is piece of Primal Chaos, he dashed a moment ago is not other alchemy masters is refining the dashing law of Divine Halo Divine Pill use! He when that dashing poured into the strength of flame many Six Paths Power turn into a moment ago, releases through his many flame Godhead and skeletons, therefore also has a very strong propelling force, causes to hit is more violent! This is only a tentative plan, because he thought that violent dashing, definitely will scatter that group of flame Divine Power a moment ago, now with is really same, six flame Divine Power that he who he imagines pours into were scattered, after scattering flame Divine Power by the mutation later solution absorption! Only does not hit an iron in the hammering, must increase other things on the way, but must add on other materials, the quality of change iron, making its quality higher. Shen Xiang is to increase and Heavenly Fire Divine Pill now can compatible flame Divine Power! Flame Divine Power that he pours into are many, when that dashes violently, flame Divine Power and solution are in a quite same shape, but intelligential solution that strengthens itself in that instantaneous devour flame Divine Power! After the solution absorbs Shen Xiang's flame Divine Power, quality large scale promotion! But now has also had a difficult problem, is the solution after before dashed automatically will not fuse together, now the solution of pill furnace internal scattered in disorder waterdrop shape! Before that fierce hit, made the solution scattered, but after the scattered solution absorbed Shen Xiang's flame Divine Power, turned independently, has not been willing to fuse together, therefore in pill furnace this time Primal Chaos piece. Shen Xiang tried to this innumerable waterdrops fuse together, the discovery was difficult, the waterdrop and waterdrop saw are only maintaining the little distance, so long as crossed this wee bit distance, will have the enormous repelling force, these many water-drop solutions repelled one another resistance, this may be hard to fuse together.

Now can fuse was good, two times dashed looks like exempts!” Shen Xiang some aches, he before also planned now after one time dashes the fusion, is not congealing anxiously pill, carries on second dashing, larger scale promotion quality, but looking back now, if he these scattered in disorder solution fusions, the quality also will be much higher. Shen Xiang releases Dao Heart Eye, observes all water-drop spirit bloodlines, he has not seen the bloodlines of spirit, actually sees these waterdrop shapes the solution color to be various, in other words attribute has very big difference, no wonder is unable to fuse! attribute can change, when things reach their extreme they turn back! This solution is mutation later divine medicine, after that violent dashing, changed attribute is very normal! Has not thought really these waterdrops look like are fiery red, but internal energy pellet is actually other attribute, even also has ice cold attribute lightning attribute.” Shen Xiang had discovered the issue is, now he must do burns to build up these attribute different solution waterdrops with the flame. So long as turns into same fire attribute it completely, then fused is easy! Time with enough time, was unable intense unable to be anxious, if there is mistake, this small waterdrop explodes, the chain-react, this pill furnace is unable to blow.” Shen Xiang also feels at this time extremely excited, because this building up law probably opened one leaf never has the person to open the mysterious front door, steps into a mysterious domain. This Heavenly Fire Divine Pill divine medicine in High-Grade Divine Pill is quite low status, but Shen Xiang refines through various mystical methods, actually the unceasing breakthrough limit, causes the divine medicine quality unceasing promotion of Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, finally can promote to any situation, he is unable to imagine, matter that now has, before him has not expected.