World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2169

The time passed by three double-hour, Xiao Ping sat there does not understand, his pill furnace is very tranquil, has not sent out any quantity of heat! But in his opposite Shen Xiang, the quantity of heat that pill furnace sends out is actually highest, probably momentarily will brave the produce fire flame to be ordinary.

No one knows that he is doing, Xiang Hongdao this Dan God does not know that he wants to know very much, at this time he more and more does not know Shen Xiang is doing anything. Shen Xiang planned small waterdrops burn to build up, change attribute, will transform the fire attribute waterdrop, but he thought that was too tedious . Moreover the time comes up not anxiously, therefore he decides the firepower full, uses his Creation Fire to carry on the unification to burn to build up. He has burnt down more than two double-hour, looked with Dao Heart Eye again that discovered the color was almost consistent, only then few parts are insufficient, he continued to burn down half double-hour, after letting all solution waterdrop colors were the same, he again starts careful seeking, if discovered that the color was different, one by one burnt down. How after back and forth to toss about, his only remaining half the time of double-hour! Xiao Ping also lifted the eyelid at this time, he has completed, he was only the forehead a little perspiration, looked like is quite relaxed! Sees Shen Xiang still to knit the brows builds up painstakingly, Xiao Ping smiles lightly, then opens pill furnace, takes out seven grains of golden red ray alternately glittering pill pellet! His unexpectedly built up seven grains to have Divine Halo Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, this made the audience send out one such as lightning-like called out in alarm startled shouted! Ordinary Heavenly Fire Divine Pill can leave 32 grains to be good, but Xiao Ping actually refines seven grains now, and has Divine Halo, has only used four -and-a-half double-hour! This is the Great Country Master outstanding disciple, although Xiao Ping does not represent any side strength, but he becomes the Great Country Master potential has not needed to question at this time that these seven grains of High-Grade Heavenly Fire Divine Pill are the best proof. After Xiao Baifeng sees Xiao Ping has pill, is frowned, previous Shen Xiang refines is also only six grains, but this Xiao Ping is actually seven grains, what naturally Shen Xiang refinement is the mutation, Xiao Ping is actually not.

little rascal can he win? This Prince Ping was really too fearful, worthily was the Great Country Master outstanding disciple!” Lian Fei does not hope Shen Xiang to lose, but sees the Xiao Ping strength now, as well as under the field people's discussion, she also thought that Shen Xiang is very difficult to win. The alchemy master in field is also good, less than five double-hour almost all have pill, most also five grains, but they actually cannot build up Divine Halo like Xiao Ping, therefore now looks like, only then Xiao Ping can enter the next round. Shen Xiang is slowest, his pill furnace now in a state of disunity, he also just completed the transformations of other solution waterdrops, making him feel what is pleasantly surprised, after all solution waterdrop attribute are the same, unexpectedly starts to fuse voluntarily. After all the bloodlines of their spirit were fused by Shen Xiang, although turns into many solution waterdrops, but the bloodlines of spirit are the same, after attribute is consistent, on aware fusion. After the fusion, Shen Xiang that pill furnace presents one group of solutions, purple gold red tricolor alternately glittering! Although seems like the liquid, but approached in the solid, can be divided into ten to fuse, leaves the pill ten grains! Moreover concentrates pill is very relaxed!” Shen Xiang carefully looked at that group of solutions, if before, this is equal to one group of water, but now is actually similar to one group of mud, if coagulates, crystallized, the quality is definitely higher. Shen Xiang thought that if carries on two times dashing, can definitely crystallize, he does not know after the crystallization, what quality Divine Pill can be! He thinks that is very excited, but the time does not permit now, otherwise he definitely will try. The Shen Xiang common road, can be divided into ten, leaves the pill ten grains, but he actually decides to branch out five, leaves the pill five grains! Because now this group of solutions quality very to high, if divided into five, carries on again compresses highly, he thought that finally should approach in the crystalline state, the quality will be definitely higher than the sum total that ten add, this competition compared with quality sum total, but is not pill quantity! Immerses is stepping into mysterious domain Shen Xiang, had not perceived slightly all people are waiting for him, Xiao Ping can conduct the attribute test, but Xiao Ping actually must wait for Shen Xiang, he wants to make Divine Pill that Shen Xiang sees with one's own eyes him to refine conduct the attribute test. But other people have tested, highest is also only 490, the distance 600 qualities are worse, but the sum total achieves 450 quality above also several, this regarding many alchemy masters is very good, after all no one is Xiao Ping, has fierce Master not saying that the itself talent different reported that in addition his status and has the rich resources, already this future Great Country Master.

Finally when Shen Xiang beforehand alchemy to concentrates pill's stage, division is Qi ball, is gaseous state herbal Spirit Qi, to High-Grade Divine Pill time is liquid, but present actually be higher than liquid, is among solid state also liquid, he that group [gold/metal] reddish purple glittering cement is divided into five small groups, then starts to compress. Compression time is also quite difficult, he has to use strongest strength, otherwise cannot in the time define that within completes. When he concentrates fully pill, his pill furnace sways, sends out dāng dāng dāng the sound fiercely, Shen Xiang in great surprise, he has not thought when compresses that putty group, unexpectedly will have such big sound, putty group quick change is very hard, is similar to iron slab such, uncontrolled dashes in pill furnace, mutual collision, and bumps into pill furnace! Those who let him feel relieved, when collision has not drained the efficacy, obviously these pill firm! He also very much admires himself, unexpectedly can some divine medicine refined into this, stiff such as just. How I thought that in his pill furnace has many beads to proceed along no particular course?” Some person of shouted: This fellow should not play the bead in pill furnace!” Sound that pill furnace that Shen Xiang sways makes truly so, is similar to the box has several grains of beads, then sways the box sound when vigorously has. A Xiao Ping face looks at Shen Xiang's pill furnace surprisedly, does not know that Shen Xiang is doing, unexpectedly will have such sound. Also had the little time from five double-hour, pill furnace that Shen Xiang that swayed finally peaceful, being sweating profusely Shen Xiang opened the eye, implored the one breath: Finally completed!” „Are you doing? I always think in your pill furnace to have the stone.” Xiao Ping smiled: No matter what, you have time finally, shows Divine Pill that you build up me.”

Shen Xiang said with a smile dry: Had a condition, I do not know that was successful!” His words make the people in an uproar, unexpectedly does not know that has succeeded, alchemy time are not clearest? Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, pill furnace has not erupted Divine Halo! When Xiao Ping turned on the pill furnace cover a moment ago, Divine Halo that soared to the heavens also very much shocked. In pill furnace does not have Divine Pill to float, but is Shen Xiang is holding pill furnace, will pour! Divine Pill that falls from pill furnace makes the people dumbfounded, unexpectedly is five pebbles, these pebbles only then a thumb size, the shape is very anomalous, in brief is not the circular. The pebble is quite special, surface is very smooth, crystal that breaks to pieces likely, overall purple red, but the gloss is the golden color. Xiao Ping eyebrow first choice selecting: What is this? Heavenly Fire Divine Pill?” Shen Xiang knits the brows, nodded: Is! Although is not round, but good and bad is these divine medicine refined into, should be able to eat!” People all completely, but also very admires the Shen Xiang's ability, can the divine medicine refined into pebble, was the rarely seen ability, they do not think that this was Divine Pill, saw the desire of not having eaten, moreover was, the quality was not definitely high! Because this understood at a glance that is the control has mistake, therefore is not circular pill pellet. Starts to measure the quality, I come first!” Xiao Ping also thinks very strange, because he has not felt any efficacy and Divine Pill smell from these pebbles, likely is not Divine Pill.