World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2170
Xiao Ping refines seven grains of Divine Halo Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, generally when Divine Pill of excellent quality, with that tests the divine tool test of Divine Pill quality, can 90, but has the Divine Halo Divine Pill quality to be higher, therefore he has met the standard that Xiang Hongdao assigns now! Seven grains of Heavenly Fire Divine Pill sum total qualities that he refines achieve 600 not to have the suspense, but he actually still extremely cared, because of him must with the Shen Xiang competion. Heavenly Fire Divine Pill that Shen Xiang refines contrasts with Xiao Ping, the color or the shape, completely are different, if personally does not see to pour from his pill furnace, is very difficult to believe that this is refines with several divine medicine. Xiao Ping places on the trough of disc Divine Pill that oneself refine, crystal on disc glittering gets up immediately, appears a value 150! Xiang Hongdao sees this result, is somewhat surprised, it seems like he does not know that his apprentice unexpectedly becomes such fierce, he said: Heavenly Fire Divine Pill of excellent quality in market condition sells, the value should in 70-80 this, your this grain be equal to these two grains, but this quality has not been considered as peak! Generally speaking, the High-Grade Divine Pill peak quality, high energy achieves 500, higher naturally also has, but I have not met.” The people are very surprised, Dan God can refine ** ten qualities were very good, but the peak can actually achieve 500, it seems like that the strong and weak in Dan God also has very big disparity. Xiao Ping surprisedly said: Highest 500? Master can you achieve?” He such goes all out to refine, is only 150 qualities. Xiang Hongdao nodded with a smile: I can achieve, but this must compress pill to measure, you have the opportunity also to try the most high quality.” Xiao Ping grains of test these Heavenly Fire Divine Pill qualities, Shen Xiang is having to admire his control strength, seven grains of Divine Halo Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, each grain of unexpectedly is 150 qualities! Seven grains of sum totals have achieved more than 1000, has greatly exceeded the standard that Xiang Hongdao sets! Dan God that these are defeated is envies and envies, but what are more is the respect, with same divine medicine, others unexpectedly can refine quality to be higher, leaves pill many Divine Pill to come, this is the disparity.

To me!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This, although is not round, but I ensure has the Heavenly Fire Divine Pill effect, is Heavenly Fire Divine Pill! I do not want to lose, I bet my Godhead.” Xiao Ping laughed: You did not say that I have forgotten, we have the gambling approximately in the body!” Has bet Godhead, has forgotten in an instant, the people do not know that should say any good! Also was too not serious own Godhead! Shen Xiang takes up grain of pebble same Heavenly Fire Divine Pill to put on that trough, on the disc showed that the value the crystal board has shone quickly. 190!” Xiang Hongdao slightly one startled, shouted. Fierce, unexpectedly can surpass me 40!” Xiao Ping also exclaims: You control evidently are not good, changed including the shape, but the quality can also be so high, how do you refine?” Other Dan God have this doubts, needs to control the solution revolving contraction to congeal pill in the compression, this will turn into the circular, the quality will also be very high, but Shen Xiang obviously is not. Xiang Hongdao pinches that grain of Heavenly Fire Divine Pill that Shen Xiang was testing a moment ago, knits the brows: Should be when congealed pill to have the problem, therefore proceeds along no particular course everywhere will turn into this! in other words, when concentrates pill to half, this grain of Heavenly Fire Divine Pill was firm, this is close congealing crystal Realm! If concentrates successfully the circular, quality should promote one time.” Promotes one time, approaches in 400! Xiao Ping the complexion ten segregate at this time heavily, Shen Xiang's level unexpectedly such high, but he has closed up!

Shen Xiang altogether only refines five grains, but he is currently confident, the total quality can surpass Xiao Ping! He started to test the second grain. Quick, the second grain had the result, the quality is 260! Compared with former that grain many 70! The Xiao Ping complexion suddenly changes, if according to Xiang Hongdao said a moment ago, Shen Xiang can succeed, the quality will promote one time, then should be 520 now, has surpassed Xiang Hongdao quality that can refine. Xiang Hongdao has also thought of this, therefore he starts to ponder, he can refine the quality to 500, naturally knows that breakthrough limit difficulty, but Shen Xiang has used five double-hour, leaves the pill five grains, if displays to be better, when refining Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, completely has exceeded him. Process of Shen Xiang refinement is also quite difficult, was almost defeated, moreover regarding him, this furnace does not calculate that is successful, because just concentrates pill 50% times, was firm, therefore is defeated finally has not dissipated, but the shape is very anomalous. The third grain of 670, fourth grain 200, the fifth grain 150, the sum total is 1070 qualities! Xiao Ping that seven grains of sum total is 1050! Shen Xiang compared with his high 20, exceeds him by the weak disparity! I lost, can I eat one grain to have a look?” Xiao Ping is willing the gambling to concede, he has referred to the Shen Xiang hand that several grains of pebble same Heavenly Fire Divine Pill. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally, said again this Divine Pill must give Great Country Master.” Xiang Hongdao has eaten immediately one grain, although is very hard, but after swallowing down, the efficacy melts immediately, probably erupts in the body, the interior is containing a very vast efficacy.

After Xiao Ping eats up, is the same feeling! Their master and apprentice two are extremely shocking, because they feel the efficacy at this time, the quality that with testing has very big disparity! The efficacy must be much higher than the quality that detects! That grain that because Xiao Ping eats up is 150 qualities, but contrasts him to refine, efficacy stronger are many! 270 qualities that Xiang Hongdao eats up, he had also refined quality close Heavenly Fire Divine Pill before, but compared to Shen Xiang this grain to be weaker. divine tool of this test quality looks like cannot detect you to refine these Divine Pill qualities completely.” Xiang Hongdao sighed one: Later I must revise one to be good.” This to Xiao Ping is a very big attack, but he feels at this time rejoiced very much, because meets compared with he stronger Dan God, like this he can become more formidable, otherwise only then he is strongest, he later perhaps will not find the way to break through his limit! Lian Fei sees the people to hold in high esteem to Shen Xiang at this time, said with a smile tenderly: This little rascal is really extraordinary, including such regards as important to him to Great Country Master.” Yue'er said: Very is truly fierce, his present Highest God is not, but the alchemy aspect actually achieved this Realm! Especially that crystal seed Divine Pill, is the performance of quality highest shape, although he has not succeeded, but, definitely energy, because he has touched this domain, is hard to imagine and is he tries to find out.” Crystal Divine Pill?” Lian Fei light shouted: This crystal Divine Pill cannot appear in King-Grade Divine Pill?”