World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2172

I choose Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang has made the decision, takes up Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill jade token, looked at inside home remedy, gave him to be the same with Xiao Baifeng in the past. unexpectedly choice Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill! The people think that Shen Xiang was insane, especially these have been defeated multiple Dan God in this above, they thought themselves, regardless of refines many times, will not succeed! But makes people think what unreadable is, Shen Xiang is putting skeleton Divine Pill and does the Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet home remedy not to want, unexpectedly chooses Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill of rotten avenue, this is makes them feel the Shen Xiang brain being sick reason. The Xiao Yulan surface obstructs the thin cotton tape Xiao Hongque, arrives at side Xiao Baifeng and Lian Fei: Baifeng, he? Properly speaking, he should choose other two home remedies is right!” He went crazy, after Princess you initially gave my Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill home remedies, he closed up has refined many furnaces, but has not succeeded, added one soon succeeded.” Xiao Baifeng shook the head. Xiao Ping is actually not accidental, Shen Xiang loses now did not have what pressure, after all he does not need to defeat Xiang Hongdao for the master, moreover grasped skeleton Divine Pill and does the Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet home remedy. Here has over a hundred Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill divine medicine, you can be defeated 100 times, but must complete in two days.” Xiang Hongdao has given Shen Xiang storage pouch, inside is Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill herbs . Moreover the quality is best. Xiang Hongdao takes now, is hopes that Shen Xiang can succeed, because Shen Xiang's builds up the law and he is different! Shen Xiang nodded, puts out pill furnace, immediately starts.

Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill herbs only then two types, moreover is very common, but the effect is not much, when refines is not careful is very easy to have the fierce explosion, this divine medicine eats to cultivating does not have what use, therefore like is the weeds, in mountain forest everywhere is. Because the three disasters extinguish divine flower and mercy Divine Fruit are very common, therefore some people think that Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill do not exist! However Xiang Hongdao said a moment ago this is exists, making many Dan God very suspect that they want to make Xiang Hongdao put out grain of Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill very much. The three disasters extinguish divine flower to repel one another peak with mercy Divine Country, therefore is very difficult to fuse together, Shen Xiang can find the spirit bloodlines of both sides in the refinement, moreover does not need to use strong spirit to make the bloodlines of two Dao Spirit achieve evenly, because the spirit bloodlines of these two divine medicine are the same intensities. The difficulty that Shen Xiang is unable to overcome how fuses together the bloodlines of these two Dao Spirit! This violates the law that his source built up probably, because in building up of source, so long as discovers the bloodlines of spirit, after fusion, two divine medicine can fuse together. Bang! From the beginning, Shen Xiang's pill furnace has blasted out, the people laugh immediately, because this they suspect, refines Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill, explodes the furnace to. Is what reason causes the spirit bloodlines of these two divine medicine unable to fuse together?” Shen Xiang continues to put in divine medicine, from the new refinement, the opportunity that he also more than 100 times attempts. He releases Dao Heart Eye, cannot see anything to come, because before , divine medicine that he refines, although the bloodlines of spirit look like are different, but can fuse together finally, the only this three disasters extinguish divine flower and mercy Divine Fruit are not good. „Isn't this a common origin?” Building up of Shen Xiang's source bases on all divine medicine is breeds by similar root strength, the bloodlines of any divine medicine Turin, the bloodlines of this spirit are various divine medicine points of resonance, so long as found the fusion, can smooth melts together divine medicine.

Now he attempts these many times, three disasters extinguishes divine flower and mercy Divine Fruit cannot fuse together, when melts will produce very formidable repel strength, forms the fierce explosion, strength of this explosion has surpassed these two divine medicine own energies, this is a quite interesting phenomenon. Before Yue'er has said that in Star Law God Territory, some people will refine two pill, then collided two grains of Divine Pill, can have very strong explosion, formed the attack. Bang! Shen Xiang's pill furnace has had explosion, moreover this time is more intense, explained that can fuse a point. Limitless building up is not good!” In the Shen Xiang heart not bears sighs: Must look for the method from Heaven Refining Technique, does not know also enough the time!” „The world is so big, has all kinds of mysterious herbs, unavoidably after me, will face this difficult problem, if can solve now, it would be the best.” After Shen Xiang is defeated the second time, has not continued, moreover closes one's eyes to sit there, he was recalling Heaven Refining Technique various sutra chant, these sutra chant have the formations of various strength to melt the way, the multi-analysis was describing various nature strength essences, so long as can understand clearly that can comprehend a method to solve the present difficult problem. Now he needs to look for from Heaven Refining Technique two not a common origin the method of energy fusion! Had found, the Yin-Yang, water and fire wait / etc., is two different shapes, but often can fuse in a variety of ways! between Heaven and Earth various attribute strength are also so, some, although repels one another, but accommodating can only be able the mutual promotion of the five elements! For example life and death, fresh can make the death, but after the death , the Samsara regeneration, this is a shape of mutual entanglement. But female and male also relative, but fuses mutually can breed the new life.”

Shen Xiang sees the explanation of this strength shape, had a comprehension, he thought that now cannot make the three disasters extinguish divine flower and mercy Divine Fruit constantly by the way fusion of hackneyed stuff, but must make them pester together by the appropriate way fusion! Similar to life and death Samsara, or female and male union breeding life such! These two divine medicine are not the water and fire! Possibly is female and male, or is life and death, the Yin-Yang can represent female and male and life and death!” Shen Xiang a little feature, he had planned that seeks for the breakthrough point from Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill. What are nine counter? Nine reversal, should this reversal be the reversal of life and death? Is a narrow escape!” In the Shen Xiang heart moves: How must be able to realize a narrow escape on these two divine medicine, making it melt together in the unusual way?” Three disasters extinguish divine flower dead, the disaster and extinguished is representing the death! Mercy Divine Fruit lives, the mercy should pities the death, therefore hopes that can live! The three disasters, represented three deaths, then can realize nine times? Needs three three disasters to extinguish divine flower? But is not right, on the home remedy only needs one!” Shen Xiang is pondering: Home remedy is impossible to have the mistake, has also succeeded according to the home remedy on to Country Master.” He such sat for quite a while, but that side Xiao Ping has also completed, meets the requirements of Xiang Hongdao, now he also somewhat anticipated that Shen Xiang can succeed, he wants to have a look at Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill to be what kind of own eyes!