World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2173
The time of definition is two days, but the people thought that Shen Xiang will not succeed, now sees him to sit there is motionless, knows that he was pondering, definitely is unable to build up, has refined Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill knows, regardless of attempts many times, will always be defeated. What all people do not know, Shen Xiang currently made very big breakthrough, had found the direction, now is only poor, he can start to refine. How can make the three disasters extinguish divine flower after nine dead? If after can die, can rebirth, carry on three times to be OK like this, but how can the issue be able to realize?” Shen Xiang continues to ponder, when he ponders, in his memory suddenly has emitted the familiar picture, is that to Brother Zhou Clan. This Brother Zhou Clan understand the control time, before making the destruction the thing return to the rebirth! Time strength can also use on divine medicine, before some people used Law of Time to come accelerate ripening divine medicine, naturally can also make divine medicine back up! Then can control the time deep meaning?” Shen Xiang somewhat big, this is the method that at present he can think. No matter what, tries the powder grey three disasters to extinguish divine flower to have a look first!” Ponder for a long time Shen Xiang, finally starts alchemy, he extinguishes divine flower to put in pill furnace the three disasters alone, starts to burn to build up, from the beginning uses very intense flame to burn down. Which three disasters I must have a look at the three disasters but actually am, the three disasters extinguish in the process that divine flower was burnt to extinguish, should meet to have been through repeatedly the three disasters, this was equal to three deaths, but now needs it to experience nine times.” The Shen Xiang raging fire is burning down this pair of flower. The time of moment, the three disasters extinguish divine flower violently to shiver, Shen Xiang is observing immediately with rapt attention, his unexpectedly discovers the pill furnace internal flower probably in painful whinning . Moreover the whole body shivers, making the pill furnace internal flame wilder! This is the fire!” Shen Xiang looked with Dao Heart Eye that can distinguish these flame is not his, but is the three disasters extinguishes divine flower to release: This is really very strange divine flower!”

After having continued a period of time, the three disasters extinguished divine flower peacefully, the color and shape had very big change! „After dying, rebirth, moreover becomes stronger!” Shen Xiang cannot help but exclaims in surprise that strengthens the flame incinerator, at this time he used the skeleton of left arm, making the flame stronger, he discovered with amazement, after this three disasters extinguished the divine flower rebirth, produced stronger resistance flame strength. He uses Dao Heart Eye to look, in heart suddenly one startled: Changed, this is water attribute, this colored internal implication very strong water strength, is the second disaster the floods?” Really, when he guessed, the three disasters extinguish divine flower by the intense flame incinerator, unexpectedly was shivering violently, released very strong water attribute Divine Power! After contacting the Shen Xiang's flame, braving intermittent steam, Shen Xiang to turn on the pill furnace cover, making this group of steam spew out. The people see this also to think very surprisedly, because after Shen Xiang turns on the cover, blue Qi mist continually wells up, is only several suddenly, this plaza sky is this blue Qi mist. Crash-bang! unexpectedly has gotten down the heavy rain! After Xiang Hongdao sees, brow tight wrinkle, hastily scattered these blue Qi mist, the heavy rain stops quickly! At this time his in the heart has an inexplicable anticipation, because he refines Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill time, has had this situation, Shen Xiang is making the three disasters extinguish divine flower to release now the strength of three disasters. pill furnace inside three disasters extinguish divine flower after releasing the strength of floods, immediately changed, turns into the white, was being wrapped by the electric current. „The disaster of lightning?” Shen Xiang is one startled: „After does not thunder first, rains? How to rain after first, thundered?”

Under his flame incinerator, the three disasters extinguish divine flower already the rebirth two, if these time were burnt down to destroy completely again, it is estimated that not rebirth, only if there is means to make the three disasters extinguish the divine flower rebirth. Now Shen Xiang wants to know that very much Xiang Hongdao initially was how successful, he guessed that Xiang Hongdao definitely by chance succeeded. Quick, the three disasters extinguish divine flower to release the strength of three disasters, pill furnace internal lightning flash thunder cry, very fearful, after releasing the three disasters strength, the three disasters extinguish divine flower also to vanish in pill furnace. It seems like I can only use Life Slaughtering Technique, making the three disasters extinguish divine flower to extinguish completely instantaneous, comes back to life it!” Shen Xiang closes the eye, is recalling Life Slaughtering Technique inside method secretly. Heaven Refining Technique and Life Slaughtering Technique unify, should be able to be useful!” Shen Xiang also knows, if uses this method, will consume his many Six Paths Power, but also has no other alternative now. He refines the three disasters to extinguish divine flower once more alone, had the beforehand experience, he extinguishes divine flower to burn down quickly the three disasters finally, extinguishes divine flower to release lightning only to save a life Qi/angry instance at the three disasters after the disaster, he using Life Slaughtering Technique ferments the strength of a long time students to release, coordinates Heaven Refining Technique, builds up into that soon to turn into the ashes the three disasters to extinguish in divine flower. Bang! pill furnace unexpectedly shakes violently, sends out the shocking explosion sound, but pill furnace does not have what to obstruct greatly, strength that after this is only the three disasters extinguishes divine flower to experience three disasters , the rebirth releases. Can from carry on one time newly?” Shen Xiang extinguishes divine flower with the three disasters of intense flame incinerator this rebirth once more, this time three disasters extinguished the divine flower color not to be different from before, moreover became fiercer, was producing very strong flame Divine Power. „The strength of this three disasters and beforehand three times were different, the amplification is very big!” Although Shen Xiang at this time has enough to do, but in heart was very happy, because this is the same with his beforehand expectation, this three disasters extinguish divine flower to need to carry on three times rebirths, experiences nine disasters to reveal true fierce.

Now his start to condense practices the strength of students, waits to extinguish time completely, he also needs to let it again rebirth one time! Quick, the second round three disasters soon ended, Shen Xiang centralized spirit, because this is then the most crucial time, so long as he makes this three disasters extinguish the divine flower rebirth second time again, can complete nine disasters, when the time comes can have the result. Extinguishes completely instantaneous, he used the strength of impact students in the past, then fast built up with Heaven Refining Technique, the three disasters extinguished the divine flower instantaneous rebirth! The rebirth later three disasters extinguish divine flower become very greatly, is sending out death Qi, this makes Shen Xiang very pleasantly surprised, because this is the three disasters extinguishes the divine flower true feature! Under his raging fire burning down, this round three disasters had ended quickly, then is also Shen Xiang most anticipates! Nine disasters terminate completely, the three disasters extinguish divine flower during the raging fire burns down vanishes, anything did not have, Shen Xiang was shocked immediately, this with is different, when he who he guessed was dejected, suddenly saw in the flame to have some black things! What is this?” Shen Xiang hastily receives the flame, pill furnace internal this time is scattered in disorder black Qi mist.