World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2174

Shen Xiang was disappointed, but actually cheers up now, the thing that because this is the three disasters extinguish divine flower after nine disasters produces! The people also think the doubts at this time, because Shen Xiang refined this three disasters to extinguish divine flower to have a period of time, unexpectedly has not exploded! On the scene refines the three disasters to extinguish divine flower Dan God to know that this time enough three disasters extinguished divine flower to explode several times, but Shen Xiang did not have! Can succeed? Dan God that before had not believed that somewhat has also believed at this time, anticipated very! Master, you before were such?” Xiao Ping knits the brows to ask: He has burnt down in the raging fire, but the three disasters extinguish divine flower unexpectedly not to explode.” Xiang Hongdao nodded, has not spoken, he carefully is looking at this time. Shen Xiang puts in mercy Divine Fruit fast, after he puts mercy Divine Fruit, immediately starts to burn to build up! The three disasters extinguish divine flower, although turned into one group of black Qi, but he can actually see this group of black Qi spirit bloodlines, the bloodlines of this spirit are very active and formidable! After he builds up mercy Divine Fruit to certain time, sees the spirit bloodlines of mercy Divine Fruit, then holds the three disasters to extinguish the divine flower black spirit bloodlines and mercy Divine Fruit the bloodlines of white spirit fuses together! At this moment he is anxious, he worried very much can explode, his heart almost soon stopped! Those who let his accident is, he not with many vigorously, bloodlines of unexpectedly these two Dao Spirit fused voluntarily, fusion turns into the black and white two groups of solutions instantaneously, revolves in pill furnace, is similar to black-and-white Yin and Yang Diagram such! Shen Xiang anything has not done now, these two strength unexpectedly revolve, oneself compress . Moreover the speed rapidness, Shen Xiang just responded that voluntarily turns into grain of black and white accommodating pill pellet, seems like the small bead of Yin and Yang Diagram formation. Succeeded? Shen Xiang some cannot believe that behind carries on so smoothly, that stage that especially behind fuses unexpectedly, probably naturally forms such! Bang bang! In the sky suddenly is cloudy, lightning is intermittent!

He succeeded!” Xiang Hongdao startled shouted suddenly that on face full was the color of rousing: This is Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill pill tribulations, this pill extremely heaven defying, therefore brings in pill to plunder!” Bang! pill furnace inside Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill suddenly run out of pill furnace! Bang! Also at this time, airborne dropped together very intense lightning, divided on Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill, lightened a dazzling white light. , Airborne dark cloud diverged all of a sudden, the Shen Xiang ball opens the palm, looks in the palm black and white intersection Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill, this familiar Yin and Yang Diagram had presented the 1st Stage very long time in his dantian. „Did I succeed?” Shen Xiang some cannot believe that this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill were really too strange, especially behind that unusual conditions congealed pill's process, has given him very big impact, the process of fusion was very natural, is full of the charm, he thought that was the strength of nature Great Dao, he refined other pill time, although can also achieve the perfect fusion. But does not have this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill fuse the nature to be full of a rhyme. Good, you succeeded!” Xiang Hongdao walked, carefully looks at Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill of his palm: „Is that process very beautiful?” Xiang Hongdao knows that Shen Xiang understands his words, Shen Xiang nodded, he also knows what Xiang Hongdao said is anything! Does not know that you are the chance success, but no matter what, this will have very big help to your future Pill Dao, in brief I thought after me, was impossible to be successful, but succeeded one time to make me enjoy my entire life infinitely.” Xiang Hongdao has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: I think that I should not have qualifications, when your Master, we currently have same Master!” These words Xiao Ping that Xiang Hongdao said are not clear, other people are unable to understand, but Shen Xiang is very clear! Same Master, but this Master refers to Great Dao! Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill that he will not forget that has given him very big inspiration, truly can make him enjoy infinitely. Shen Xiang nodded, at this time Xiao Ping must pull out Godhead, but he actually shook the head.

My harvest was very big, no longer needs your this Godhead!” Shen Xiang looked at Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill in hand, he thought that here Divine Pill can make him concentrate Godhead. This is I owes you!” Xiao Ping smiled, he knows now one and Shen Xiang's disparity, but after him, planned that places on all energy refinement Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill. The alchemy competition had ended, alchemy technique that Shen Xiang showed that making other influences Big Shot very envy, but they actually do not dare to move Shen Xiang, everyone could see that Xiang Hongdao was what kind to Shen Xiang, unexpectedly regarded as Shen Xiang is peer the! Xiang Hongdao has many Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill herbs to Shen Xiang's that storage pouch, Xiang Hongdao do not return, this is presents as a gift to Shen Xiang's! He may plant to have many. Takes away, should be useful to you, I then do not plan to refine these in any case!” Xiao Ping has given Shen Xiang storage pouch. Shen Xiang looked, inside unexpectedly has hundred High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, as well as hundred do Primordial Spirit Fire Pellet divine medicine. Takes care!” Xiao Ping knows that Shen Xiang must return to world of Nine Heaven, but here actually will then fill danger(ous). Shen Xiang steps down the stage, returns with Xiao Baifeng Lian Fei, but Huang Jintian they also go back to be about to leave. In the Xiao Baifeng house, Xiao Yulan was waiting for them here. Princess......” Xiao Baifeng sees Xiao Yulan, eyes was moist, because she must leave with Shen Xiang, but she actually does not give up Xiao Yulan, she also knows that the Xiao Yulan situation, Xiao Yulan does not have Great Country Master top in the back, this battle is very disadvantageous to her. Silly thing, do not cry! We later can well!” Xiao Yulan smiles gently, but in eyes also flashes through wipes disconsolately, she and Xiao Baifeng hugged. Xiao Baifeng looks at her nearby Xiao Hongque: Hong Que, looks after Princess well, I later will come certainly back to help your!” Because is Xiao Yulan orders her to leave, therefore she has to walk! Knew Sister Baifeng, you come back, will be definitely fiercer than me!” Xiao Hongque to her cracked into a chuckle, then to look at her Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang a moment ago the performance of alchemy, Xiao Yulan and Xiao Hongque saw, therefore they felt relieved very much Xiao Baifeng follows Shen Xiang, at least, will not have the worry in pills aspect. Baifeng, helping me look after Jin'er.” Lian Fei urged again, although on her face full was the charming tenderness smiles, but Shen Xiang actually could see that she did not give up at this time very much. Xiao Baifeng nodded. Lian Fei you felt relieved that goes to that place, takes care of her the person greatly, the silly thing like her I also has to see.” Shen Xiang said grinningly: If here could not mix, went to world of Nine Heaven to look for me, in any case you were the beauties, gave shelter to your me is very glad.” Dead little rascal, walks quickly!” Lian Fei throws smiles, spits the tongue: Takes us to look for you, brings to trouble you not to blame us to you, but you said that must give shelter our.” Huang Jintian puts out formation plate, said with a smile: This brat annoy troublesome were more than you, did not fear you bring that troublesome.” Huang Yantian stimulates to movement that formation plate: We must walk, what but also there is to say?” Shen Xiang has drawn Xiao Baifeng to stand on formation plate. Takes care, if not really good, we will look your.” Xiao Yulan they waves to say goodbye to Shen Xiang. Walks!” Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian simultaneously stimulate to movement formation plate, then vanishes in Xiao Yulan in front of them.