World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2175

Finally came back, is this place is kind!” Huang Jintian stands on formation plate, controls formation plate to fly, at this time they sky over sea. Yang Tianyi took a deep breath: Air/Qi of close Highest God Realm here Spiritual God, very good place, if annexes Highest God Realm again, can compared with these Divine Country.” Familiar flavor, I may stay many years in this place, at that time I had not known the matter of my clan.” Huang Jintian recalled that various past events, sobbed. Yue'er in the Xiao Baifeng bosom, yawned: We go to the Divine Cauldron country also shortly, how much time didn't know here past?” Dozens several hundred years!” Huang Yantian counts to calculate. Master, you look for Gu Dongchen they! They need to direct now.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I must lead that group of girls to go back.” Good, do not forget that delivers good Divine Pill to come! If you can also refine that Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill, remembers that delivers several grains to taste.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Sure, but you must prepare divine yuan stone, blood brother bright calculate!” Shen Xiang laughed, puts out formation plate, bringing Xiao Baifeng to transmit from formation plate to Hundred Flowers Village. Hundred Flowers Village suddenly has the space to fluctuate, Lu Qilian and Long Huishan immediately catch up with the examination, because this fluctuation, only then Shen Xiang's formation plate can make. Xiao Baifeng already knew that Shen Xiang is very loose, knows his side has many females, but she only thinks that Shen Xiang is the same with that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, any women want. But at this time stands in Xiao Baifeng front Lu Qilian and Long Huishan, gives her an inexplicable constriction, she thinks strength not her of these two females, but actually gives this pressure, but she had felt this air/Qi field, only then that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor has. She thought immediately these two women are only the Shen Xiang's friends, is not the Shen Xiang's woman!

Liu Meng'er their several come out from Hidden Jade Ring immediately, seeing this, Xiao Baifeng to understand immediately that in Shen Xiang's storage ring besides Xiao Jin'er, unexpectedly also has other females. Came back, this is good!” Long Huishan traces Dongfang Jing that to fill clear face, then looks to side shy Xiao Jin'er: Who is this young beautiful woman?” Long Huishan looked at Xiao Baifeng, then said with a smile: Shen Xiang, making you save others, you come back not only they to bring now Meng'er, but also led two women.” Feeds, they and I are only friend relationship! Moreover is seeks asylum, returned to the room to say again.” Shen Xiang curled the lip. ...... On the road, Xue Xianxian chirp to Xiao Baifeng narrated that they by the cause and effect that Xiao Yulan seizes, then saw said existence of Hundred Flowers Village. Xiao Baifeng finally understands now Shen Xiang entered the Jade Cauldron Palace reason, actually to rescue Xue Xianxian they, but Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque knew this matter. Also knows that this to her narrated beautiful female who passes through, is the Shen Xiang's wife. Knew that existence of Hundred Flowers Village, Xiao Baifeng also gradually feels at ease, here is one by the influence that the female composes, but Big Shot of influence is Lu Qilian, now she understands why Shen Xiang does not fear Xiao Yulan, because he already was familiar with Lu Qilian this type woman who has the ruler imposing manner. Arrives in the Lu Qilian house, Shen Xiang just sat, Feng Yujie came, sees Feng Yujie time, Xiao Baifeng also thinks a little pressure, after all Feng Yujie is Nine Heavens Goddess, this world of Nine Heaven and Feng Yujie have very big connection. Afterward Lu Qinlian and Jiu Hanrou also one after another arrive, they can be said as here strength quite strong female, is equal to Big Shot and elder group. Meets anything quite bored, we go back!” Xue Xianxian sees Lu Qinlian they to arrive, knows that must open anything to be able.

Liu Meng'er said with a smile: Qilian, then I first went back! Baifeng you stay here, they have the matter and you discuss.” Xiao Baifeng nodded, after is women, moreover is good to speak. Jin'er, we walk!” Dongfang Jing is drawing the Xiao Jin'er small hands, they followed Liu Meng'er, has not shouted Shen Xiang, but Yue'er also picked up by Dongfang Jing. Sister Meiyao do they have free time now? I asked them to say the alchemy matter.” Shen Xiang is smiling asking, what he said is the truth, but in Lu Qilian their hearts actually thinks that Shen Xiang is having any bad idea. He just said that out of the door broadcasts the Yan Zilan sound, she smiles gently: Here passed for 80 years, they had already had free time, looks for them quickly, if wanted do I guide?” Does not use!” The Shen Xiang's sound just fell, ran does not have the shade. ...... Shen Xiang already ascertained Su Meiyao their this alchemy squads in any position, this Hundred Flowers Village is not big, he found quickly, that is a rocky mountain nearby mountain village, a creek flows the mountain village, Shen Xiang has travelled by water. Just went, he saw a purple skirt female to soak the jade foot by the creek, in the hand is holding a book to look fascinated. This purple skirt female is Su Meiyao, she in very earnest reading, but her like jade face actually full is charming, when this type is earnest completely obviously charming, Shen Xiang first seeing! Such long, sees Su Meiyao, Shen Xiang cannot help but to recall that once more he met Su Meiyao's under the cliff in the past, as well as with various Su Meiyao ambiguous circumstances.

Is Sister Meiyao! Has not thought that came to see her!” In the Shen Xiang heart secretly rejoices, then arrives at Su Meiyao quietly behind. Ha!” A Shen Xiang suddenly roar, frightens Su Meiyao one startled, almost falls to the river. Dead little rascal, such long does not meet, meets wants to scare to death the elder sister I, I kill you.” Su Meiyao Shen Xiang knocks down, is thrashing him grinningly. Shen Xiang made Su Meiyao hit a while, then fierce grasped her, stand up crushed her in the place. kiss mouth!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Bites to death you!” Su Meiyao smiles charmingly, small mouth very sexy has dug digging, making Shen Xiang unable to dominate, has kissed. When they kiss just intensely, transmits giggle charming smiles tenderly, this is the Hua Xiangyue's laughter. little rascal came, but also is bullying our sisters, hits her quickly!” Hua Xiangyue is also same as Su Meiyao, is an inborn charming female, Shen Xiang hears her sound, the bone cannot help but is numb. Shen Xiang sees Hua Xiangyue to graze gently, lets loose Su Meiyao, stands laughed, hastily holds in the arms Hua Xiangyue that falls to the ground, has pinched the Hua Xiangyue's willow waist, made that Hua Xiangyue charming recitation called one. Walking into a trap Little Fairy, clear(ly) knows that I am rascal also come!” Shen Xiang badly smiles one, to Hua Xiangyue will play a dirty trick, a moment ago by her is crushed in place Su Meiyao to trample his abdomen foot, will kick in him the river, will then smile tenderly in giggle.