World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2176

Shen Xiang crawls from the water, releases the heat drying clothes, happily said with a smile: Your these two spirits, about come very much! Has to think me?” Su Meiyao chuckle said: Who thought your this little rascal?” Shen Xiang has pinched her face, asked: Qianqian? She in alchemy?” No, she said that must go out for a walk, with Youlan their together.” Hua Xiangyue lies in the Shen Xiang's left shoulder charmingly, touches cheeks with the Shen Xiang face: little rascal, we such long do not meet, what shouldn't you make?” The Shen Xiang demon smiles: This was you says!” Then he looked at Su Meiyao, Su Meiyao contacts the look that his type is full to hold, the cheeks, although red, but actually refuses to admit being inferior: Dead little rascal, looked how I tidy up you.” Shen Xiang laughs, shoulders Hua Xiangyue on the shoulder, is hugging Su Meiyao, enters a room quickly. ...... Afterward, Shen Xiang face merry lying down on the bed, Su Meiyao and Hua Xiangyue these two charming beautiful women also separately lies down by him, is holding his body. „Did little rascal, this time go to that Divine Country what happened?” Su Meiyao is pinching his waist, asked gently and charmingly, her heart already completely gave Shen Xiang, wished one could to give Shen Xiang oneself earlier completely, wants to achieve wishes finally. Had a lot! Moreover I learn to refine High-Grade Divine Pill, I have brought back to many divine medicine, then I must teach the refinement attainment of High-Grade Divine Pill to give you.” Shen Xiang is hugging two fragrant beautiful women, but the facial expression is very serious: On Divine Country now is very chaotic, they leap do not get rid to cope with us, once they stabilize, perhaps jointly will cope with us, therefore we must make the best use of the time become stronger.” The sky has shone, they crazy a night, Su Meiyao have worn the clothes, said with a smile lightly: You start now, we do not want to become your burden!”

Hua Xiangyue said with a smile tenderly: My this called Qianqian, our alchemy squads closed up a while ago all day, was only rests these days.” After Hua Xiangyue puts out pass on message jade talisman subpoenaed, then the putting on clothes slowly, she intentionally puts on very slowly, because Shen Xiang is really staring at her now. Not double cultivation?” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile: „The double cultivation words, cannot concentrate these purple bead to duplicate!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile: I want actually all day with your double cultivation, but no one has free time very much! Also, that purple bead duplicated High-Grade divine medicine to be not quite effective, you made Sister Qilian try to find the solution, has a look place that Life Slaughtering Technique did have anything to break through, in brief I was very long have not practiced!” Was right, your alchemy squads who?” Du Yanyao, Ji Ling and Hong Xia, Qianqian, our two, Sister Feng, Sister Feng is Chief Big Sister.” Su Meiyao said: We have used for dozens years, finally cultivates the refined into heart to have Realm of cleverness, when we can heart Spirit Gathering one, this kind of alchemy can twice the result with half the effort.” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile: Their several collaborates refiner like Meng'er, we also very big pill furnace, several of us can control now together, even if refines more difficult pill, we can also deal with come.” You come compared with me, but also has fallen far short, but other haughty Oh! Shen Xiang said with a smile, he came back from the Divine Cauldron country, but has promoted. Does not believe that you go to the Divine Cauldron country should a few days, but here actually passed for dozens years, have our these years promoted, how compared with you?” Su Meiyao is charmingly angry: Intentionally do not boast to deceive us, we are not stupid.” Su Meiyao thinks so also in the reason, because their time be much a lot of than Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang went to a Divine Cauldron country, they also step into Highest God Realm now.

Regarding the beloved woman, Shen Xiang does not need to conceal them to be too many, he cracks into a chuckle, puts out skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine. Knew that what this is?” Shen Xiang sits on the bed, asked with a smile. Naturally understanding blood bone divine flower, seven emotions divine flower, day muscle grass! Is low-grade divine medicine, refines low-grade skeleton Divine Pill to use! Let alone this low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, we had already refined middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, our skeleton, Sister Qilian they are basically more, two, we have been after a period of time also able to practice two.” Su Meiyao spits the tongue: What's wrong, you think that you do refine skeleton Divine Pill is very fierce?” Shen Xiang has pinched Su Meiyao that charming jade face, said with a smile: How many grains can you most a furnace refine?” Six grains!” Hua Xiangyue light charming smiles: You probably are also six grains! Our squad can now six grains, although Heaven Refining Technique you teach for our, but does not represent us to exceed you, we receive personally to understand building up of seven soul from Heaven Refining Technique now, is our squad seven people of seven souls unites.” Shen Xiang had known a moment ago that this female alchemy squad separately is Feng Yujie, Su Meiyao, Wu Qianqian, Hua Xiangyue, Du Yanyao, Hong Xia and Ji Ling! And Hong Xia and Ji Ling is behind starts to study, at that time they recognized Feng Yujie for the godmother, has studied much, in addition had Heaven Refining Technique, the progress was amazingly quick! Du Yanyao is also the alchemy good wonderful female, her grandfather is also very strong alchemy master, now in Nine Heavens Sect, with Li Tianjun Li Baojun master and apprentice is Nine Heavens Sect Dan God. Feng Yujie obtains of a alchemy inheritance Nine Spirit Kings, grasps many home remedies, now their seven females unite, becomes very fierce. Oh? has the opportunity to have a look at building up of your seven soul!” Shen Xiang said grinningly: „Do you want to take a look at me to build up six grains of skeleton Divine Pill?” Looks looked where I do want to take a look at you to go compared with us but actually?” Hua Xiangyue somewhat refuses to accept, because of their these years diligently, the overall strength of change village can promote these many much, is their alchemy merit, they thought that they will not lose to Shen Xiang's, although they know the Shen Xiang alchemy strength.

Shen Xiang just wants to open builds up, outside hears the Feng Yujie tender laughter: Your three have played one in the evening, now hasn't given up?” Su Meiyao and Hua Xiangyue hear, cannot help but jade face micro red, goes down the bed, opens the door. The gate opens very greatly, but Shen Xiang has not worn the clothes, he is also holding that skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine at this time. Shen Xiang through door that opens greatly, saw Wu Qianqian, but by Wu Qianqian is one noble and maturity beautiful female, this female is icy, looks like very charming, likely is that disposition staunch fiery woman. Yanyao!” Shen Xiang could not bear shout one: For a long time does not see!” Du Yanyao looked, cannot help but throws smiles, because Shen Xiang has not worn the clothes. She and Yan Zilan became became sworn brothers sisters before, was gradually open, but she did not smile, was very aggressive.