World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2178

Shen Xiang arrives at the Shui Bingyan residence, she at this time just and Xiao Jin'er together, Yue'er also here, Shui Bingyan is also very pure, is much longer gently, is very same as Xiao Jin'er, therefore Xiao Jin'er also has warm feelings with her together. Big Brother Shen!” Shui Bingyan sees Shen Xiang, immediately grazes, then jumps into the Shen Xiang's bosom, so is separately long with Shen Xiang, she more came also to think of Shen Xiang. Is unfair to Bingyan, these years I do not have the time to accompany you well!” Shen Xiang somewhat guilty said. All right, I cross here very happily.” Shui Bingyan smiles delightfully, then kisses the Shen Xiang's face, also does not know that is who teaches her, but makes Shen Xiang very happy. Big Brother Shen is good!” Xiao Jin'er somewhat is cautious, but looked like compared with before is much better. Jin'er, adapted to that's alright gradually, Bingyan was also same as you, but she actually crosses now very happily.” Shen Xiang said. Um, the elder sisters very much take care of me.” Xiao Jin'er nodded: „Before the palace, mothers did not make me contact with other people, was worried that I will be framed, but I did not need to be worried here, they worked as the younger sister to be the same me.” Shen Xiang holds Yue'er, said with a smile: This is good, I need to practice a period of time with Yue'er, I must be a bit faster formidable, this can help your mother!” I also want to become fierce...... Can Big Brother Shen, help me?” Xiao Jin'er suddenly said: Here elder sisters, although is the females, but is very fierce, especially the Bingyan elder sister, I can feel, Sister Qilian Sister Huishan...... in brief is fiercer than me.” Yue'er said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: She is Undead Heavenly Spirit breeds, she mostly is Undead War God! Must want to make her turn into War-God, needs Long Huishan to train her! Also, Youlan and Qianxiang these two wild girls must with her together, this be have very tremendous influence to her frequently, making her is wild, then can let loose the hand to fight.” Bingyan, you take away Jin'er to look for Sister Huishan...... then to give this jade symbol, some inside I passed on to the Sister Huishan words.” Shen Xiang told Long Huishan Xiao Jin'er something, making her train Xiao Jin'er specially.

Good!” Shui Bingyan received the jade symbol, then brought Xiao Jin'er to look for Long Huishan. Shen Xiang leaves Hundred Flowers Village, goes to Nine Heavens Temple directly! ...... Shen Xiang these time comes Nine Heavens Temple to look for Jiu Canghai, with the Jiu Canghai talk time not on that mountain top, but in a palace secret room. Jiu Canghai looked like before is more energetic than at this time, the entire photograph has hit the chicken blood, was full of the fighting spirit. Here, although passed for dozens years, how long but should you not cross in the Divine Cauldron country?” Jiu Canghai said with a smile, this time he looked like more formidable, did not know him to make anything in these years. Big brother Canghai, your this likely is Deity King!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I came back from the Divine Cauldron country smoothly.” Oh? did you see Xiao Yulan?” Jiu Canghai asked: „Do you have to ask that she does have the matter about Nine Firmaments Divine Sword damage?” Asked, she knows nothing, her cauldron is how bad does not know!” Shen Xiang said: Divine Cauldron Great Emperor has not told her directly, but actually some important moving seals in that cauldron.” Now is the situation in Divine Cauldron country's what kind of?” Jiu Canghai nodded: Divine Cauldron Great Emperor has not told her, obviously has anything to worry, should be this matter relationship is significant, needs to repair that cauldron to know! Because repairs that cauldron, can obtain very formidable strength, does not need to fear anything.”

„The Divine Cauldron country can the competition of peace the imperial throne, but afterward suddenly presented a Divine Country buried treasure, Great Country Master joins, finally is unavoidable a war.” Shen Xiang sighed: Major Divine Country God Emperor hold back one trick, why these fellows do not know, then hopes that own Divine Country has this battle.” These God Emperor exactly to the end, moreover no longer is attached to all, to descendants heartlessly also normal! But they such do consistently , was worried that other Divine Country will not be chaotic, then annexes chaotic Divine Country.” Jiu Canghai thinks that said: If this Divine Cauldron country is not chaotic, then after other eight Divine Country great war, has not damaged anything's Divine Cauldron country to destroy completely other eight countries surely.” Shen Xiang understood, said: Each God Emperor was worried, therefore decides such to do, only then this can guarantee the Divine Country chaos, participates including Great Country Master! Then, they do not need to worry that their Divine Country was annexed.” Nine big God Emperor think surely we are only the small threats, therefore has not paid attention to us!” Jiu Canghai said: Therefore they were not worried after nine Divine Country chaos, had an opportunity by others, after all we now were too truly weak, so long as their Great Country Master several, we could not have moved them!” Now truly so, they lose 80% Yuan Qi, we are unable how them in the same old way.” The Shen Xiang very clear Divine Country strength, he has also stayed in the emperor imperial palace in Divine Cauldron country's, profound understanding. Jiu Canghai also said: Although we and their strength differs very far, but this to us is actually a rare opportunity, we must seize this opportunity! When world of Nine Heaven annexes Highest God Realm, we must be able side by side their strength, otherwise extinguished is we.” Good, therefore I must grasp the time practice now.” Shen Xiang nodded, afterward he also chatted the period of time with Jiu Canghai, knew that Jiu Canghai contacted with Nine Heavens Sect , helping each other in secret, after all Jiu Canghai creates the world of Nine Heaven person, but Nine Heavens Sect also names by this, now they are the same fronts. As the world of Nine Heaven native influence, cannot be destroyed completely by nine Divine Country, this is their common goals! Shen Xiang leaves Nine Heavens Temple, arrives under Netherworld Abyss that passage to earth core.

„Didn't here past that many years, how know that earth core divine beast?” Shen Xiang walks in passage, somewhat is worried. Yue'er happily said with a smile: What do you fear? This fellow thanked you without enough time, you initially destroyed completely all competitors for him, making him obtain Earth Core Divine Fruit.” earth core cultivates Sacred Land regarding Shen Xiang, he can use that time formation to come by himself to be obtained more time here. Shen Xiang comes to the passage end, looks at following earth core, said: This earth core adolescence speed was too astonishing!” Yue'er said: Good, truly is much quicker, what reason is this? According to this adolescence speed, is not long bigger than Star Law God Territory earth core stronger of main star.” Roar Below suddenly transmits roars, follows a very hot air/Qi surge to come up, although Shen Xiang was being wrapped by space domain of Yue'er release, but can actually feel this fearful heat. This earth core divine beast also became very fearful, what's the matter? This adolescence speed is not very normal!” Yue'er startled shouted: Walks quickly, this place is not suitable stays for a long time!”