World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2179
Hears that to roar, Shen Xiang immediately felt that the crisis approaches, uses space teleport, wants a bit faster to leave this danger(ous) place, which knows after he displays teleport, the place that goes to is not a ground, but is around one flame place. Had been finished, this fellow can also the control space, he change your teleport path, lets your teleport to below.” Yue'er startled shouted. Shen Xiang stands in a very big stone now, he looked at all around, discovered that this stone looks like round shape big slate, floats on that hot thick liquid, he already under earth core, but under the stone is that type of very burning hot hot thick liquid. This earth core is very big, all around is the red mist that the hot thick liquid spout, Shen Xiang cannot see the distant place to have anything, but he actually knows that here is hiding very formidable earth core divine beast. This fellow not graciousness Qiu Bao?” Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Divine Blade, on the alert all around, in his whole body tight instance, his circular slate suddenly moved. What's the matter?” Shen Xiang hastily jumps the edge, he thinks that has any thing top this slate, like with braves from below. Strange, the aura of fellow was pale, is he probably well-meant to you, must lead you to go where?” Yue'er said: If he wants fight, already can fight!” Shen Xiang also thinks at this time strange, he arrives among slate, at this time the speed of slate migration was faster, was fluttering fast in a direction, where really must lead him to go. world of Nine Heaven is very big, therefore under earth core is also very vast, is similar to sea, Shen Xiang is standing the slate traveling speed was faster, but all around is fiery red Qi mist, he cannot see the front. After more than double-hour, Shen Xiang suddenly perceived that the front has the thing, he can see to have a shadow front by red Qi mist. Along with the slate rapid traverse, suddenly, clear all appear before him suddenly, front has the thing, but that truly very huge rock wall, his unexpectedly arrived at the edge.

What's the matter? This way, I hit on rock wall!” Shen Xiang looked at the place above, above does not have the outlet, is rock wall, enters earth core only passage, should be that deep hole that he jumps down, but moves along with slate now, has been far away from there, road that he could not find. Front has a cave Yue'er to say pleasantly surprised: Does not know after that cave where will go to? This world of Nine Heaven earth core is really marvelous!” Shen Xiang also saw that cave, was quite big, but was covered by the hot thick liquid of seething with excitement, therefore he had not seen a moment ago. slate intelligential such, toward that cave migration in the past, slate also calculates probably is not small, but entered that cave just to be good, some slate people of this float made obviously for this reason especially. Shen Xiang sat, slate is not hot, but after entering this cave, unexpectedly is cool, at all not likely in earth core. He has also experienced many strange matters, can therefore be calm now, so far, he came here not to come across any danger(ous) matter. This world of Nine Heaven is not the stars structure, therefore is not the circular! I when Star Law God Territory has seen earth core am the essence of stars, is quite small, does not have big of world of Nine Heaven.” Yue'er said: world of Nine Heaven is a bulk plate float in the starry sky, is not the stars structure, but can actually revolve good, is really strange!” Shen Xiang is looking at the front, steady sitting, because is in the downhill now, the speed was faster! This earth core suffices deeply, unexpectedly toward below, looked now passage is so long, is very definitely deep.” Shen Xiang just said that has a sharp bend on seeing in front, he immediately cold sweat directing current, shouted: „Can Yue'er, let this thing slowly?” A moment ago you and I have tried, we cannot control this slate!” Yue'er hastily throws to the Shen Xiang's bosom, Shen Xiang also stubbornly grasps her.

Must run upon, was finished?” Although curved, but visible front that rock wall fast welcoming, felt that must hit maliciously, Shen Xiang just thought float, but was actually given to hold by a slate suction, enabling him only to stay on slate. Time that must hit shortly, slate followed the following hot thick liquid to turn a sharp bend! His mother, was scary!” Shen Xiang relaxed. Is good to stimulate!” Yue'er giggle said with a smile: Came Oh! Front is a sharp bend, Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, because before there are, that experience, therefore he knows that definitely will not be finished, even if knows that at this time was also very worried. Came...... satisfying!” Yue'er thinks actually very happily, Ha Ha smiles shouted: Also had, is series curved!” Shen Xiang scolded: „Is this must frighten to fly father's soul?” Then, Shen Xiang has not known many curved, he does not even know when that fiery red hot thick liquid turned into the limpid icy cold water. This slate absolutely is very strong divine tool!” Shen Xiang has patted slate: Otherwise will not fetter me, does not make me leave.” Lets him do what he pleases!” Yue'er hee happily said with a smile: satisfying, wants to start over from the beginning really a time.”

Sufficed!” Shen Xiang has pinched her abdomen: Now has not known that we must go to any damned place!” Now the front is straight, like before was not the sharp bend and steep slope, the slate traveling speed also slowed down, this canal became somewhat dark, only then the crown occasionally will have some fluorescent stones to illuminate. Finally arrived to export!” In the Shen Xiang heart calculates that he stands on this slate to the present, two double-hour, he has suspected himself also in earth core. Goes out of this soul-stirringly after passage, front is a waterfall, across the waterfall, Shen Xiang arrived in the puddle, this puddle in does not see by rocky mountain that top high, but the shore of puddle is the deep green green grass. What's the matter? Isn't this earth core? How can see Sun and Lan Tian!” Shen Xiang probably damn was the same, he went is very deep to earth core from Netherworld Abyss, rode this slate to pass through that passage again, moreover all the way downward, now unexpectedly arrives with the ground same place. Looks at front quickly!” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang looks to the front time, there fog suddenly dispersing, presented a palace, above is hanging a signboard, writes Qilin Palace three characters. Saw these three characters, Shen Xiang suddenly to understand, that earth core divine beast unexpectedly was Fire Qilin! This goods were not there and others struggled the food in the past? Now has not passed multi- youngster, unexpectedly crosses has moistened, not only such good environment, unexpectedly also had the palace!” Shen Xiang steps onto the shore, brings to have mind filled with the doubts to move toward that fiery red Qilin Palace.