World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2181
After eating up Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill, Shen Xiang felt immediately the body was being attacked by that efficacy, body unexpectedly becomes very icy cold. „Can body after nine change?” Shen Xiang only thought that own body is ice-cold, but is actually not very uncomfortable. Your body is emitting very fearful cold air, this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill are not really simple!” Yue'er said that she just said that Shen Xiang's body fierce spout produce fire flame. The Shen Xiang whole person was being covered by the flame, but he had not thought that has any matter: Body is only the heat radiating from body, but can also withstand, the present was second changes!” Yue'er looks in side that the speed of change is quite fast, showed the efficacy is very strong, displays very well. A moment ago was cold and hot! The present is hard and soft!” Shen Xiang said: „After the heat, thought that body suddenly becomes very firm, resembles such that the iron hits, then becomes very soft, is similar to the soft wadding.” The Yue'er nod said: Now four changed, what do you feel?” She just asked that actually suddenly calls out in alarm. Because she saw Shen Xiang to melt suddenly, resembled the wax by fire burning down such little melted, turned into a beach thing in the ground. Yue'er was frightened, just wants to make anything time, melted but Shen Xiang gradually changed. Sixth seventh changes has been completed, melts and coagulation, is opposite, possibly corresponds the Yin-Yang!” Shen Xiang just said that body suddenly in remembering of pā lā, his whole person unexpectedly is reducing. Yue'er looks at the eyeball to be perfectly round, startled shouted: What now is changes?” I am changing am young!” The Shen Xiang's sound also becomes immature, is only the suddenly time, he turned into a very young child.

After Yue'er sees, flies laughing, circles on his top of the head: Tiny tot, kid, Ha Ha...... You in childhood very adorable, wants to pinch you really!” She has been rubbing gently the Shen Xiang's cheeks with the small face. Little thing, I changed was just young, then must increase, you or got out of the way quickly!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, his saying ended, really started to increase, the body fierce inflation, several turned into the giant suddenly, his clothes the bulge must also disrupt. Before was cold and hot, hard and soft and melting coagulates, the present is the size changes, eight changed, what finally changed is?” Yue'er is very curious, looks at giant Shen Xiang. Finally changes, naturally was transformation!” Shen Xiang can the obvious induction obtain. Really, he just said that the body on fierce grow darking, his from top to bottom, was being wrapped with the hair by a black incrustation including the eye at this time, probably was he is scorched was the same. fleshly body become stronger, moreover in my Divine sea condense this type of nine counter air/Qi, I have now been able to congeal Godhead, this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill are really fierce!” Shen Xiang revolution Star Moving Technique cultivates space Godhead immediately. Yue'er looks at black Shen Xiang in side, the patience was waiting for he broken shell, her suddenly also wants to taste this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill, saw Shen Xiang a moment ago that eight obvious change, she thought very interesting. Two days passed by, her suddenly hears the split open sound, wraps has many fissures in Shen Xiang outside that matter black shell, Shen Xiang yelled, complete breaking, at this time his skin very delicate, is similar to newborn baby. Wears the clothes quickly!” Yue'er covers the eye with two small claw. Shen Xiang laughed, hastily wears the clothes, said: I congealed Godhead, this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill not only can concentrate formidable Godhead, but can also strengthen fleshly body, I thought that I eat up middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill now, should just be able six double-hour to build up, I can now the congealing skeleton.”

The skeleton that Shen Xiang every time concentrates is the double skeleton, if concentrates nine times is 18 skeletons, these 18 skeletons are equal to 20-30 Godhead are so fierce, can increase very strong strength for him. Your Divine Soul?” Yue'er asked: „Don't you give your new Godhead to make together Divine Soul first?” Shen Xiang haughty smiles: Does not use, Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill have congealed for me!” Then, he eats up grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill. Currently his both eyes, left arm and right leg separately have the skeleton, has congealed three times, he can also concentrate six times, he does not know that then can also be the double skeleton. This middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill efficacy built up, has used more than six double-hour, was just good! Now he did not have middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, but he refines this middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill is very easy, uses eyes to release produce fire flame directly instantaneously to become pill, moreover what leaves is six grains. I do not believe unable to congeal!” Shen Xiang eats up one grain, builds up the efficacy...... Own skeleton are more, must concentrate to be also more difficult, he has eaten more than 300 grains, has used the difference not mostly year, the right arm some feeling, then he very calmly transferred strength of whole body to go to the right arm finally. Two days pass by, he concentrates successfully the fourth spot skeleton, in the right arm, at this time his about arm had the skeleton. Your this fellow, I now also only then four skeletons, your unexpectedly such quickly completed.” Yue'er was whispering: How does Divine Soul of your skeleton solve?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I am primarily the flame, but in this earth core, I am not worried not to have fire attribute natural Divine Soul, looks Huo Lin to ask that's alright.” Also right!” Yue'er nodded, so long as were formidable flame Divine Soul that's alright.

Shen Xiang and Yue'er go out of this time formation, leaves the underground secret room. Knows that he goes out of the secret room, Huo Lin also hastily catches up. Big brother, you went for day not to arrive come out!” Huo Lin knows that Shen Xiang uses the formation practice, but actually does not know that is time formation. He stayed over six months in that formation, his formation is time formation.” Yue'er said. Was right, this cat what background? I always felt that you are very fierce!” Huo Lin traces Yue'er with a smile. You were also the beasts, have you heard the cat clan?” Yue'er asked: That earth core Spiritual God should to your some knowledge, otherwise you can be the fool who a anything does not know.” Huo Lin smiled: Good, the cat clan that some of my truly many knowledge, you said I have also heard, but understands not many, I also know that the cat clan is very formidable, has strange strength, this strength only then the cat clan has!” Shen Xiang looked at Yue'er this tiny tot, grasps to place the control her: Yue'er, what strange strength do you have? Should not be that space power? But likely is not any strange strength!” Yue'er can with the star moon/month communication not be, because she also has the bloodlines of Stars and Moon God Clan. Snort, this miss is fierce, my strange strength said scares to death you to have more than enough to spare!” Yue'er is lifting that small head, very said spiritedly.