World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2182
Shen Xiang and Yue'er together is so long, is recalling all her sorts of unusual strength, which type but does not have him to scare to death, he acknowledged that the Yue'er skill is not small, but thought that now she somewhat exaggerates. Real? How haven't I seen you to use that type to be able scary strange strength?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, the color of whole face not believing. Shen Xiang remembers Yue'er another strength suddenly, will be her every other a period of time, the star moon/month will arrive at star moon power to her, this was also strange strength. However this is not strength of her cat clan, this is her within the body star moon/month bloodlines initiates. Shen Xiang careful has thought that he and Yue'er realizes now, truly has not seen her to use strength of cat clan, turns into a cat. Yue'er holds up the head, coldly snorted: I did not tell you, in brief my strange strength very fierce that's it! However the premise is I needs to suffice certain amount of Godhead to use.” Shen Xiang is truly curious, he is making the abdomen of Yue'er hastily, made that Yue'er chuckle was shouting: Makes you not tell me, making you hang my appetite.” Big brother, is actually not this, strange strength of cat clan is very mysterious, generally will not tell other people, even if will be the person who will trust very much will not say.” Huo Lin said with a smile. Precisely!” Yue'er flees the Shen Xiang's palm, flies on him. Shen Xiang is not closely examining, after all involves the Yue'er secret. Huo Lin, can you help me make together fire attribute Divine Soul? If there are two well!” Shen Xiang said that he just congealed the skeleton, needs to integrate Divine Soul: Fiercer Divine Soul is better.” The Huo Lin nod said: Naturally has, in earth core is very easy to breed formidable fire Divine Soul, before this is me, acquired ten fire attribute Divine Soul!”

All of a sudden is ten formidable fire Divine Soul, Shen Xiang is very happy, regarding Huo Lin, this Divine Soul is not the precious thing, he has the time to go to earth core to seek, can seek very much easily. Shen Xiang attains Divine Soul later, immediately returns to the underground that secret room, cultivates since time formation. „After the fusion, my both arms balanced.” Shen Xiang already wants to make the right arm have skeleton and Divine Soul, now the skeleton may not only be is used to fight, can give him in alchemy very big help. Shen Xiang used day to fuse in time formation, the skeleton that his right arm congealed was also the double skeleton, this time he integrated two formidable fire Divine Soul, strength of right arm be stronger than the left arm. Skeleton that fourth time concentrates has completed, then Shen Xiang eats up grain of middle-grade Divine Pill, this is the last grain, middle-grade skeleton divine medicine also has one, other is High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine. Shen Xiang, you want to know that what very much my strange strength is?” Yue'er suddenly is smiling asking. Is quite curious, but this is your secret, the revelation words, will possibly have very tremendous influence to you.” Shen Xiang said. If makes my enemy know that will really have very tremendous influence! However my this strange strength needs me to have 70 Godhead to use little, even if little can also make me very fierce, but I had not achieved seven ten Godhead in the past, otherwise I will not be plotted against by Divine Country these fellows.” Yue'er tenderly snorted and said. Unexpectedly wants seven ten Godhead to use, is really very fierce!” Shen Xiang said: „Is this talent strength?” Yue'er nodded: Is talent strength, that ability is mainly I can make my body reflect any strength, strength that reflects will increase time, may increase ten times high, it is estimated that I have been reached the peak to be good.”

„Is this real? You have not used, knows do one have this ability?” Shen Xiang is very shocking, this is truly fearful, regardless of any strength hits, will reflect, moreover high energy increases ten times. If not know that attacks her with oneself strongest strength, that is similar to the suicide without doubt, no wonder she must to oneself this ability security, but Yue'er tells Shen Xiang now, means that she believes Shen Xiang very much. I, as soon as were born knows that my this talent strength, has almost only been able to practice to 70 Godhead in the past!” Yue'er sighed: Now wants a period of time to restore to come back.” Shen Xiang traces her, said with a smile: I am a alchemy master, if you want to be formidable to be very easy, but the premise must wait for my become stronger. Don't you lack the skeleton? Does if wanted start to practice now?” Yue'er nodded: I must eat skeleton Divine Pill quite to be also difficult in Star Law God Territory, especially High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill! Even if can buy, quality inappropriate, have not known that must lord knows when be able to practice to anything.” Yue'er now only then four skeletons, with the Shen Xiang together time, making her discover that actually congealing skeleton unexpectedly can be so easy, is not only Shen Xiang is easy, Shen Xiang person is also so, this is mainly he understood that the accurate control skeleton Divine Pill quality, lets skeleton Divine Pill and own fleshly body achieves the most ideal match. First waits for me to build up this strength skeleton Divine Pill to have a look!” Before Shen Xiang, eats up is also middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, after congealing the fourth time double skeleton, he does not know that then must eat any quality the skeleton to be quite appropriate. Two double-hour, Shen Xiang built up the efficacy! But before he had not congealed the fourth skeleton time needs more than six double-hour to build up, now wants two double-hour, explained that his fleshly body suddenly became very strong. What's the matter? I practice the fourth pair of skeleton, fleshly body becomes such strong, I have not felt.” Shen Xiang thought that very has doubts. „It is not strange, you four times concentrate the double skeleton, in addition was eight skeletons, must reach regarding the normalcy!” Yue'er said.

Shen Xiang also can only refine High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill now, that Xiao Ping has given him 100 High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill herbs, he has given Feng Yujie their 50, oneself keep half. Skeleton Divine Pill was very good to refine, especially regarding Shen Xiang, low-grade and middle-grade he can very relaxed refinement, therefore refines High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill his pressure not to have now. He refines a furnace quickly, he thought that he refines the words of several furnaces again, can directly use eyes skeleton instantaneously to become pill. Like low-grade middle-grade, he refines High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill time can also leave the pill six grains! Shen Xiang and Yue'er eat up one grain separately, then builds up the efficacy together. Yue'er, you can this body practice the skeleton now?” Shen Xiang somewhat is curious. Naturally, I am the cat clan, under my cat shape, does not affect my strength display, let alone this is my main body.” Yue'er said with a smile: We come everywhere to look that who concentrates the first skeleton.”