World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2191
Shen Xiang have also eaten grain of crystal Divine Pill, the efficacy is truly strong! This is only uses on quite ordinary High-Grade Divine Pill, if these preciously and very useful High-Grade Divine Pill refines crystal Divine Pill, that can obtain a more formidable effect. This is Shen Xiang has also pursued, breaks through the limit unceasingly, refines quality higher pill, the potential thorough excavation of divine medicine. „Did you prepare for? Enters in Hidden Jade Ring alchemy, like this we can enter that time formation to win more time!” Shen Xiang said: Xianxian their this refiner squads already in inside.” Lu Qilian also cultivates the Life Murdering Godhead matter to say her now, she has 30 Godhead, can duplicate divine medicine fast! Before Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill of Shen Xiang refinement, had not given Long Huishan completely, they also remained, enough Feng Yujie they cultivated Life Murdering Godhead. Naturally does not have the issue, this can win more time for us, so long as we can be formidable ahead of time, can make Hundred Flowers Village stabler.” Feng Yujie said. Su Meiyao said: Only then our these alchemy is not good! Also must make some specially formidable to be good, for example Youlan Ziqian that is responsible for fighting they.” At this time Hidden Jade Ring inside Liu Meng'er said: It seems like is not good, if under normal circumstances, Hidden Jade Ring enters many people are not the issue, but if in that time formation...... Perhaps is not good, has certain limit! When the time comes Shen Xiang will use hundred years of formation!” Outside one day, we in time formation are hundred years!” Shen Xiang said: Because we also many matters must be done now, must therefore pick up the speed! Like this, we stay in inside first in 1000, outside was also only past ten days, then they traded Youlan!” Lu Qilian nodded: Then is not suitable on the matter late, as soon as possible!” Afterward, Feng Yujie they put in that big pill furnace Hidden Jade Ring, Lu Qilian also goes in them! Shen Xiang goes to earth core God Realm immediately, but Huo Lin also came back, he also planned makes Hidden Jade Ring inside female come out to lead gift anything, but is worried to frighten Huo Lin, therefore he thought that also considers as finished.

Big brother, hasn't sister-in-law time come?” Huo Lin asked curiously. Came, just in this ring...... Not only and a sister-in-law, do you want to see completely?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. Huo Lin has gawked staring, said with a smile: Big brother, you are worried that they will come out to ask for the gift to me, will therefore hide them in the ring?” I worried that you will be embarrassed, previous time you give Sister Qilian all living things divine lotus, I think somewhat embarrassed.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. What does this have? All living things divine lotus for me also small thing, I as earth core divine beast, am this earth core overlord, can't thing give back? Makes the sisters-in-law come out quickly, do not appear my too stingy.” Huo Lin said very straightforwardly. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This was you said that then I did not love dearly your thing......” Afterward, he lets that refiner squad and alchemy squad comes out, in addition Lu Qilian is 12 people, before Huo Lin, thinks, only then several, have not thought of unexpectedly these many. Fellow sisters-in-law, you are the same with me, cultivates the flame, this is easier to do!” Huo Lin puts out 11 fiery red Lotus Flower: This is earth core divine lotus, the good thing that but earth core breeds, already to be picked by me, but is inappropriate I to use, is the female can use.” Xue Xianxian their chuckle the expression of gratitude, they were actually thinking now Huo Lin looks like big brother Shen Xiang, generally only then elder to junior gift, but now Shen Xiang is thick the facial skin to make this little brother give such expensive gift to them. He is my brother, is not my husband!” Dongfang Jing blushes saying that she had not received that earth core divine lotus.

You were my eldest sister, gave to you.” Huo Lin ten separate the heart to say with a smile. Ji Ling and Hong Xia are not the Shen Xiang's women, but Shen Xiang hard that earth core divine lotus to them. After receiving the gift, Shen Xiang allows them to enter in Hidden Jade Ring. Big brother, why doesn't make them stroll? Stays can be very fierce in storage equipment?” Huo Lin said. This actually, because I prepare with them together since the time formation practice, that time formation can only stay two people, therefore can only use this means! Right, is your this earth core energy enough? That time formation that I use, can a day turn into for hundred years, the energy of needs is huge.” Shen Xiang said: I worried that can pull out to empty this earth core energy.” According to the present space quality, the energy that a day of hundred years of institute needs is truly huge, but earth core can withstand, but cannot continuously! The big brother you are best to be separated a period of time to use one time, this can let the crevice that earth core has to restore!” Huo Lin thinks that said: Your every other ten days stop, can restore to earth core 1-2 days.” Shen Xiang said: Good! Right Huo Lin, you stroll in earth core all day, what treasure is looking for?” Huo Lin said with a smile: Big brother, franks, I will be looking for my future wife! Before earth core Spiritual God his old man just before leaving, told me in this earth core to have my other half, was Qilin, probably was purple Qilin, I sought her trail!” This, then you may probably try harder!” Shen Xiang has patted his shoulder, said with a smile: I have practiced, my present strength is very weak, needs, when world of Nine Heaven devour Highest God Realm is formidable.” Good, the big brother you must try hard!” Huo Lin said.

Shen Xiang comes to that practice secret room, opens 4th level time formation, then enters inside, that time formation that hot thick liquid deep pond strength side the crazy absorption, the speed of absorption is also fast at this time. Outside ten days, here is the millenniums!” Shen Xiang has planned dull to suffice 1000 here year after year, this can make them refine many Divine Pill in this period, enough helps him obtain very strong strength. In alchemy squad, only then Feng Yujie and Su Meiyao are fight, but they do not plan to develop this aspect now, they have decided to be primarily alchemy, they do not like wild strength like Shen Xiang! But Xue Xianxian their refiner squads are also so, they do not like fighting. But they join up, can let train formidable War-God! Divine Pill and Divine Weapon divine tool is War-God needs. Although what Lu Qilian cultivates is Life Slaughtering Technique, but she not only can duplicate divine medicine with Life Murdering Power, can be used to kill people, she currently has any method, Shen Xiang is not clear, because he very long had not seen Lu Qilian to get rid. Qilian, waits for these in 1000 to pass, trades a number of fights to come in crazily, our alchemy in 1000, enough Hundred Flowers Village and Nine Heavens Sect use for a long time!” Feng Yujie said: Has Divine Pill and formidable divine tool, but does not have fierce War-God is incorrect.” Lu Qilian nodded: I understand that these in 1000 also enough I cultivated many Godhead...... Skeleton!”