World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2193

After returning to Hundred Flowers Village, here does not have what change, because they left for ten days.

Lu Qilian puts out the pass on message jade symbol immediately, convenes to need to carry on the fight of practice to be crazy! Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang were certainly elected, is Long Huishan, Long Huishan must be responsible for training them! Other are Bai Ziqian, Jiu Hanrou, Lu Qinlian, Xiao Lizhi and Xiao Baifeng! The seven females of alchemy squad will trade with Lu Qilian, therefore has eight positions! These eight females are Lu Qilian elect, Lu Qilian quite knew about them that is at present in Hundred Flowers Village most can hit, female who most dares to hit! Shen Xiang planned lets Xiao Jin'er and Shui Bingyan also goes, but he thinks, will make them come in next time again, their innermost feelings will be very pure, when the time comes they will have formidable strength, faced with danger(ous) time has no alternative but to go to battle! Shen Xiang does not want to affect their innermost feelings that valuable chastity. I am called super hit to spread around the world to sweep away in the three realms world invincibly the strongest squad!” Leng Youlan knew after one were enrolled one specially focusing on the fight squad, is very excited, immediately has found out a name. Shen Xiang is speechless immediately, the talent that this gives a name inherits White Dragon [lineage/vein] very much obviously, Long Xueyi is also very much likes giving a name, but actually gets up very much frustrates. Was too long, is called the War-God squad!” Shen Xiang touches her head with a smile: In two days will go, these days assigned good Divine Pill that's alright on and other Sister Qilian.” Some many Divine Pill Shen Xiang are not clear, although he also refines much, but that alchemy squad refines are more! Now they are primarily refining massive Divine Pill, therefore has not attacked that crystal Divine Pill, they think this matter, only then and other Shen Xiang perfect achieves first is good. After two days, besides Long Huishan, Jiu Hanrou they and other females enters in Hidden Jade Ring! Shen Xiang puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, after Lu Qilian said goodbye, then brings Long Huishan to use the Divine Mirror of Six Paths duplication that Teleportation Formation to enter in earth core God Realm. Is separated by for two days to come here, Shen Xiang saw here to restore the full of vitality picture, he has not seen Huo Lin, brought Long Huishan to enter in the secret room.

Liu Meng'er their this refiner squads still in refiner, they now plan to refine Hidden Jade Ring again, gives Lu Qilian, later Lu Qilian can lead them to enter this place to practice. Sister Huishan, aren't your present skeleton many?” Shen Xiang after time formation inside, inquired Long Huishan. Only then two skeletons, after exiting, should be more!” Long Huishan also knows that the importance of skeleton, she asked with a smile: little rascal, how many did you have?” Shen Xiang stretches out four fingers: Are more than you!” Actually he is eight skeletons, because his each time congealing skeleton time is the double skeletons, behind this also causes him more is arrives is more difficult. Therefore this time he closes up does not plan to continue to practice Godhead! He had six ten Godhead, 15 are space Godhead, 15 are Heaven Imitation Godhead, remaining 30 are Life Murdering Godhead. These many! However I practice 1000 words, should also so many!” Long Huishan said with a smile: I went advanced, issues some practice duties to these two little girl, except for Youlan and Qianxiang, his she does not need me to be worried.” Only then Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang are quite young, but Jiu Hanrou, Lu Qinlian, Bai Ziqian, Xiao Baifeng and Xiao Lizhi these females, which is not a slippery customer, has the system of oneself practice. Xiao Baifeng has also been together outside and Xiao Lizhi a period of time, she from Xiao Lizhi there learned that Shen Xiang women have these, but now and she in this, although did not have completely is the Shen Xiang's person, but has to Shen Xiang with the deep complex affection. Shen Xiang this time closes up must practice the skeleton, he has prepared many skeleton Divine Pill and High-Grade divine medicine, if when the time comes High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill is unable to satisfy him, he can only act according to his demand refinement. This time is in 1000, these millenniums pass by, you can definitely become very formidable!” Shen Xiang said that then eats up skeleton Divine Pill, starts to build up the efficacy. Suddenly, 900 years passed by, Shen Xiang felt after rocks, then inquired Yue'er: How long crossed?”

He feels the vibration, is time formation is moving, explained that Qilin Palace has the situation. 900 years!” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang mainly cultivates Godhead, although in the past 900 years, but he also cultivates three skeletons, cultivates each time is the double skeletons, separately is the left leg, the backs and chest three spots. Naturally, he has many time in refinement skeleton Divine Pill. Because is not only he, Long Huishan and that War-God squad need according to their situation refinement skeleton Divine Pill. We must have a look, can stop!” Shen Xiang asked. Has been OK, I currently had 60 five Godhead, five skeletons, the strength has been increased!” Long Huishan said. Shen Xiang nodded, afterward Leng Youlan they also report their practice, with the massive pills help, they promotes quickly! Especially Xiao Baifeng, unexpectedly cultivates to seven ten Godhead and five skeletons, this in the words of Divine Cauldron country's, is the third-class God king strength! But other females, least are also 60 five Godhead, moreover can achieve five skeletons. In order to promote the overall strength, Liu Meng'er their refiner squads have six ten Godhead and four skeletons, because, them can also when necessary on the battlefield. Naturally, what is most important, they that five have looked like Divine Weapon to combine. After the combination, unexpectedly is a handle breaks the sword tip long sword, this sword, although looks like very ordinary, fills the plain air/Qi, moreover did not have sword tip, but Sword Force is very threatening! Shen Xiang in the hand, stands in his nearby Long Huishan does not dare to enter. This is...... Nine Firmaments Divine Sword!” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, Nine Firmaments God Emperor in the past because of this Nine Firmaments Divine Sword damage, but strength drops many, is Nine Firmaments Divine Country destruction one of the important reasons.

Breaks, at present we have not been able to repair, but can actually use!” Liu Meng'er said: We have used for several hundred years, has recorded spirit pattern, how then we will study repair this sword...... Should be past Nine Firmaments God Emperor is repairing Six Paths Divine Cauldron anxiously, therefore does not have the time to cultivate his Divine Sword.” Shen Xiang and Long Huishan went out of time formation, outside is really vibrating, moreover very fierce! After going out of Qilin Palace, Shen Xiang sees Huo Lin to draw a petite adorable female, this female wears the purple clothes, sees Shen Xiang and Long Huishan, frightens hides in Huo Lin hastily, closely is holding the arm of Huo Lin. Zi Qi, he is the big brother who I often said!” Huo Lin said with a smile, after he saw Long Huishan, slightly one startled: This is a sister-in-law!” Big brother, Sister-in-law, hello!” Zi Qi was sending regards low voice, although she somewhat was shy, but actually she showed the delightful smiling face. Long Huishan was called somewhat embarrassed, because she and Shen Xiang has not arrived at that matter, although in her heart tacitly approved Shen Xiang is her man, now she also nodded, said with a smile: Younger sister does not use politely, is the whole families.” Shen Xiang saw, before this Zi Qi should be Huo Lin, that purple Qilin that seeks. Huo Lin, what happened?” Shen Xiang speech time, fierce rocks to transmit. Two earth core mutually abundant, whom no matter who loses to win, will fuse finally also together! I also prepared to have my fight!” The Huo Lin complexion is serious: earth core fuses first, but I need to defeat another earth core earth core divine beast, so long as I won the victory, earth core will continue is my domain.”