World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2195

Yue'er squats to sit on the Shen Xiang's palm, said: You, so long as released space power that's alright, other gave me to control.”

Shen Xiang complies, releases very strong space power, was absorbed by Yue'er completely! These year of Yue'er with these female period of revolution formation practice, she some strong Shen Xiang do not know now. Started!” Yue'er shouted, she just said that Shen Xiang immediately felt the place that oneself are at changed the position. Good!” Yue'er happily said with a smile: „In just we in Emperor Divine Cauldron outside city, how now have not known, therefore I have not gone.” Shen Xiang looks at that big city wall, the present is complete, formation had not been damaged, like experiencing any great war. How long hasn't here time passed by?” Shen Xiang asked. Was similar to world of Nine Heaven, because world of Nine Heaven and this space approached gradually.” Yue'er said: Here should pass 15 days of this, properly speaking started is right.” Shen Xiang arrives at city gate time, discovers and nobody guards a gate, this makes in his heart jump, generally presents this sentimental situation, mostly is in the city already the chaos, running away ran away, nobody guards a gate radically. Inside resembles nobody, goes to have a look what's the matter!” Yue'er said that she also entered Hidden Jade Ring at this time. Shen Xiang changed an appearance, words that otherwise was recognized, he is quite troublesome. After entering the city gate, Shen Xiang sees to be everywhere empty, although had not been destroyed, but looks like actually very strange. The spacious lively street, this Space-Time did not have one person, the street two halves shop opens opens the door, the person were exposed. Looks at that side quickly.” Yue'er said.

Shen Xiang turns the head to look that sees only the center of city to brave the intermittent purple thick smoke, he knits the brows: That is the direction of emperor imperial palace, hit really!” Just said that wild qi wave suddenly, stood in entrance Shen Xiang, can see stone house rows of collapsing of distant place to fall broken! That qi wave is similar to Taotao rough seas, raids enormously and powerful, these buildings are very frail in front of this qi wave, was ground the powder instantaneously. Shen Xiang found the space slit immediately, then hides into, avoids this qi wave, although he can also resist, but that must consume many strengths. After this fallout, he comes out from the space crack, immediately was shocked! Emperor Divine Cauldron that big city wall in city vanished, the neat pretty building group also completely vanished, is only suddenly, here turned into the open land, emperor imperial palace also vanish from sight. As soon as God king talent, should be first-grade God king to fighting, only then 90 Godhead fellows, can have this strength.” Yue'er said that she is not very surprised, because she in Star Law God Territory, this fight is not rare. Shen Xiang knits the brows: Surrounding area thousand li(500 km) was destroyed completely, no wonder in this urban person will leave, if not walk, in a moment ago definitely dying many people.” Such interesting? Entire Emperor Divine Cauldron the city was ruined completely, then grand emperor imperial palace also therefore destruction.” Yue'er shakes the head saying: Their such battle for the Divine Country buried treasure, such Emperor Divine Cauldron the city must construct many, they will certainly not care.” Front has the person!” Yue'er suddenly shouted. Shen Xiang looks up, two form suddenly graze, in they behind also eight people pursue. Is Xiang Hongdao and Xiao Ping, their was unexpectedly chased down? fallout, was because they did cause?” Shen Xiang is very shocking, Yue'er is also so.

Xiang Hongdao and Xiao Ping, but the neutrality, is before very early, they indicated that will not participate in this battle, but has not thought that they tired, and was besieged. Pursues to have a look with space wind, it seems like that the matter and I expect has very big discrepancies.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang is bringing Yue'er, uses space wind to track in behind secretly, he is also very anxious at this time, the person who because he tracks definitely is very strong, will otherwise not let Dan God stampede of Xiang Hongdao this rank. Xiao Yulan? Her influence including Great Country Master no! But this Xiang Hongdao is very fierce Great Country Master, was hit runs away, is Xiao Yulan more miserable?” In the Shen Xiang heart is worrying, in here such short time, unexpectedly has such big accident. Shen Xiang with space wind, will have a look outside, simultaneously pays attention to the front strength fluctuation with Dao Heart Eye. Greatly kills to incur!” Shen Xiang suddenly saw forefront Xiang Hongdao condense one group of purple energies, after releasing, crew cut big mountain scene [lineage/vein], this was used to attack to chase down in the following person. After Xiang Hongdao releases this move, vanished with Xiao Ping without a trace! Disappears!” Shen Xiang does not dare to use the space sensation domain at this time, because float carefully is seeking for Xiao Ping and Xiang Hongdao in that eight expert of upper air at this time. Yue'er said: These fellows are really nine ten Godhead above, no wonder Xiang Hongdao must run away! And four Great Country Master, why Xiang Hongdao and will Xiao Ping be collaborated to attack by them?” Shen Xiang shook the head, at this time he hid in the space crack, he gave Yue'er sound transmission saying: „Can you find Xiang Hongdao and Xiao Ping?” Naturally, I lead you to go!” The present is Yue'er uses space wind, bringing Shen Xiang to leave quietly. After the moment, Yue'er brought Shen Xiang to be far away from a moment ago that place, was the Divine Cauldron star another one carried, distance ruined Emperor Divine Cauldron the city was remote.

Here small villages, the villagers are very simple and honorable, is very ordinary people, only then a few have cultivation base. Shen Xiang presents the time here, hears some people to say low voice: Today what's the matter? Also some bystanders came.” Hears these words, Shen Xiang and Yue'er determines Xiang Hongdao and Xiao Ping here. After inquiry, they knew that Xiang Hongdao and Xiao Ping in village, can look at Xiang Hongdao to know here Village Chief. When Shen Xiang arrives at that Village Chief small garden, is covering the induction to very strong barrier, but he comes up to knock on a door. Village Chief at home?” Shen Xiang asked. Quick, some people open the door, this is a hair randomly chaotic old man: I am Village Chief, you are external, what matter has?” This Village Chief is very vigilant! My Xiao Ping in inside?” Shen Xiang also asked: My named Shen Xiang, I ask him to have the matter!” He said loud voice a moment ago intentionally very much, making inside Xiao Ping hear, really Xiao Ping gets to the entrance quickly, at this time Shen Xiang change appearance, but he recognizes the Shen Xiang's look. In order to dispel the Xiao Ping anxiety, Shen Xiang changed own appearance, afterward was dragged into the small courtyard by Xiao Ping.