World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2196

After going, Shen Xiang sees face whiten Xiang Hongdao, he is sitting by a well therapy, that well seems like not very simple, unexpectedly releases intermittent golden Qi mist to make him absorb. Is good to Senior!” Shen Xiang salutes hastily. Xiang Hongdao nodded, he and Xiao Ping are surprised, Shen Xiang unexpectedly such quickly came back, moreover can find here. Not other people with?” The Xiang Hongdao sound is very low, he now is very weak. Senior felt relieved that these chase down your fellows still to seek for you in that place.” Shen Xiang said: Exactly what happened? You are not neutral? unexpectedly should not be involved.” Xiao Ping angry tunnel: That crowd of fellow unexpectedly already plotted together to cope with us, they worried that my Master helps me rob the imperial throne, therefore gets rid to us! Altogether is four first-grade God king, four Great Country Master, they do not plan to want the imperial throne, they want that Divine Country buried treasure, after obtaining the buried treasure carves up, then goes to Star Law God Territory.” Snort, this group of bastards, even if they run up to Star Law God Territory, I will not let off their, unexpectedly sneak attacks us!” The Xiang Hongdao sound is cold. In emperor imperial palace already had great war, as soon as God king died two, Great Country Master also died several, was united by these eight fellows dies cloudy! But the emperor elder sister they encounter the violent treachery first, she responded luckily rapidly, can lead the person of small part to escape, but also was seriously injured.” Xiao Ping said. Right Shen Xiang, you should stay in your world of Nine Heaven now well, came here too danger(ous).” Xiao Ping has regarded as Shen Xiang at this time is the friend: These fellows may keep thinking about your Heaven Refining Technique, when they obtain the Divine Country buried treasure, you troubled.” I do not fear them, I now in the Divine Cauldron star, but they do not know me here.” Shen Xiang smiled, asks: Prince Ping, where do you know Yulan Princess?” Xiao Ping looks at Xiang Hongdao, Xiang Hongdao nodded to him. We only know that she in Beast Wilderness, at that time they ran away, these fellows do not dare to pursue.” Xiao Ping said: In that danger(ous), can you look for her?”

Um, I must look for her!” Shen Xiang nodded: Where can tell me Beast Wilderness?” Afterward Xiao Ping told Shen Xiang the concrete position, but also said inside situation simply, truly is the danger(ous) place, that Divine Cauldron star some divine beast agglomerations, the formidable beasts were compelled to have no way out by humanity in the past, finally will hide into Danger Zone, gradually, changes become god beast the place of hiding, therefore inside has strong divine beast. What do you currently have to plan?” Shen Xiang asked. Temporarily has not known, when I injured to say again!” Xiang Hongdao eats up several grains of shining Divine Pill, although he injures very much heavily, but he is very strong Dan God. Possibly goes to Star Law God Territory, the Divine Cauldron country present situation......” Xiao Ping, but sighed. Now Shen Xiang cannot add on their anything busy, can only comfort several, then leaves the village, looks Xiao Yulan. „The change of this Divine Cauldron country's is really quick, what does that Divine Country buried treasure have? unexpectedly makes them so crazy, does not want the imperial throne.” Shen Xiang is very curious. Does not know how to decide who obtains that Divine Country buried treasure, won that's alright?” Yue'er also is very curious. …… „Is here Beast Wilderness? It looks like very bleak, moreover death Qi heavy!” Shen Xiang float arrives at the upper air, looks to the distant place, has not seen the green thing, afterward he uses Dao Heart Eye, actually sees bunch of black Qi, does not know that is anything. Shen Xiang puts out together communication symbol, subpoenaed to Xiao Yulan, this needed certainly to be away from can transmit obtains, he also plans to try now first, has a look at the distance enough.

Yulan Princess, that Six Paths Divine Cauldron has repaired, you where? I outside Beast Wilderness!” After Shen Xiang subpoenaed, the patience was waiting, if they can come out well, like this he did not use. Soon, that pass on message jade symbol rocks: We in Beast Wilderness...... But do not come, this very danger(ous), when we exited to say again.” The Xiao Yulan sound is bringing an excitement, because that Six Paths Divine Cauldron is the only opportunity of her counterattack. When can you come out?” Shen Xiang asked. This has not known, in brief your patience wait / etc..” Xiao Yulan replied. …… Your strength is too weak, comes to die!” Although Xiao Yulan knows that world of Nine Heaven and here time are different, but still did not think where Shen Xiang can go formidable. Yulan Princess, believes me!” Shen Xiang does not have anything to be good to fear that he uses space wind, was too easy to go, he thought that he and Yue'er will go to lead them to be quicker. Good! After you come, must find a river first, then follows this river to get down, will arrive at an oasis, entered the oasis you to be careful, in this were many formidable divine beast, was Shapeshift! Then you found an old tree forest, there old tree is thousand zhang (3.33 m) high, when the time comes gives me again sound transmission.” Xiao Yulan finally serious urging: Must be careful these spider webs, in this fiercest is one flock of spiders.” I knew!”

Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, then uses the space transmission, sends in the Beast Wilderness deep place this Divine Soul, is only the moment time, this Divine Soul had found that old tree forest, this inside big tree is really giant, are thousand zhang (3.33 m) high, the bough is similar to at the most the big column. Is here? Yue'er, we walk!” After Shen Xiang found, grasps Yue'er, uses space wind, quick arrives at that forest. He is just about to put out jade talisman to subpoena, who knows that actually looks front has personal appearance graceful female fast traversing, but the guy is pursuing in she behind is laughing wildly. Is Lian Fei!” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, then yelled: Lian Fei, I am Shen Xiang!” Lian Fei is going all out to dash about wildly, suddenly hears the Shen Xiang's sound, she looked at the past immediately, Shen Xiang unexpectedly in beckons to her with a smile, at this time she was away from Shen Xiang to be also getting more and more far, because her speed was quick. „Is this young fool, because is too dull long with Jin'er, changed stupid? Bellows to yell in this place!” In the Lian Fei heart is criticizing. Really, with such that she is worried about, chased down her guy, after hearing the Shen Xiang's sound, immediately fires into Shen Xiang.