World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2197

Shen Xiang sees Lian Fei to come, Hehe smiles shouted: Lian Fei, you have not died! Was worried, if looked like your this beautiful woman dead, I will love dearly very much.” Lian Fei scolded immediately tenderly: Your bastard also had a face saying that I must be killed by your this young bastard now, do not bellow to yell in this place.” The guy of devils flushed, Shen Xiang teleport, arrives at side Lian Fei immediately, then holds in the arms the Lian Fei slender waist single-handed, teleport arrives at the distant place. Shen Xiang cultivates 15 space Godhead, teleport of this short distance is a cinch completely. Lian Fei is much more surprised shouts one, she has not thought that Shen Xiang now unexpectedly becomes that fierce, space power utilizes so freely, at this time her the slender waist holds in the arms by Shen Xiang, felt meaning that Shen Xiang has not let loose, moreover that hand is moving slightly probably, unexpectedly is eating her bean curd. little rascal!” Lian Fei tenderly snorted and said: Has not put me quickly!” Shen Xiang approaches her charming face, has kissed fiercely her cheeks. Lian Fei shouted immediately tenderly: „The fellow came!” Shen Xiang brings Lian Fei teleport to come, arrives on a big tree, then the concealment aura, Lian Fei lies down in his arms at this time, he hee hee smiles. Lian Fei has struggled, she does not dare to have the too big movement, was worried guy who alarms following that divine beast to turn into. Dead little rascal, you act unreasonably really!” Lian Fei sound transmission was scolding tenderly, then traces itself a moment ago by Shen Xiang own place. Your this does rascal, have to Jin'er strikes a vicious blow?” The Lian Fei hidden bitterness looks the face that Shen Xiang that full Hanhuai smiles, sound transmission was asking.

„Didn't you marry me Jin'er? She is my wife, I want to make anything to her, makes anything.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile, then pinched her to fill to complain charming face. …… Do not think me badly, your daughter passes now well is very very joyful, like this pure little girl, I cannot have the bad thought to her, the elder sister you, always make me be hard to dominate actually.” Shen Xiang badly smiles, then holds the Lian Fei small hands, feels gently, Lian Fei is only honk the mouth, has not revolted. Loses Shen Xiang and Lian Fei aura in the following guy, where does not know them, he is roaring same place several, then dashes about wildly to go in a direction. What thing is this?” Shen Xiang said that also kisses the cheeks of Lian Fei, Lian Fei has thrashed his chest, has not said anything. That is divine beast, is very fierce, there are 80 Godhead! Yulan knew that you came, looks for you on allows me to come, which knows that actually meets such a thing.” Lian Fei was put by Shen Xiang, after leaving the Shen Xiang's bosom, in her heart unexpectedly thought that Shen Xiang held her to hug a moment ago comfortably, wants always such to be hugged by Shen Xiang very much very much. Fortunately I a moment ago not to his fight, otherwise I definitely cannot hit him!” Shen Xiang truly wants to get rid a moment ago. I fear this thing actually completely, because here too many this 70-80 Godhead divine beast, if brings in one crowd, I died.” Lian Fei cracks into a chuckle: Has not thought that your this little rascal method that many, have such strong space strength unexpectedly.” Said that Sister Lian Fei you are also very fierce! Unexpectedly does not fear these eight ten Godhead divine beast!” A Shen Xiang face in surprised, then traces Lian Fei that such as jade generally creamy face. This is natural, the elder sister I may be fierce! You later again dare to bully me, I will not be lenient.” Lian Fei thinks somewhat suffers a loss, puts out a hand to pinch the Shen Xiang's handsome face. Walks, looks Yulan Princess, she where?” Shen Xiang smiled, a big hand has placed on the willow waist of Lian Fei.

Lian Fei told Shen Xiang the approximate distance, Shen Xiang teleport arrives by a great tree. Here great tree is very thick, is similar to top heavenly pillar, if pulled out to empty inside, each tree was a tall building. In this tree!” Lian Fei is holding Shen Xiang's, arrives by this tree, then opens formation, the surface of bough reappears a mark. Afterward, Lian Fei draws Shen Xiang to enter the bough, inside is a spacious hall, Xiao Yulan is sitting in the hall, she sees Lian Fei and Shen Xiang comes, immediately stands, surprisedly said: So to be how quick?” Shen Xiang looked, in this hall only then Xiao Yulan and Xiao Hongque they, in addition the Lian Fei words, they have three people! Xiao Yulan that huge influence, unexpectedly only remaining their three! Yulan Princess!” Shen Xiang has said a hello. I now was not Princess, Divine Cauldron national capital not.” Xiao Yulan is somewhat thin and pale at this time, sighed. Present she looks like somewhat goes down in the world, put on is not that magnificent, although she did not have the air/Qi of that type of ruler, but she still gives people now the feeling of that graceful noble aura. Six Paths Divine Cauldron has repaired, does not know that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor leaves behind any secret in inside!” Shen Xiang gives a Xiao Yulan bronze small cauldron. Xiao Yulan received this Six Paths Divine Cauldron time, the white hands are trembling gently: Imperial Father he leaves me this precious thing, for what? Depending on the words of strength, the imperial throne absolutely is not my!” She the origin of not too clear this cauldron, afterward Shen Xiang told her before, therefore she also knows fierce of this cauldron now.

You drop the blood to have a look!” Shen Xiang said: This is Great Dao divine tool, therefore the drop blood not necessarily is effective.” Xiao Yulan nodded, drops a drop of blood on Six Paths Divine Cauldron, sees only Divine Cauldron suddenly glittering to leave azure glow, Divine Cauldron releases together azure light, infiltrates the Xiao Yulan forehead, is giving any news likely. After the moment, brilliance that Divine Cauldron reappears vanished. …… Fused, but...... This fusion is not the true fusion, although I can use this Six Paths Divine Cauldron, but cannot play the true might, in other words Six Paths Divine Cauldron does not approve me, but under some sentiment, he will give me strength.” Xiao Yulan sighed one: I really am not the material of proclaiming oneself emperor.” Shen Xiang also asked: Has been related at the Nine Firmaments God Emperor matter?” Xiao Yulan nodded: Has, Nine Firmaments God Emperor that Divine Sword damage the matter of secret revelation, is not my Imperial Father behavior, but is...... Big Prince of our Divine Cauldron country's, Xiao Yuanbing! Because my Imperial Father goes to time, leading him to go together, this matter he has not told Nine Firmaments God Emperor.” He afterward also felt very guilty, but he loves Xiao Yuanbing, therefore has not punished Xiao Yuanbing! Xiao Yuanbing reveals this matter, is only because envious hatred Jiu Canghai defeated his incident in the past!”