World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2198

This is really complex!” Shen Xiang knit the brows: Does not know that I should tell big brother Canghai this matter, if he knows, definitely will rebuke oneself.” Hopes that he can see through! After all Xiao Yuanbing hated Nine Firmaments Divine Country to be very long, not because of Jiu Canghai.” Xiao Yulan said: However Xiao Yuanbing now is also my enemy.” Xiao Hongque coldly snorted and said: Is this bastard's under heavy hand to us, now they joined up, altogether four influences, are first-grade God king and Great Country Master combination!” Xiao Ping and Xiang Hongdao were also attacked, already severe wound.” Shen Xiang said: I can find here, is Xiang Hongdao they tells me.” This is not strange! They also worried that Xiang Hongdao has other thoughts, to provide against contingencies, therefore to Xiang Hongdao fight! Xiang Hongdao is really most formidable Country Master, was jointly attacked by their eight, unexpectedly can also bring Xiao Ping to run away.” Xiao Yulan receives Six Paths Temple, asked: Emperor Divine Cauldron has the city encountered the heavy losses?” Emperor Divine Cauldron the city and emperor imperial palace did not have!” The Shen Xiang forced smile said: These fellows do not care about the imperial throne now, they only care about that Divine Country buried treasure, after they plan to carve up the Divine Country buried treasure, together goes to Star Law God Territory.” „The Divine Cauldron country does not exist also well, this Divine Country was in any case unnecessary exists, extinguishes extinguished!” Xiao Yulan was jointly besieged, she has despised the Divine Cauldron country, for many years she also lived in this depressing environment, if not for she can maintain her conscience well, perhaps she also will turn into that killing without batting an eye Evil Devil. „The Divine Country buried treasure I do not want, but my drop cannot make their this group of bastards obtain!” Xiao Yulan said: Dies, cannot make them prevail!” Right Yulan elder sister! How can obtain that Divine Country buried treasure? What thing does inside have? What standard also according to evaluates to give whom?” Shen Xiang is very puzzled. In the Divine Country buried treasure has any me unclear, but these Great Country Master definitely know, otherwise they such will not go all out!” Xiao Yulan said: Divine Country buried treasure secret on emperor palace of storehouse in emperor imperial palace, on that dragon chair that in Imperial Father sits frequently.”

That dragon chair must be able to take to certain time, at that time eruption battle, now already in their hands, otherwise they do not dare to ruin the emperor imperial palace.” Shen Xiang said: Then also hopefully obtains now?” Lian Fei happily said with a smile: „Do you also want?” Naturally thinks, in that definitely has the good thing, I obtain always compare am obtained strongly by these fellows!” Shen Xiang suddenly has thought of Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian, perhaps if they, can make them calculate. Thinks when Huang Jintian their Heaven's Divination Technique, Shen Xiang looked at that charming Lian Fei, but this Lian Fei Undead God Clan, moreover Heaven's Divination Master, initially was she figured out Xue Xianxian they to understand that repaired Six Paths Divine Cauldron. The in other words Lian Fei calculation ability is quite good! Lian Fei, where should you be able to figure out that Divine Country buried treasure? Now the Yulan elder sister she had complete Six Paths Divine Cauldron, strength affirmed that has promoted, deals with these fellows definitely not to have any issue.” Shen Xiang said: Perhaps we have the opportunity to obtain that buried treasure...... Naturally, you do not give me, I will not have the opinion, in I am curious have any thing, first has a look.” Xiao Yulan looks at Lian Fei, was considering likely if wanted lets the position that Lian Fei the calculation Divine Country buried treasure is, if she obtains, she will pour will not give Shen Xiang, after all Shen Xiang will help she such big busy, the advantage give some Shen Xiang's.

I listen to Yulan!” Lian Fei spits tongue to Shen Xiang tenderly with a smile, then stands in Xiao Yulan behind. I do not know that now that buried treasure wants anything, but definitely is the good thing, otherwise these Great Country Master will not go bad the custom!” Xiao Yulan said: I do not have to a Divine Cauldron country sentiment now, after all my Imperial Father just before leaving time is also so, otherwise he will not let our battle intentionally, he can definitely guess correctly us, if the battle gets up, the distance extinguishes the country not to be far.” Yue'er ran from Hidden Jade Ring, said: Has other Divine Country news? If other Divine Country also in fight at this time very fiercely, regarding us truly is a golden opportunity.” …… „The Yulan elder sister, you to the Divine Cauldron country do not have the sentimental words, if wanted to join another influence...... Joins up with that influence, like this after you also has very big help, moreover that place unites very much, will not present the matter that in anything fights! Now Jin'er crosses in very well.” Shen Xiang said. Joins Jiu Canghai?” Xiao Yulan asked. …… Xiao Yulan thinks that said: I also indefinite if wanted joins now, I need to see that Hundred Flowers Village several leaders to be good! However I decided now that must rob the Divine Country buried treasure, although I now 93 Godhead, but promoted to be difficult, I hope that Divine Country buried treasure can make me promote a strength.” Xiao Hongque said: I had investigated, other Divine Country in fights is also intense, if we can join other influences, then rapidly rises, is a golden opportunity, from now on we will need more resources, will attach to an influence to be more convenient.”

Xiao Yulan nodded: All waited for me to go to Hundred Flowers Village to say again! Lian Fei, where you give a try to calculate the Divine Country buried treasure of Divine Cauldron country's.” Lian Fei puts out formation plate, above has more than ten rings, she revolves the ring, at the same time the blood writes the character that cannot be looking in above, soon, on that formation plate many spirit pattern brave red light. „Is this Heaven's Divination Technique?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Yes, but with that two old Senior is different, they have their evolution algorithms, I have my, cultivation technique that but cultivates is the same.” Lian Fei this time facial expression is very serious, sees only in her mouth to read the sudden downpour, but the ring on disc also starts to gyrate, the above many blood starts of word combine. After half double-hour, Lian Fei drinks one lightly, sees only central suddenly of disc to glisten, turns is burning Great Fireball. Unexpectedly here!” Lian Fei is somewhat surprised.