World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2199
On Sun?” Xiao Hongque some cannot believe that because must go not to be easy to Sun. Is earth core!” Yue'er said: This is the middle of Divine Cauldron star, the stars center of this rank, very hot essences, that is earth core is, maintains the Divine Cauldron star revolution the root, the Divine Cauldron on-board energy origin is this essence releases.” This small kitty is quite fierce, unexpectedly knows these things.” Lian Fei smiled: Is good in earth core, that place danger(ous), Xiao Yuanbing they want to seek not to be easy very much.” Shen Xiang about earth core quite knew that because Huo Lin is his brothers, he has also stayed in earth core many time. Biggest danger(ous) should be earth core divine beast, the Divine Cauldron star is Earth-rank Stars, earth core divine beast is quite fearful, at least is nine ten Godhead, in addition he can control the strength of earth core, even if were God Emperor came, perhaps how him! However is looking like, that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor should went to earth core, moreover is good with earth core divine beast relationship, can place there the buried treasure.” Yue'er said. This cat what background? It is not very simple!” Xiao Yulan puts out a hand to touch the small head of Yue'er. I am cat that Star Law God Territory comes...... Meow meow!” Yue'er called several Xiao Yulan also knows Star Law God Territory, moreover quite understood, because Star Law God Territory is a very big world, here also hopefully turned into Star Law God Territory that large-scale world, but nine Divine Country actually turn now so, will stagnate very long time. Small kitty, you knows how to enter earth core?” Xiao Hongque also gently feels the head of Yue'er, asked with a smile. Enters from the crater, compared with danger(ous), needs certain strength to be good!” Yue'er said: Yulan Princess has Six Paths Divine Cauldron, should quite be easy!” Then we now on Let's go! Goes to the recent volcano.” Xiao Yulan said: Does not know that they did move now?” Your Imperial Father definitely knows to the earth core quickest road, but obtains that dragon chair to know.” Lian Fei said. We left this Beast Wilderness to say first again, felt here very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang was saying, opens space passage with formidable space power: You go advanced, this can leave here directly.”

powerful space power, how long did you go back world of Nine Heaven to practice? world of Nine Heaven must fuse with here quickly, there time and here should be similar, in this time, you can become such formidable, should be period of revolution formation.” Xiao Yulan can look that at this time Xiao Hongque and Lian Fei entered space passage. Shen Xiang nodded with a smile: „The Yulan elder sister you a bit faster go, I open am longer, the consumption are more.” Xiao Yulan um, gently has then grazed, Shen Xiang also Yue'er finally walks. Comes out after space passage, they arrive at outside Beast Wilderness, here can see a desert. I remember that here nearby has a volcano, should in that direction!” Xiao Yulan puts out Jade Lotus flying disc, will become very greatly, will then make Shen Xiang they come up. Shen Xiang wants to relate Huang Jintian very much, where wants to know them, if there are them to help, will obtain that Divine Country buried treasure to be definitely easier. The flying disc flying speed is quick, they see that giant volcano not long. Also at this time, Shen Xiang and Yue'er suddenly one startled, because they induce to a space fluctuate. Started to merge?” Shen Xiang looks far spatial, that is the direction that Highest God Realm is, that formidable space fluctuation transmits from that direction. Should be, but merges also requires the time, let alone is two so huge spaces! Fusion time, most difficult should be the earth core fusion!” Yue'er said: Perhaps we go back, completely has not fused.” …… flying disc flies on the crater, Shen Xiang they look downward that has a very deep black great hole.

This volcano was very long had not erupted, if did not erupt, must get down also to consume a strength, might as well this volcano detonation.” Yue'er happily said with a smile. allows me to come!” The Lian Fei jade palm is congealing one group of blue energies, then hits downward, that blue light group such as the light flies to shoot generally. Xiao Yulan controls flying disc to be far away hastily, at this time volcano there erupts bang a bang, the entire volcano was covered by the blue ray! Shen Xiang startled [say / way]: Lian Fei, that volcano was pounded not to have by you! Has not thought strength unexpectedly that you use the strength of how pure lightning is.” Knew the elder sister fiercely I!” Lian Fei cracks into a chuckle: All right, the volcano did not have, but leads to earth core passage to make a connection by me! You looked that heat has braved!” Yue'er startled shouted: Had any thing to run!” After the blue light diverges, Shen Xiang they only see bunch of giant hot groups to fly to shoot toward them, speed very rapidness. …… If cow general earth core fire bee are many, time that four hundred thousand, fly is similar to a wild hot wave attacks. The Xiao Yulan jade palm wields, the sky suddenly tarnish, the dark cloud is billowing, sees only lightning crazy dividing to dismantle, wants the crowded wild lightning to lower compared with the sudden downpour unceasingly, covers the surrounding area hundred li (0.5km). Big piece of earth core fire bee was divided to make into the ashes instantaneously! Shen Xiang or the first time see Xiao Yulan to get rid, she is the same with Lian Fei, uses lightning strength, lightning strength that at this time she releases is fearful, counts hundred thousand only earth core fire bee instantaneously to turn into the flying ash.

Many!” Yue'er said. Really, was just extinguished one batch, there are massive earth core fire bee to brave the rock magma the great hole to fly from that to well up, the body also drops the fire thick liquid. It seems like the source is here!” Xiao Yulan gently wields, draws on a crowded lightning, from airborne chops to fall instantaneously, the dense and numerous lightnings cover the earth, the ray that dodges instantaneously, making Shen Xiang a piece puncture at present brightly, cannot see clearly the thing. Also has destroyed completely earth core fire bee! Should have!” A Xiao Yulan delicate eyebrows wrinkle, sees only that to brave the fire thick liquid sky over the great hole, presents a giant vortex, all dark clouds crowded arrive there. All makes way to me!” The Xiao Yulan clear sound resounds through the world, sees only the purple giant lightning to divide to fall from that vortex together suddenly, enters that great hole of ground. Bang! The earth is trembling crazily, is centered on that great hole, leaves every large or small cracks to eight side split open, in the rock magma inflow crack, forms lava rivers.