World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2200
Shen Xiang stood in Xiao Yulan behind, he can feel strength that in this gentle and charming body hides at present a moment ago clearly fearfully! earth core fire bee had not come out again, that move was extinguished by Xiao Yulan a moment ago completely kills. Was then quiet, we can go in!” Lian Fei said. Um!” Xiao Yulan these time puts out that Six Paths Divine Cauldron, she makes Six Paths Divine Cauldron very greatly. Can going in inside?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally must go, only then this Six Paths Divine Cauldron can resist earth core that high temperature, although does not know that following has anything, but we must under know to below now first.” Xiao Yulan entered in Six Paths Divine Cauldron, Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque follow close on her behind. Shen Xiang also jumped, inside is pitch-dark, the four walls in cauldron are the bronze, above is carving many tiny spirit pattern, after he comes, Xiao Yulan then emits the cover to cover. Jet black, Shen Xiang puts out together the fluorescent stone, making this inside more luminous, Xiao Yulan their three females sit in him opposite, he smiles at this time is staring at these three female beautiful faces. Yulan, this little rascal may go bad very much, you must be careful, I had suffered a loss before.” Lian Fei giggle said with a smile tenderly. Xiao Yulan controls this Six Paths Divine Cauldron to fly on that huge crater, then sinks to the hot thick liquid, enters earth core. Six Paths Divine Cauldron does not fear the high temperature, can resist very strong heat degree, at this time Shen Xiang they in Divine Cauldron, have not felt burning hot. What under earth core has? Although I have heard, but has not gone, I had asked my Imperial Father, but Imperial Father he has not said with me too, but told me earth core and danger(ous), was very burning hot, was not the person dull place.” Xiao Yulan said.

Earth-rank Stars earth core truly very danger(ous), I, although went to earth core, but each earth core is different, has under earth core is a world, in some earth core is a darkness! However stars earth core has the common feature, is the semblance is wrapping this shell, therefore looks like looks like Great Fireball.” Yue'er said: earth core of this Divine Cauldron star should have earth core divine beast! If Divine Cauldron Great Emperor places here buried treasure, then explained that his strength is very strong.” Shen Xiang has also gone to earth core, but he felt now oneself earth core and world of Nine Heaven earth core is different, therefore he also said anything. world of Nine Heaven earth core has earth core God Realm, he thought that this Divine Cauldron star should have! earth core divine beast is earth core Spiritual God breeds, what fellow then earth core Spiritual God is? unexpectedly breeds formidable earth core divine beast in these many earth core!” Shen Xiang has asked Huo Lin, but Huo Lin is not clear, but knows that earth core Spiritual God is very formidable. I do not know that this is a fan!” Yue'er shook the head. „The speed of now dropping is quick, was getting more and more hot, does not know when can go to earth core!” Xiao Yulan and Six Paths Divine Cauldron has relation, therefore she can induce to outside climate change. Xiao Yuanbing they affirmed that embarked, if they are quicker than us, then they definitely first meet earth core divine beast, if they collaborated unable to cope with earth core divine beast, we did not have the means.” Xiao Yulan puts out two grains of pill pellet to give Shen Xiang. What is this?” Shen Xiang smelled smelling, although taste, but he actually does not recognize this is any Divine Pill. Xiao Yulan smiles: You such fierce alchemy master, doesn't recognize this Divine Pill? This is Linked Heart Divine Pill, but is Highest quality! Is I lets refine to Country Master, eats up one grain to maintain ten days of mind readings!” actually is Linked Heart Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang also has this Divine Pill home remedy, initially Feng Yujie obtained from Supreme Temple that Loyalty Pavilion, but he does not have to refine.

Can maintain far distance?” After Shen Xiang receives, drop of blood on two grains of Linked Heart Divine Pill, only then in an above drop of blood, can make them have the connection of Linked Heart mutually. After the drop ends the blood, he gives Xiao Yulan two grains of Linked Heart Divine Pill, Xiao Yulan also in an above drop of blood. This is Highest quality Divine Pill, does not limit the space! Can maintain very far distance, but the drug efficacy is limited, can only maintain for ten days!” Xiao Yulan said: We eat up now, in order to avoid when the time comes comes across any matter, we can carry on the relation in this way.” Shen Xiang said: Ten days, this also was too short! Can make? Must maintain some time to be good.” Good! Here also 18 grains, we separately in an above drop of blood, when the time comes our ten grains, can maintain hundred days, this enough!” Xiao Yulan said. Shen Xiang nodded, then starts drop blood, he is also worried to have the accident in earth core, after all this is Earth-rank Stars earth core, moreover eight at least have nine ten Godhead expert in this. Shen Xiang and Xiao Yulan separately have eaten up grain of Linked Heart Divine Pill, they only need through the intention now, can transmit itself to say that moreover does not limit the distance. Preparation!” Why Xiao Yulan does not know, suddenly is a little anxious: Strange, under this is not hot!” Isn't hot?” Yue'er asked hastily: Is is a little cold?” Right, can you induce obtain?” Xiao Yulan nodded.

Ended! Very strange, this Earth-rank Stars life should not be so short, energy unexpectedly of essence has exhausted, in other words this Divine Cauldron star could not insist how long must turn into the dead star.” The Yue'er sound is very serious: Generally speaking, earth core of this condition compares danger(ous)! Creates this reason, is the essence self- compressions, like congealing pill's stage, reduces together the huge energy.” Now earth core is this situation!” Yue'er looked at Shen Xiang: You should know that this has multi- danger(ous)!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath: „When earth core compresses to certain extent, is unable to continue again, will then explode! The entire Divine Cauldron star will be blasted!” Right!” Yue'er said: But the Divine Cauldron star is very young Earth-rank Stars, should not such quickly wither away, these have certainly any reason.” Then we can have a look now?” Lian Fei asked. Xiao Yulan closes the eye, and practice between Divine Cauldron through oneself, induces outside situation, before long, she opens the eye, said: Has been OK, outside now is a darkness, is spacious, here should have a very hot essence, but the essence compressed now, will therefore make here completely empty.” Yue'er asked: „Does that essence disappear? Even if the self- compression, the essence also certainly releases the aura, is impossible to disappear!” Xiao Yulan shook the head: „A here darkness, besides a little ice-cold, does not have aura of point other energies.” Good strange earth core, goes to have a look!” Yue'er said.