World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2201
Xiao Yulan walks first, she observed the small moment after outside, thought that did not have danger(ous), made Shen Xiang they come out. All around Shen Xiang walks after Six Paths Divine Cauldron, only sees is jet black, does not have luminous, he can feel that the under foot steps in the wet soft soil, has faint trace cold air to well up from the under foot. Xiao Yulan puts out the fluorescent stone to illuminate, does not make people feel to constrain, otherwise during that type is jet black, will make the person is very restless. „Was here earth core? Any thing does not have!” Xiao Hongque bends the waist to work on soil, said: Soil is very cold, why will here have the ice cold air/Qi?” Does not know that in brief here is very strange, be careful to wonderfully!” Xiao Yulan the facial expression is very dignified at this time, she releases all around the Divine Sense induction. Yue'er also on the alert, arrives at this strange earth core, she is in suspense radically. Has the person!” Yue'er startled was shouting in a low voice. Xiao Yulan also induced probably, immediately is vigilant. Really, appeared in the distant place luminously, some people are taking the fluorescent bead to walk, not only evidently also a person. Is Xiao Yuanbing they!” Xiao Yulan said solemnly: You draw back quickly, they give me to cope!” Xiao Yulan hastily puts out Six Paths Divine Cauldron, but Xiao Yuanbing their eight people also discovered that arrived here person is Xiao Yulan, after exuding a noise, immediately has attacked. You walk quickly!” The Xiao Yulan strength is stronger than Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque, has Six Paths Divine Cauldron now, if she exhausts fully, Shen Xiang they also only will be affected here.

Shen Xiang holds on Xiao Hongque and Lian Fei immediately, uses space power teleport to leave: „The Yulan elder sister, I brought their teleport to leave, if you cannot hit, reluctantly.” Xiao Yulan and Shen Xiang have eaten Linked Heart Divine Pill, Shen Xiang, in teleport that gave her to transmit in the heart to want instantaneously saying that Xiao Yulan can hear immediately. Knew, you are far away from here, I can unshackle to hit.” The Xiao Yulan response said. After Shen Xiang is bringing Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque are far away from Xiao Yulan, sees the distant place to emit intermittent intense flash, that is lightnings, this is lightning strength of Xiao Yulan use. …… Yue'er suddenly shouted: Had the thing to come! Is the person!” sōu sōu whiz! Ten come individual suddenly to appear here, on them is dodging the white light, they gather round Shen Xiang at this time they, here photo well-illuminated. Is you!” Lian Fei coldly said: You think really can divide to these buried treasures? Although you are two third-class God king, but in the Xiao Yuanbing eye, you are one flock of dogs, thinks really one are any thing!” Shen Xiang understands immediately that whose these people they come with Xiao Yuanbing, this is third-class God king, was Xiao Yuanbing they quite formidable subordinate.

We are loyal and devoted to big Prince, I am their loyal subordinates, they wait us to be good, having no need for you worrying.” Guy said with a sneer: Actually you, like are don't hit a person when he's down.” Xiao Hongque has sneered several: „Aren't you clear? Why does Xiao Yuanbing only leave behind your third-class God king with him? Second-rate God king compared with you, but his hasn't let with? Is because they worried that second-rate God king is not good to cope, but must cope with you is very easy!” Do not want to instigate us and relationship between big Prince!” The guy saw clearly Shen Xiang at this time: This is little rascal the same day refines Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill that? Good, grasps to give to big Prince him, he will be very definitely happy.” Shen Xiang sees Xiao Hongque and Lian Fei such calm scolded this crowd of third-class God king, knows that they can cope, therefore he was not very anxious, moreover he and Yue'er strength was not weak, but others think that he did not have what strength. Those who make Shen Xiang quite surprised is, Xiao Hongque unexpectedly is also the third-class God king strength, now he understands before Xiao Baifeng, why felt inferior, because she and Xiao Hongque disparity is very big, but Xiao Baifeng stayed now a period of time in that time formation, in addition massive Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill and skeleton Divine Pill help, she also becomes very formidable. And other you run your, this group of fellows we can cope, does not want to cope with this group of sons of a bitch, now thought that Yulan hits in that side, we are not good because of here goof off.” Lian Fei said that flushed with Xiao Hongque, their speeds are quick, in addition here dim, they dodge, cannot see clearly their movements. Your three grasp that little rascal, here gives us eight.” Guy shouted that leads, they also know that Xiao Hongque and Lian Fei strength is not weak, otherwise cannot live with Xiao Yulan now. Shen Xiang Hehe, said: You thought highly of me, unexpectedly caught me with three third-class God king!” Yue'er entered in Hidden Jade Ring, she knows that Shen Xiang can deal with these three people, Shen Xiang had 60 Godhead, with 14 skeletons, third-class God king in him reluctantly was really too weak, but also insufficiently looked. You actually very calm! Do not think one are the alchemy master, we will be respectful to you, although we will not kill you, but wants the oppressive meeting.” What speech is one dresses up very dignified white clothing man.

But actually Oh? I must have a look at you to be how oppressive I!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, Divine sea inside Godhead has been absorbing massive Six Paths Power, after these Six Paths Power transform more formidable Divine Power, waits to emerge his both arms and both legs. Currently his both arms both legs had the skeleton in inside, is the double skeletons, in addition also has the chest and back, the skeleton in chest and back most mainly defends the function, but when necessary, can the skeleton of coordination leg, provide formidable skeleton Divine Power. Makes me cope with this brat, you look here!” The white clothing man contemptuously smiles, puts out a long sword, abhors rush over toward Shen Xiang. …… If not for they see on the Shen Xiang face the self-confident calm facial expression, now can definitely pass to help Shen Xiang's! They knew Shen Xiang become stronger, but actually did not know become stronger to any situation. Shen Xiang looks that white clothing man holds sword to puncture, does not have the action, in the white clothing man heart also is very astonished, but he is maliciously is puncturing to the Shen Xiang's chest.